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Macabre (4.1/13)

Title: Macabre Chapter 4
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, sex, yaoi, boyxboy.. a bit of a surprise in there too.

Summary: Kyuhyun is a 19 year old college student who lives on the streets. Siwon is a 35 year old business mogul. Kyuhyun will go to desperate measures to survive, even if it means giving up his life and freedom as he knows it.


A/N: This is only part one of this chapter. This one takes place right after "School Boys Are So This Year" which can be readCollapse )

[Read More...]“Nngh…Hah, oh God…Mmm fuck!” Kyuhyun panted, fingers gripping around the mahogany of the desk until his knuckles were white with strain. Papers were strewn across the space in front of him and on the floor around them from the excitement, but Kyuhyun was hardly paying attention to those when there was slow, sweet torture happening to him at that moment.

Siwon grunted as he lazily pulled out, only to snap his narrow hips forward, making the student cry out in pleasure. “Please Siwon… Faster… Please!” Kyuhyun pleaded, eyes swimming with tears of ecstasy as some rolled down his flushed cheeks. Siwon smirked to himself, growing impossibly hard inside the alluring boy at his whining, finding it both endearing and utterly arousing.

Instead of granting the student’s pleas however, Siwon pulled out of Kyuhyun before turning and sitting in his large office chair. Kyuhyun whined loudly, looking back with wide, confused eyes to see why the man had stopped fucking him so good. “What – what are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked, voice breathy as he watched Siwon lean back and smile lazily at him before the man crooked his index finger, beckoning Kyuhyun over.

“Come here” the man said huskily, voice low and oh so sexy. Kyuhyun obeyed, peeling himself off the desk and scooting over to where Siwon sat. Before he even stopped moving, Siwon was reaching over and pulling the boy into his lap, making Kyuhyun straddle him. Strong, large hands gripping slim, pale hips, Siwon lowered Kyuhyun onto his large, thick cock before leaning up and kissing away the boy’s moans.

Biting at Kyuhyun’s swollen lips, Siwon slipped his tongue inside the younger’s mouth as he thrust up into the tight, aching heat around his shaft. Kyuhyun whimpered approvingly, tongue coming out to tangle with Siwon’s messily. Bracing his hands on the man’s shoulders, Kyuhyun raised his hips before slamming back down, crying out loudly and throwing his head back.

Siwon used that moment to latch his teeth on the boy’s pale, inviting neck, sucking and biting several purple marks into the skin before he was content. Kyuhyun’s fingers dug into Siwon’s skin as he rode the man, hips circling madly as he chased his release. Siwon was quiet except for the panting, ragged breaths that left his own slightly swollen lips and the occasional grunt when Kyuhyun moved his hips in a particularly rough fashion.

He was content to watch the boy on top of him work for it; content to listening to Kyuhyun’s deeply sensual voice call out for him in the most arousing of ways. Fingers digging into the boy’s hips, Siwon thrust up roughly and couldn’t help the grin that stretched across his face when Kyuhyun screamed in pleasure. Figuring out that he had found the student’s prostrate, the man wasted no time abusing it harshly.

Kyuhyun was a vision as he threw his head back, voice raw as he yelled wildly, the immense pleasure almost too much for him. A steady stream of tears were making their way down the younger’s face, too far gone to care as he grinded his hips down on Siwon’s thick, throbbing prick.

“S-so close… Nngh” Kyuhyun panted, moaning Siwon’s name like a prayer as he gyrated madly on Siwon’s lap. Deciding he wanted to see the boy come undone instead of prolonging his own pleasure, Siwon reached a hand down and palmed Kyuhyun’s drooling erection, stopping it’s bounces in times with his thrusts.

“Ah! Hah… Hah, ah! Oh God… Siwon!” Kyuhyun screamed, hips bucking wildly as he felt that burning pressure build up in is lower abdomen. Rubbing quickly, Siwon thumbed the back of Kyuhyun’s cock head roughly as he thrust up once more, growling the boy’s name loudly when Kyuhyun clenched down on him.

Bouncing in Siwon’s lap, Kyuhyun sobbed as his body was wracked with a powerful orgasm, cum pulsing out of his cock and spurting all over Siwon’s hand and abdomen. Gritting his teeth, Siwon grunted as he pushed up once more, stilling his hips as he shot his load into Kyuhyun’s clenching entrance, a feeling of satisfaction coloring him as he watched it dribble out slowly. Ever since Kyuhyun asked for his new laptop two months ago, Siwon had been fucking him raw all the time.

Kyuhyun collapsed against Siwon’s chest, panting harshly as he buried his face into the man’s neck. Siwon brought a hand up and rubbed up and down Kyuhyun’s spine, holding the younger while they both slowly drifted down from their ecstasy.

“You okay?” Siwon muttered, nose buried into the boy’s sweaty hair, feeling calm and relaxed after the intense round of sex in his office. “Mhm” Kyuhyun hummed, snuggling deeper into the man and feeling sleepy.

“Do you want to sleep or do you want to eat?” Siwon asked, chuckling lightly when Kyuhyun raised his head in attention. “I’ve only been here three months and you already know me far too well” Kyuhyun mumbled, climbing off of Siwon’s lap and stretching slightly.

“Well that and I think the neighbors can hear your stomach growl form here” Siwon teased, handing Kyuhyun his pants while the boy blushed. “Well, you’re the one who attacked me when I got home right away. I had no time to eat” Kyuhyun grumbled, but not actually unhappy.

Kyuhyun has been enrolled at the university for a few months now, hard at work in his classes for video programming. He’s been living with Siwon a little over three months and things seemed to be going smoothly. He had turned in his final project last week and had gone to the school to get his grade today before he left for Hawaii to see he had scored an A; he had texted it to Siwon in excitement and the man had never responded.

Trying to tell himself that the man was incredibly busy, even if he was working from home today, Kyuhyun had managed to forget about it. Until he got home that is.

As soon as he had opened the door, Siwon had pinned him to the wall and had his hot tongue in his mouth. After a heavy make out session, Siwon had pulled away, grinning at the dazed student. “A congratulatory gift” the man had said before fucking Kyuhyun in the living room, on the stairs and in the man’s office.

“Are you really complaining?” Siwon asked, his smirk widening into a grin when Kyuhyun blushed, before grumbling a faint “no.” He followed the boy back down the stairs after Kyuhyun dressed himself back into his pants and shirt. Siwon chose only to don his pants, feeling far too good and comfortable to put his stiff collared shirt back on.

“I’m proud of you” Siwon stated, grabbing simple ingredients from his fridge to make them both a light snack before dinner in a few hours. Kyuhyun bit his lip, suddenly turning shy before quietly thanking the man.

“Are you all packed? We leave tomorrow morning” Siwon asked, passing over some of the food for Kyuhyun to munch on. Kyuhyun nodded, quickly stuffing Siwon’s yummy treats into his mouth before looking up at the half naked man. “Yep, everything is all packed. And I brought extra lube” Kyuhyun replied, swallowing his food and grinning cheekily up at the man.

Siwon gave a short laugh before taking a bite of his own food, chewing carefully before swallowing. “That’s a shame, I was quite looking forward to taking you unprepared” he teased and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

“Trust me Siwon, you and I both know I can please you plenty without the added pain of not preparing me” Kyuhyun pointed out and Siwon had to agree with him. Siwon has yet to be disappointed by sex with the boy. And months after living here, Kyuhyun was learning more and more tricks to use on Siwon in bed all the time.

“As long as I get to fuck you on the beach, I’ll be happy” Siwon stated, moving to the fridge to get some juice for them. Kyuhyun made a face, scrunching his nose before he spoke. “On the beach, really? Think of all the sand in places it shouldn’t be!” The boy shuddered, just thinking of the amount of time he’d have to spend in the shower to get all the sand out from down there.

“That’s why you bring a towel” Siwon pointed out, snickering slightly at Kyuhyun’s twisted face. “You’ll see” Siwon just said, pouring a glass of juice for the both of them.

“How long are we staying there?” Kyuhyun asked, finishing his snack and draining his glass of juice. He was so ready for a nap. “A week and a half because then I need to come back and prepare for my China trip” Siwon explained and Kyuhyun frowned.

He wasn’t looking forward to Siwon leaving for that long. He’s dealt with the man leaving him for a few days, but this time it was for three weeks. Kyuhyun has gotten used to being around Siwon daily, seeing him all the time and having countless sexual encounters with him, sometimes more than once a day.

Siwon, being entirely too perceptive, leaned towards the boy and pushed his chin up with his fingers. “Don’t worry, it’ll fly by and I’ll be back before you know it.” Kyuhyun scoffed, trying to play it off that he wasn’t nervous for the man leaving him, but Siwon knew better and they both knew it.

“I’ll call you every day and I’ll even bring back some gifts for you, free of charge” Siwon joked but Kyuhyun scowled. “That’s the problem, I don’t want them to be free” he mumbled and Siwon’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“I don’t understand” he finally said and Kyuhyun sighed, a blush slowly creeping onto his face and coloring his cheeks. “I’m going to miss having sex with you” he muttered and Siwon’s brows shot right back up his forehead. While sometimes Kyuhyun would seek him out to have sex instead of the other way around, Siwon had no idea the boy would actually miss that.

“Well that makes me feel special” Siwon couldn’t help but tease, but sighed when Kyuhyun glared at him. “Hey, it’ll be okay. I’ll call you every day and we can use those webcams on our laptops, right?” Siwon prodded, frown disappearing when Kyuhyun nodded. “Okay” the boy sighed, looking up at Siwon with his wide eyes.

Breath catching in his throat, Siwon could only stare as Kyuhyun looked at him so innocently, big brown eyes blinking at him as the boy waited for him to say something. Heart racing and thumping hard in his chest, Siwon cleared his throat before smiling ruefully.

“Besides, we still have twelve days in Hawaii to look forward too. And I promise I’ll wear you out Kyuhyun, trust me.” Kyuhyun’s lips quirked in a small smirk before the boy stood up off of his stool and told the man he was going to go double check his luggage.

Siwon leaned against the counter, scrubbing a hand down his face. “What the hell?” he muttered to himself, placing his hand on his chest, over his heart. Very recently, his heart seemed to beat erratically every time Kyuhyun looked at him like that; actually it’s been doing it anytime Siwon spent real time with the boy where they weren’t fucking.

Shoving it aside, Siwon shook his head slightly before moving towards the stairs to follow Kyuhyun’s example. It was probably nothing anyway, he kept telling himself, his heart stuttering once more when he thought about Kyuhyun’s confession five minutes ago.

Yeah, probably nothing…

School Boys Are So This Year

Title: School Boys Are So This Year
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17 (finally)
Warnings: Language, sex, yaoi, boyxboy.. a bit of a surprise in there too.

Summary: Kyuhyun is a 19 year old college student who lives on the streets. Siwon is a 35 year old business mogul. This is the one shot that 'Macabre' is based on.


[Read more..]“Hey Kyu, you wanna go to the arcade with us?” Jonghyun yelled, linking his arms with Changmin and Minho who grinned at him. Kyuhyun waved at them, hoisting his bag up over his shoulder before yelling back. “I can’t, I have an important dinner to go to!” Kyuhyun shouted back, continuing to wave at them as they got into Changmin’s car and drove off to his favorite place in the world.

He really wanted to go to the arcade with them and having to lie about a dinner made him furrow his brows. It wasn’t like his friends didn’t know of his life at home and away from the campus; hell, everyone and their mother knew how Kyuhyun was living and most seemed to look down on him for it.

He could’ve told them the truth, but for some reason he felt like this should be private and stay that way. His friends were more than supportive, so supportive that it sometimes broke the barriers and boundaries of friendship as they were often curious of the things Kyuhyun got up to. They pried into the more private aspects, wanting all the juicy details and often forcing Kyuhyun to tell them. He knew it was all harmless fun, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be grumpy about it.

“Spacing out again?” A deep voice called behind him and he spun around, a pout on his plump lips that had the other smirking. “You just love sneaking up on me” Kyuhyun grumbled, walking around the other side of the black Audi Spyder and getting into the passenger side.

“You make it too easy” Siwon snickered before peeling out of the parking lot and heading towards their penthouse. It was officially theirs as of a month ago and Kyuhyun still couldn’t get used to living in the large, lavish space. He couldn’t get used to being picked up in a sports car every day or having endless amounts of money to spend on video games and junk food. Most of all, he couldn’t get used to this man next to him.

“How were your classes?” Siwon asked, stopped at a red light in traffic. Kyuhyun looked over at him and blushed, seeing the dark, penetrative eyes staring at him. He’s only been living with this man for a month and he couldn’t handle some of Siwon’s more passionate looks towards him. He knew the man desired him based on his current situation but sometimes he was blown away by just how much.

“They were good. Economics was boring but at least in Graphics we got to build an actual website” Kyuhyun answered. “And your grades?” Siwon prodded and Kyuhyun blushed again, knowing that the man held his education at a topmost priority. It made him feel wanted, loved almost.

“Perfect” he muttered and he saw a hint of a smile on the man’s handsome face as the light changed and they moved forward once more. “Good because I’d hate to remind you of what would happen should they start to slip” Siwon warned and a shiver ran up Kyuhyun’s spine. He was well aware of the consequences should he break Siwon’s rules and he absolutely did not want to come face to face with them. The rest of the drive was ridden in silence, save for the soft tunes coming out of the expensive radio. Kyuhyun used the time to think, to plan on a way to ask Siwon for something without sounding desperate.

See, Siwon was what you would call Kyuhyun’s Sugar Daddy. Kyuhyun slept with him for money and safety. Basically the difference between him and a prostitute was that he lived with Siwon and was his companion to anywhere the man desired to go.

Kyuhyun’s family had died in a plane crash a few years ago, leaving the boy with some relatives in the city. He had never been close to these relatives, only using their shelter and food while he finished high school and started college. Then two months ago, his great aunt and uncle passed away while vacationing in Italy. Apparently his aunt had had a heart attack and didn’t survive and his uncle, so stricken with grief collapsed and never awoke afterwards.

Kyuhyun was saddened, having come to be acquainted with his relatives while he stayed there, but he had more pressing problems: money.

His relatives had spent a lot over the years paying for his tuition and other needs, leaving him with nothing after they passed. He was able to scrounge by for a month, but he was getting desperate.

So desperate in fact that he took his friend’s offer to hook him up with something. Yunho had always been a good friend and hyung to him, having known Kyuhyun for some years. He said he had an opportunity for him should he want safety, comfort and money. Feeling eager, he jumped at the chance before knowing exactly what he was getting into. Then he met Choi Siwon.

He’d been stunned the moment he saw him, with his dark handsome face and tall muscular build. He had thought he was meeting the other for a job opportunity in an office or something, so when Siwon started speaking of terms and different things that pleased him, he gaped.

“Were you not informed of these things before meeting me?” Siwon smirked, watching the boy fidget across from him over his wine glass. Kyuhyun shook his head adorably and Siwon just couldn’t help but want to take this boy home and ravish him.

“Yunho just said you might have a position open for me” Kyuhyun mumbled, a blush creeping up his neck and enveloping his cheeks.

“Oh I have several positions open for you” the older man quipped, just wanting to see how red those chubby cheeks could get. And he was rewarded as Kyuhyun sputtered and blushed profusely.

“How old are you?” Siwon asked, eyes glued to this adorable boy in front of him. “Nineteen” Kyuhyun answered and Siwon nodded, seeming pleased that the other was at least of age. Being thirty-five, Siwon couldn’t afford to be caught with a minor in his bed or even his home, knowing the public would draw conclusions from that.

“Look, Yunho said you’re in dire need of some financial assistance as well as a place to live. I’m willing to offer that and more should you choose to come live with me and satisfy me whenever I want” Siwon stated, laying all the facts straight right away. “I won’t force you, this is your decision. But just think of all your options before you decide.”

And think Kyuhyun did. He could either say yes to this man and have a safe and warm place to sleep as well as food and money to pay for college or he could say no and go back out into the cold, cruel world and try once more to look for a job. Not many people wanted to a boy who hasn’t been able to go to college yet and all the part time places that would hire him didn’t pay nearly enough to live off of. The choice was clear, even if he was a bit disgusted and nervous about it.

“I will except your terms and take you up on your offer” Kyuhyun told him, lifting his head to look the man in the eye. Siwon smiled an honest smile, tipping his wine glass in the boy’s direction before taking a sip. “Then let’s get you home and discuss the parameters of this arrangement.”

It has been a month since Kyuhyun agreed and he hasn’t once regretted his decision. Sure he often had to stop what he was doing on a whim so Siwon could ram his cock up the boy’s ass or shove it in Kyuhyun’s mouth, but the younger never really minded. He wasn’t a virgin when he started with Siwon, but he may as well have been with the way the man showed him all new worlds of pleasure.

Siwon was nicer and more caring than most Sugar Daddies, always making sure Kyuhyun got off as well during their romps. Of course he did have his playful streak, making Kyuhyun do new and sometimes outlandish things if he wanted something that wasn’t a necessity. Like today for instance, Kyuhyun needed to ask something of him and he was nervous to what Siwon would answer with.

“You’re awfully quiet this afternoon, anything wrong?” Siwon asked as he drove up their long driveway before parking into the private garage. Kyuhyun swallowed twice before opening his mouth, eyes darting between Siwon and the house.

“I need to ask you for something” he muttered and Siwon lifted a brow. “Is it a necessity or am I about to get something good tonight?” Siwon asked, a grin etched onto his face so that his dimples showed. Kyuhyun blushed before muttering “a necessity.”

“Come inside and let’s discuss” was all Siwon said before getting out of the car and walking into the house. Kyuhyun followed, running through his script in his head to make Siwon believe what he wanted was in fact needed. “Now tell me what it is you need” Siwon suggested before pouring himself a glass of scotch and sitting down on the sofa. Kyuhyun sat on the chair next to it, facing the man before taking a deep breath.

“I need a new laptop, my current one is too old and can’t operate to the maximum efficiency I need for classes” Kyuhyun stated, having rehearsed the words a hundred times throughout the day. This was the reason he lied to his friends; he didn’t want them to know that he needed to ask Siwon for something that may or may not result in wild gorilla sex.

“And as I have midterms coming up and many papers to write, a new laptop is needed to make sure I can strive towards optimum perfection” he finished, hoping he convinced the man it was needed, not wanted. Of course he could always use the school’s computers in the library, but he didn’t want to spend more time there than he had to.

But it seemed Siwon also saw that option as well.

“I can see your points, and they are good ones I must admit. However, I do not see this as a necessity Kyuhyun, as you could just as easily use the university’s computers or borrow a friend’s” Siwon said, a calm smile on his face as he sipped at his scotch. Kyuhyun slumped in defeat, a pout once more making its way onto his lips and making them extremely kissable.

“Come here” Siwon murmured, setting his glass down on the side table before patting his lap. Sighing, Kyuhyun stood and made his way over only to be pulled into the man’s lap, finding it to be more comfortable than he could’ve imagined.

“Do I scare you that much that you would need to try to dupe me like that?” Siwon asked, voice low and soft as his lips brushed Kyuhyun’s ear. The boy shuddered lightly, arms automatically wrapping around Siwon’s neck to avoid falling. He was sitting perpendicular to Siwon, his legs thrown over the side of the man’s thigh while said man started to nuzzle into his neck.

“No, it’s just that sometimes you make me do embarrassing things” Kyuhyun whined, wriggling when Siwon’s breath tickled the hairs on the back of his neck. Chuckling quietly, Siwon pressed a kiss underneath the ear before whispering again. “What could I have made you do that was so mortifying?” Siwon laughed softly, lips playing with his ear again. Suppressing another shiver, Kyuhyun bit his lip to keep the moan in before he could answer.

“That one time when I wanted that new StarCraft expansion pack so you made me dress up in middle school uniform so you could fuck me in your car. And then that old guy saw us” Kyuhyun whispered, cheeks flaming just remembering that horrifying incident. The worst part was, was that the old guy thought Kyuhyun was a legitimate middle school student and had shouted at a laughing Siwon that he would call the police as they drove away.

“Ah yes, that was a good day” Siwon reminisced and Kyuhyun slapped his shoulder lightly. Grabbing Kyuhyun’s hand and kissing each of the long, lithe fingers, Siwon contemplated for a moment.

“I’ll give you the laptop if you let me fuck you raw” Siwon whispered in his ear and Kyuhyun’s eyes rolled back just thinking of it. Siwon made most of the deals and terms, but Kyuhyun had made one: Siwon always had to use a condom. He knew the other didn’t like the latex barrier but had conceded to pacify Kyuhyun’s nerves. He gulped and was about to answer before Siwon interrupted him.

“I want you raw and unprepared.”

He pulled away and gaped at the man, mouth open and eyes wide with anxiety. Siwon had only taken him unprepared once and it had been unbearable for most of the time since the man had a perfectly long and thick shaft. He thought about it for a couple minutes before reaching his conclusion, and maybe Siwon’s manipulative lips on his skin may have swayed him.

“Okay” he said, his voice small as Siwon grinned in triumph. He reached a hand up and gripped the boy’s chin before turning his head and capturing those perfectly pink lips and sucking on them. Kyuhyun moaned lowly, opening his mouth to Siwon’s prodding tongue before sneaking his own out to wrestle with it.

“I-I want this on a bed” Kyuhyun gasped, Siwon having nipped a bit hard on his lower lip. Waiting no more time, Siwon wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and stood, walking up the stairs and to his room with the boy in his hold.

Throwing the boy down on the mattress, Siwon hovered over the beauty in his bed before leaning down and kissing Kyuhyun harshly again. Clothes were quickly shed and both men were hard and straining as Siwon lined his cock up to Kyuhyun’s unprepared, dry entrance and without a condom.

“Ready?” Siwon asked, already pushing forward when the boy nodded. As the head of his dick was enveloped in the tight heat, Kyuhyun writhed in pain and discomfort. Trying to soothe the younger without getting lost in the pleasure of finally being able to fuck this boy raw, Siwon pushed in slowly.

Pressing kisses all over Kyuhyun’s neck and chest while his hands soothed up and down the boy’s side, Siwon was finally sheathed completely in the tight heat. Stilling a bit to allow the other to adjust, he moved his mouth from the pale alabaster skin up to the boy’s mouth, kissing him slowly and languidly. Just because he used this boy for sex didn’t mean he was a heartless, uncaring bastard.

In fact he cared greatly for Kyuhyun, almost like a friend and he didn’t want to see the boy hurting in any way… unless that’s what he wanted.

“Move” Kyuhyun grunted after a few minutes, finally able to loosen up just a bit. Siwon complied and pulled out slowly before snapping his hips forward roughly.
“AH!” Kyuhyun cried out, fingers digging into Siwon’s biceps as he felt he was being torn in two. Siwon, wanting the boy to enjoy what he was doing to him, reached down and started to revive Kyuhyun’s dying erection. He wailed out long and loud, feeling pleasure swirling in with the white-hot pain and he couldn’t contain the noises spilling from his throat.

Siwon, too overjoyed at the utter rawness and animalistic drive within him, started pushing his hips into the boy with speed and agility. “Ah-ah Siwon!” Kyuhyun moaned, legs coming up and wrapping around the man’s waist. Siwon grinned, pressing his face into the boy’s neck and sucking marks into the delicate skin.

“I knew you’d like it like this” he teased. Kyuhyun often acted like he only liked normal, vanilla sex but Siwon knew differently. He knew the boy liked it rough and hard and that’s exactly what Siwon gave him.

The harder Siwon fucked him, the more noises spilled from his swollen lips. He couldn’t deny that this time he felt absolutely wonderful, after the initial pain. Siwon, being older and more experienced knew how to pleasure Kyuhyun to the maximum and make him come over and over again.

“H-Harder ah! Oh god Siwon!” Kyuhyun screamed, his hips moving frantically against Siwon’s as he felt the pooling in his lower belly heat up and surge forward. With one final thrust into his prostrate, Kyuhyun came loud and hard between them, staining the tanned and muscled abs as Siwon plowed into him faster than ever.

“So fucking tight, Kyu” Siwon grunted, his hips stuttering as he stilled, filling the boy for the first time and loving it. Kyuhyun let out a breathy moan as he felt the feeling of hot sperm fill him up, finding it rather enjoyable.

“Definitely worth a laptop” Siwon mumbled, rolling off the boy and to his side. Kyuhyun smiled as he turned on his side to face the man, snuggling into the warm embrace when Siwon pulled him close.

“Can I trouble you for some pain killers as well?” Kyuhyun asked with a wince, pain shooting up his lower back. “I think that can be arranged. Does it hurt terribly?” Siwon asked, hands petting at Kyuhyun’s sweaty back.

“Mmm, not too bad but I would like to be able to sit in class properly tomorrow.” Siwon nodded, making a mental note to pick some up later when he took the boy shopping for his new toy.

“So a new laptop and some pain killers. In return, I want it raw all the time now” Siwon growled, teeth nipping at the boy’s ear once again. Feeling exacerbated, he sighed before looking up into Siwon’s face. “Fine, but you’ll prepare me next time” he stated, pouting when Siwon smirked.


“You are on winter break now, yes?” Siwon asked, watching from the doorway as Kyuhyun played on his new laptop in his room. Looking up and smiling at the older man, he nodded before turning back to his game.

“How would you like to go on a vacation?” Siwon proposed and Kyuhyun actually stopped playing his game to swivel his chair around and gape at the man. “A vacation?” He questioned, not believing his ears. It’s been three months since their arrangement started and he never expected anything like this.

“Yes a vacation. I was thinking Aruba or maybe Hawaii” Siwon said, sauntering into the room and sitting on the student’s bed.

“O-Of course! But why?” Kyuhyun asked, cocking his head to the side cutely. Beckoning the boy forward, Kyuhyun stood and made his way over only to find himself pinned to the mattress.

“To apologize” Siwon muttered, kissing the boy’s pouty lips a few times. Kyuhyun frowned, running through recent memory of anything the man did to upset him.

“I don’t understand” he finally said and Siwon sighed before sitting up and pulling the boy with him. “I have a business meeting I need to attend in China a month from now. I will be there for three weeks while leaving you here” Siwon explained and Kyuhyun understood. The older man felt guilty leaving him on his own for that amount of time. Feeling brazen, Kyuhyun leaned forward and kissed his Sugar Daddy lightly.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine. But I wouldn’t mind a vacation” he murmured and Siwon leered at him.

“You better start packing because we leave in two days. And make sure you pack the lube because I’m not bringing any” Siwon teased and Kyuhyun pouted at him causing Siwon to chuckle.

“Will you leave some money while you’re gone?” Kyuhyun asked, burrowing into the man’s chest. He felt the rumble of Siwon’s voice as the man gave him a predictable answer.

“Only if you can find a way to satisfy my every need” and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. At this point in the game, he knew he could easily satisfy the man’s needs and then some so he didn’t feel too worried.

“Alright, challenge accepted. Now, what do you plan on doing with me in Hawaii?” Kyuhyun asked daringly, knowing he was headed towards dangerous waters. Siwon smirked at the student and pinned him to the bed with his superior strength, finding a willing and pliant Kyuhyun beneath him.

“A little of this, a little of that” he answered and it was Kyuhyun’s turn to smirk. “Show me” the boy demanded and Siwon felt his cock start to stiffen in his trousers. He never would’ve guessed a boy of nineteen would be able to match wits with him at thirty-five, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Macabre (3/13)

Title: Macabre Chapter 3
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17 (finally)
Warnings: Language, sex, yaoi, boyxboy.. a bit of a surprise in there too.

Summary: Kyuhyun is a 19 year old college student who lives on the streets. Siwon is a 35 year old business mogul. Kyuhyun will go to desperate measures to survive, even if it means giving up his life and freedom as he knows it.

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Kyuhyun looked at the paper and then back at Siwon, a blush on his cheeks but a look of confusion in his eyes. Siwon grinned at him, leaning back against the sofa as he watched Kyuhyun read his rules. “These aren’t… these aren’t what I expected them to be” Kyuhyun muttered and Siwon chuckled to himself.

“What did you expect, a shopping list of toys?” Siwon quipped and Kyuhyun blushed harder, avoiding the man’s eyes. What was written on the paper was a set of simple house rules to abide by:
1.       Clean up after yourself – You make a mess, you clean it.
2.       No loud music blaring throughout this house – I trust you have head phones. If not, I will buy.
3.       No smoking in the house – Drink as much as you’d like
4.       Curfew – One am unless permission is obtained
5.       I will provide you will all necessities – Anything you want must be earned*

“Why is there a star by rule number five?” Kyuhyun asked quietly, his brows furrowed in confusion. Siwon smiled, a quick quirk of his lips before he leaned over and tapped down the page with his pen.

*Ways to earn your wants: By doing whatever I say

“By doing whatever you say…” Kyuhyun trailed off, looking back up into the older man’s face. Siwon looked at him, his dark eyes boring into his with a strange intensity before he crossed one leg over the other. “If you want something that is not a necessity to your well-being, you’ll have to do something for me in exchange. I’m what you would call an equal opportunist” Siwon explained, a smirk present on his ridiculously handsome face.

“So if I want something that is not needed, I have to do something for you?” Kyuhyun clarified. He didn’t particularly like that rule but he wasn’t really in a position to argue about it. Siwon nodded, stretching his arms along the back of the sofa as he continued to gaze at Kyuhyun. “Exactly, but not just anything: You will come to me with whatever it is you want and I will tell you what needs to be done in order to get it.” Siwon explained, his posture relaxed where as Kyuhyun’s was gradually tensing up.

“So say I wanted you to buy me a new television for gaming?” Kyuhyun asked, leaning back to mimic Siwon’s posture and acting like he wasn’t on the verge of a panic attack. But Siwon could see right through him as proven with his signature smirk on his handsome face.

“Let’s see, for a new television I’d probably want at least three or four rounds of really hot sex in different rooms of the house. I’m not into overly weird things so no need to worry about that” Siwon answered, a charming smile in place of the smirk. Kyuhyun nodded stiffly before swallowing harshly; he figured it would be sex related.

“You said you’d tell me what you like and dislike during sex but I don’t see anything on here” Kyuhyun mentioned, eyes flicking back down towards the rule list. When he looked back up, Siwon’s face was back to it’s intense stare, dark eyes boring into his own. “That’s because we’re going to have a discussion about it. You’re in this too Kyuhyun, I don’t want you to do something you don’t like because I refused to acknowledge it with you.”

Kyuhyun bit his lower lip as he thought about what Siwon just told him. The man was being much nicer than he would’ve imagined someone like him to be; sure he was technically Kyuhyun’s sugar daddy but it seemed he also wanted them to have some sort of level of comfort with each other.

“Okay, that makes sense. Do you want to go first then?” Kyuhyun asked quietly. He wasn’t used to asserting himself like this and truth be told, he was a bit nervous. Siwon flashed his dimpled smile at him again before making himself comfortable.

“Don’t be so nervous Kyuhyun, I promise I’m not some sort of sadist” the man quipped before actually delving into the conversation. “I’ll start with things I do not like: I don’t like being tied up however I do like tying my partner up. I’m not into any weird kinks like urination during sex or anything like that but if you are, that’s perfectly fine” he spouted off and Kyuhyun’s eyes widened.

“Uh no, I’m not into those either. I do not mind being tied up to an extent so we’re compatible there.” Kyuhyun was starting to loosen up and feel a bit more comfortable with all of this. “Good, so then I’ll go straight into what I do like: All sorts of positions for variety of course. Receiving fellatio, especially if you’re really good at it; I don’t mind giving it back either. I’m very into kissing so if that bothers you, let me know otherwise I like to use toys on my partners occasionally. Nothing too extreme, just your basic dildos, vibrators and beads” Siwon listed and Kyuhyun blinked.

It was like they were a match made in sex heaven; everything Siwon was listing off as likes, Kyuhyun liked as well. “Now tell me a bit about your likes and dislikes for sex” Siwon prompted and Kyuhyun took a deep, steadying breath before answering.

“I uh, I’m not into those kinks you mentioned earlier which is good I guess. I don’t mind giving head but I’m not sure if I’m any good at it” Kyuhyun mumbled and Siwon grinned at him. “No problem, we’ll test that out soon enough” the man said in a would be comforting tone, had it not been about blowjobs.

“I really like kissing and not just on the lips, I like licking and biting as well” Kyuhyun admitted, feeling braver due to Siwon’s encouragement. “Very good” Siwon answered, his voice dropping into a low purr and a shiver ran up Kyuhyun’s spine, his nerves tingling slightly.

“I um, I also really like…” but he trailed off, feeling far too embarrassed to admit his secret little fetish to the other man. Siwon lifted and eyebrow and motioned for him to continue. “Go on, whatever you admit to me will not be judged nor looked down upon.” Hearing that and feeling a bit more brave, Kyuhyun looked up into Siwon’s eyes and boldly declared his little fetish.

“I really like getting rimmed.”

Siwon gazed at him for a few moments, eyes moving over the contours of his face as if studying if his declaration was true or not. Finally, when Kyuhyun was starting to get a bit antsy did Siwon’s lips quirk up in a leer. “Good thing for you I happen to be very good at that” Siwon muttered softly, his voice a whole octave lower and it was doing things to Kyuhyun’s body.

“Now, what about preferences towards me?” Siwon asked, getting straight back to business. Kyuhyun frowned, confusion evident in his brows. “Anything you expect from me in bed?” Siwon clarified and Kyuhyun nodded hesitantly. With prompting from the man, Kyuhyun told him something that wasn’t an option. “You have to wear a condom anytime you’re inside of me. And I’d prefer it if you spend a good amount of time preparing me as well, I’m not a big fan of pain.”

Siwon nodded, face open and no looks of the condemning nature towards Kyuhyun’s requirements. “Not a problem, the last thing I’d want to do is make you uncomfortable or cause you pain” Siwon assured and Kyuhyun breathed a sigh of relief.

“Anything else?” Kyuhyun shook his head and Siwon nodded while standing up, offering  hand to Kyuhyun as well. “Good, now let’s go seal the deal, shall we?” Siwon asked, pulling Kyuhyun up and close to him. Kyuhyun’s eyes went wide at his sudden new position, standing much closer to Siwon than ever before and looking up into his face.

“Don’t you want to discuss other things like living arrangements and things expected of me while I’m here?” Kyuhyun questioned nervously and Siwon shook his head. “We can after but right now I want to see just how good of a fit we are for sex” he said blatantly and Kyuhyun nervously shook his head.

Tightening his grip on Kyuhyun’s hand, Siwon starting leading them throughout the large house before taking him up a flight of stairs. “We’ll do this in my bedroom for this first time, that way it isn’t rushed and you’ll be comfortable” Siwon explained and Kyuhyun felt grateful as he followed the man.

He led them up the stairs and onto the second floor before bringing them down the hall to the last door on the right. Opening the door, Siwon ushered Kyuhyun inside before closing the door behind him and turning to face his new bed mate. “Any pre-rituals you have or do you want me to just get on with it?” Siwon asked, ever careful of Kyuhyun’s comfort and habits.

“Just get on with it please.” The words were barely out of his mouth before Siwon descended on him, wrapping his large arms around Kyuhyun’s thin frame and pressing a hard kiss to his lips. Gasping at the sudden abruptness of the move, Kyuhyun’s mouth immediately opened to Siwon’s warm, exploring tongue. Kyuhyun clung to Siwon as the man kissed him because man, did he know how to kiss.

His tongue was rubbing and massaging Kyuhyun’s sensually, drawing it out to engage in a heated kiss and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but moan appreciatively. He wrapped his arms around Siwon’s neck as the man guided them towards the bed, pushing Kyuhyun onto it before covering his body with his own.

It seemed that Siwon was in no mood to draw this out and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but agree; the man was undeniably gorgeous and now that Kyuhyun had tasted him, he was wanting more. Siwon nudged Kyuhyun’s legs apart and settled between them, lips still working over the younger’s plump ones wonderfully.

Kyuhyun was the first one to initiate the undressing, fingers working at Siwon’s button down shirt as quickly as possible and the man didn’t seem to mind. Siwon yanked the shirt off from around his shoulders after the last button was undone and Kyuhyun broke the kiss, heaving in gulps of air as his eyes drank in the sight of Siwon’s muscled arms in his undershirt. Siwon gave him a quick grin before shrugging off the tank top, leaving his torso bare and allowing Kyuhyun a moment or two to stare. Siwon had the perfect balance of lean muscle; not too bulky but just enough to make him drool worthy.

Siwon leaned down and attached his lips to Kyuhyun jaw, kissing along the bone and underneath his chin as he fiddled with Kyuhyun’s borrowed shirt. Pulling it roughly over Kyuhyun’s head, the younger man had no time to feel self-conscious as Siwon took in the sight of the pale expanse of skin. Clothes were flying off at an alarming pace but neither cared, too caught up in the intoxicating aura of each other.
Siwon’s lips left wet, open mouth kisses all along the younger’s collarbone and neck while his fingers massaged down Kyuhyun’s thighs. The boy was now just in his underwear and Siwon was itching it get it off of him. Hooking his fingers beneath the waistband, Siwon tugged them down Kyuhyun’s deliciously thick thighs, watching as his pink cock sprung free.

“Not fair” Kyuhyun mumbled, reaching for the button to Siwon’s pants to emphasize his desire. Siwon grinned and quickly shucked his own trousers along with his underwear, leaving them both completely naked. Kyuhyun’s eyes grew large as his gaze landed on Siwon’s impressively sized package; to put it bluntly, Siwon had a huge cock. It was long, thick and was already leaking a generous amount of pre-come.

“Come here” Siwon growled, grabbing at Kyuhyun and connecting their lips again in a fierce kiss. Kyuhyun no longer felt nervous or embarrassed, he was far too gone for emotions such as those with Siwon’s fingers flirting along his thighs. Kyuhyun, whose head was buzzing with all the information he had learned today pressed a hand to Siwon’s chest and pushed slightly, indicating his wanted to him to stop.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?” Siwon asked, eyes searching for signs that Kyuhyun didn’t want this anymore. “No I’m fine” Kyuhyun answered, crawling out from under Siwon as the man sat on the bed, staring at him. “Then what-?” but Siwon cut himself off as Kyuhyun moved towards him again, crawling between his legs and resting in his lap.

Siwon sat with his back resting against his headboard, knees pulled up and bent as Kyuhyun pushed them further apart. His intent became clear when the younger boy laid himself on his stomach and face Siwon’s slightly curved prick, eyes catching the vein that ran along the underside.

“Let’s see how good I am at these” Kyuhyun suggested and Siwon wasn’t about to stop him. He’d been fantasizing about that mouth on him since he watched the boy eat in the restaurant. Kyuhyun licked his lips as he reached a hand out, curling his fingers around the thick base, testing the weight cautiously. Siwon watched him carefully, holding his breath slightly as Kyuhyun decided what he was going to do.

Throwing caution to the wind, Kyuhyun leaned forward and gave a long lick from base to head, tongue tracing that pulsing vein on Siwon’s shaft. The man let out a shaky breath, eyes always on Kyuhyun as he did it again, testing Siwon’s taste on his tongue. Deciding he could do this, Kyuhyun sucked the sticky tip of Siwon’s cock into his mouth, tongue pressing into the slit and swirling around the head.

Siwon let out a soft curse as Kyuhyun teased his tip, pink muscle dancing around it before he suddenly swallowed down, engulfing half of Siwon’s cock into his hot little mouth. Moaning lowly, Siwon’s thighs tightened as Kyuhyun started to bob his head slowly, hand moving in time on the base since he couldn’t fit all of the man in his mouth.

“Faster” Siwon commanded softly and Kyuhyun obeyed, speeding up slightly while increasing the amount of suction. The business man found his fingers tangling in the boy’s soft hair, weaving the strands between his fingers as Kyuhyun continued to work over his cock. It continued like this for a few minutes until Kyuhyun sped up his pace, sucking Siwon off like his life depended on it.

“Ah fuck” Siwon grunted, his hips moving on their own accord to meet with Kyuhyun’s bobs. The kid was good and Siwon was having trouble trying not to choke the boy. Fingers tightening in Kyuhyun’s hair, Siwon thrust his hips up into Kyuhyun’s mouth, making the boy gag loudly as his cock was thrust too deep.

Kyuhyun did not relent though, instead digging his fingers into Siwon’s hips as the man continued to move. He choked a few times but the sounds seemed to turn Siwon on and now Kyuhyun wanted nothing more than to make the man cum down his throat. So speeding up still, Kyuhyun pressed his tongue flat against the underside of the head as Siwon thrust in.

The only warning he had was the nearly unbearable tightening of fingers in his air and a half breathed curse before Siwon jerked up and shot his hot, milky release into Kyuhyun’s mouth. Choking slightly, the boy tried swallowing most of it as some leaked out and stained the sides of his lips, running down his chin as he pulled away.

Before he could sit back, he found himself pulled into Siwon’s lap as another mind blowing kiss was bestowed upon him. Whining softly, Kyuhyun arched himself up into the kiss as Siwon licked around his lips. “Okay, so you’re really good at those” Siwon grunted, his voice tight and low. Kyuhyun smiled in victory before suddenly finding himself flipped over and on his stomach, arms around Siwon’s pillow.

“And for that, let me show you just how good I am” Siwon breathed, his voice holding promises Kyuhyun wished would come true. He wasn’t disappointed as the man started massaging the backs of his legs, working them open so he could fit himself between them. Fingers digging into the soft flesh of the boy’s ass, Siwon teasingly ran them along the crack, barely dipping them inside.

Kyuhyun squirmed slightly on the mattress, Siwon’s sudden patience wearing on him. As if remembering this was a reward of sorts, Siwon slowly spread Kyuhyun’s cheeks until his pink, tight entrance was revealed. “Please…” Kyuhyun whined softly, unaware the noise even left his mouth. He wasn’t forced to wait long as he finally felt something warm and slick prodding at his entrance.

Moaning low in his throat, Kyuhyun spread his hands over the sheets as Siwon’s tongue explored the outer muscle of his hole. “Nngh!” Kyuhyun cried out, feeling the hot muscle work it’s way into him. Siwon hadn’t lied when he said he was good at this as he sucked, licked and toyed with Kyuhyun’s abused hole.

Moving his hips slightly, Kyuhyun pressed his aching erection into Siwon’s mattress to try and relieve some of the pressure, the man’s ministrations doing too much to him. Fingers now clenching in the sheets, Kyuhyun arched his hips back into Siwon’s face, the man’s tongue driving him absolutely wild.

“I’m going to prepare you now” Siwon warned, his voice tight as he quickly became aroused again. It seemed everything about Kyuhyun turned him on and the boy’s voice was certainly indecent when making those sounds. Kyuhyun nodded frantically, just wanting the man to continue his wonderful actions.

Siwon left Kyuhyun’s side for a brief moment, quickly grabbing a condom and a brand new tube of lube before settling back between the younger’s legs. Popping the cap and squirting a generous amount of the jelly onto his fingers, Siwon pressed them to Kyuhyun’s twitching entrance. Pushing one in slowly, he gauged the boy’s reaction before pulling it out and pushing it back in.

When Kyuhyun’s breathing began to become uneven and little mewls were leaving his throat, Siwon slipped the second finger in, twisting and turning to start stretching the boy per his request. “Hah!” Kyuhyun suddenly wailed and Siwon grinned, cataloging the spot of the boy’s prostrate for later.

Now scissoring three fingers inside the boy, Siwon worked them in and out until Kyuhyun was a crying, sobbing mess. “Now Siwon, I need you in me now!” He sobbed and Siwon was never one to deny his partners anything. Quickly tearing the foil and rolling the condom onto his newly hardened erection, Siwon slicked himself up with some more lube before rolling Kyuhyun over.

“I want to see your face as I fuck you” he growled and Kyuhyun nodded, wrapping his arms around the man’s neck and hooking his legs around his back. Siwon lined his cock up to Kyuhyun’s waiting hole before pushing it in slowly. Kyuhyun’s eyes squinted shut as he found himself becoming so full with Siwon’s wonderfully large prick.

“Fuck you’re tight” Siwon grunted, sinking himself into Kyuhyun all the way. The boy was panting through the sting because although Siwon prepared him well enough, the man was still hung like a horse. “Move” Kyuhyun grit his teeth, legs shaking as Siwon slowly pulled out only to push back in, keeping a tight control over his motions.

It didn’t take long for Kyuhyun to become accustomed and stretch out a bit and soon he was begging Siwon to go faster. Siwon thrust into the boy hard, his perfectly curved cock just brushing Kyuhyun’s prostrate. “There Siwon! Fuck me there!” Kyuhyun cried, voice becoming louder as he became more vocal.

It was something he couldn’t help; he was very vocal in bed. But it seemed to only egg Siwon on more as the more moans and whines Kyuhyun released, the harder Siwon fucked him. Kyuhyun’s fingers dug into Siwon’s shoulders, his nails leaving little half-moon marks as he held on, Siwon’s rigorous movements making him nearly hit his head on the headboard.

Siwon pounded into Kyuhyun with wild abandon, cock striking that bundle of nerves dead on to the point where it was almost painful. Kyuhyun head his head thrown back, sweaty bangs sticking to his forehead as he panted hard. “S-So close… Nngh fuck!” Kyuhyun wailed, legs tightening around Siwon’s waist.

Feeling close to his second orgasm as well, Siwon reached down and palmed Kyuhyun’s leaking erection, fingers stroking it deftly in time with his thrusts. Kyuhyun was a sobbing mess, tears rolling down the sides of his face as saliva trickled down from the corner of his mouth where Siwon’s cum still stained his skin.

Kyuhyun gave a loud, raw scream as he arched his back, cock exploding in Siwon’s hand as he rode out the most intense orgasm he could ever remember having. Siwon continued to fuck him deep, his own prick being constricted by Kyuhyun’s muscles until he too came, cum shooting out into the condom. Letting go of Kyuhyun’s softening dick, Siwon rolled off of him to lay beside him, his chest heaving with exertion and satiation.

“Wow” was all Kyuhyun could say, his voice cracking from mistreatment. Siwon nodded as he chuckled softly, running a hand through his own sweaty locks. “Wow indeed, so it would seem we’re a great match” he added and Kyuhyun agreed softly.

“Good, so you should rest up now because in a bit I’m going to test just how flexible you are” Siwon promised, eyes glinting in want and mischief. Kyuhyun could only laugh breathlessly; he was no longer nervous now that he knew sex with Siwon was beyond fantastic.

In fact, he would dare to say he was almost excited about his new positions.

A/N: Hi! Wow sorry this took so long. I'm still in the process of working through my writer's block so if this sucks, I'm really sorry.
But please let me know how you liked it!

Nothing Says 'I Love You' Quite Like Bondage.

Title: Nothing Says 'I Love You' Quite Like Bondage.
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Mature sexual content, boyxboy, yaoi, BDSM... The works

Summary: Kyuhyun loves to be tied up. Good thing Siwon is fantastic with knots.

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A/N: I can't help when smut plot bunnies keep me awake. I seriously need help. Also, lame title is lame.
This is ALSO part of marmice's (very late) birthday smut since I haven't finished the other one and I know she just loves some good ole WonKyu bondage.

Siwon looked down at his prize for the night, a triumphant grin stretched across his handsome face, making his dimples appear larger than ever. Running his long, dexterous fingers over the tightly pulled cotton rope, he teasingly pulled it tighter before releasing it after a long, low moan was forced from the figure beneath him.

“If I’d had known you were into this stuff, we’d have done it much sooner” Siwon chuckled, watching as the boy beneath him nearly became undone from just a few pieces of simple rope. “Stop teasing” the younger mumbled, his lips curling into the cutest pout Siwon had ever seen.
Siwon rolled himself off the bed and stood up, looking at the most gorgeous and also the most indecent thing to ever cross his vision. Kyuhyun looked perfect in his pale skinned glory all tied up like that; ankles fastened to the footboard and wrists tied to the ends of the headboard, spreading him out and making him a taut, whining mess.

“God you look so fucking perfect right now” Siwon breathed, eyes feasting on the magnificent sight on the bed. He has never been so aroused in his life, knowing that his boyfriend of three years has been harnessing this fetish for so long. Sex with Kyuhyun was always fantastic but now a whole new world has been opened up in their bedroom and Siwon couldn’t wait to explore it.

“Stop staring and come over here and touch me!” Kyuhyun demanded, eyes dark and dangerous as he glared at Siwon. “You’re in no position to demand anything” Siwon laughed but obliged, stepping back over to the bed and climbing atop the maknae to straddle his waist.

“This is so exciting, I honestly don’t know what to do to you first” Siwon admitted, drawing lazy circles on Kyuhyun’s bare abdomen with his pointer finger. “Well for starters, you can start by actually touch me and not teasing me like this” Kyuhyun grunted, his stomach muscles twitching under his lover’s ministrations. A smirk only to be described as evil and conniving crossed onto Siwon’s face as he deliberated over Kyuhyun’s words.

“Or I could touch you and tease you until your throat is so raw from screaming my name” he suggested and Kyuhyun’s eyes widened. He frantically shook his head, causing his reddish brown curls to ruffle themselves in his haste to somehow convince Siwon to get right to the main course.

“Too late baby cakes, I rather like my idea” Siwon whispered before leaning down and planting a warm kiss onto the maknae’s lips. He manipulated Kyuhyun’s lips until they opened, allowing Siwon’s tongue entrance before he engaged them in a wet, hot battle for dominance. Running his hands along Kyuhyun’s sides, the younger yelped and then moaned loudly when Siwon’s fingers found his dark, rosy nipples and started to rub them.

Rolling the buds between his fingertips, Siwon used the distraction to slide his naked body along Kyuhyun’s own, stretching over the maknae making good use of his height. He fit himself between Kyuhyun’s legs as he continued to kiss and tease him, his tongue and fingers moving in sync while Kyuhyun let out arousing little mewls inside Siwon’s mouth.

Feeling the younger’s erection digging into his stomach, Siwon rolled his toed body expertly, drawing a cry from the other’s swollen lips. Kyuhyun was desperate it seemed to get Siwon to get down to business rather than draw it out and Siwon was having none of it. “Why so impatient?” Siwon asked, breaking their kiss much to the annoyance of Kyuhyun.

Glancing down, Siwon lifted an eyebrow at the vast amount of pre-come gathering at the tip of Kyuhyun’s very hard, very red cock. “Bondage turns you on this much?” Siwon asked, eyes flicking back up to look into Kyuhyun’s own hooded ones. Nodding meekly, the maknae cried out when the older man dipped the tip of his finger in the sticky substance and spread it all along the head and down the throbbing vein in Kyuhyun’s shaft.

 Kyuhyun was struggling against his bonds, arms jerking to try and untie his wrists and legs shaking in anticipation. Whines and moans were leaving his throat as Siwon continued to ever so slowly run his forefinger along his erect prick. “I’m going to gag you if you can’t control
yourself” Siwon threatend.

Clearly they were the wrong things to say as Kyuhyun’s eyes closed briefly as he lost himself to the pleasure of imagining at being under Siwon’s complete mercy. His eyes narrowing slightly, Siwon positively lit up once he figured out Kyuhyun’s reaction. Reaching over and down towards the bag of newly purchased items, Siwon pulled out a leather strap with a bite grip attached before waiving it in Kyuhyun’s face.

“Open up” he sang happily, watching as Kyuhyun’s eyes dilated further as he wound the strap around the boy’s head and the bit into his mouth. The younger’s teeth quickly found purchase on the twisted piece of leather pressed between his lips that did nothing to hinder the volume or frequency of his moans.

“Mmm, so pretty” Siwon mumbled, one hand still working and teasing the boy’s stiff cock and the other cupping his cheek. Kyuhyun’s eyes were wide, dark and wild with lust as he slowly lost all bits of his control. Siwon seemed to have almost complete control over him and it was becoming too much, too good for his sensitive system.

Once Siwon was satisfied with how Kyuhyun looked, he started planting wet, open mouth kisses all long his neck and chest. He couldn’t help but mark the boy, sucking bruises and biting marks into the perfect, pale skin while Kyuhyun writhed and cried beneath him. The gag served it’s purpose for quieting Kyuhyun’s words but did nothing to hinder the amount of noise the boy made and Siwon’s cock was suffering for it.
The man couldn’t concentrate on properly taunting and teasing his lover when his own penis was becoming too aroused by the noises Kyuhyun made. The boy was practically indecent in everything he did and this was definitely no different.

Kyuhyun made a muffled noise before shifting, making Siwon raise his head from the boy’s pert nipples to pay attention to his face. He nearly came undone when he noticed the brightness to Kyuhyun’s eyes, as if tears were going to spill over onto his lovely face any minute. It was then the man realized Kyuhyun was calling his name, pleading with him to get on with it.

Smirking to himself, Siwon placed a few more wet kisses to the boy’s stomach before coming face to face with his nearly purple erection. He watched it twitch in time with Kyuhyun’s pulse for a moment before he reached up and gripped the base of the shaft tightly, causing a raw scream to tear it’s way out of Kyuhyun’s throat.

“Is this what you want baby?” Siwon asked, winking at Kyuhyun before sucking the tip of the boy’s dick into his mouth. He swirled his tongue along the slit, catching the pearly drops of pre-come as he teased his lover. Siwon only played with the head, sucking on it before licking all around it; making Kyuhyun buck his hips as much as he could being tied up.

“‘Rease…” Kyuhyun moaned loudly around the horizontal bit and it took a moment for Siwon to realize he was begging, nearly chanting ‘please’ like a prayer. Feeling merciful, Siwon swallowed his erection down his throat, making Kyuhyun nearly cum right then and there. Kyuhyun pulled tightly at his bonds, making both the headboard and the footboard rattle ominously as Siwon sucked him off, both knowing the youngest was going to leave marks on his wrists and ankles.

Bringing his hands up, Siwon reached the under Kyuhyun and spread his ass cheeks apart before nudging his two fingers to the dry, tight hole. Slipping them in slowly, Siwon had to bring a hand up to circle his fingers around the boy’s erection, stopping his impending orgasm in its tracks.
Kyuhyun whined loudly, head thrashing from side to side as Siwon blocked his release while still pushing his long, thick fingers into him. The burning sting did nothing but fuel his lust for the man as Siwon started sucking his cock once more, keeping the vice grip on him to keep him from finishing too soon.

When his two fingers were in completely, Siwon started to pull them back out slowly, teasingly before forcing them back in. He stretched and taunted Kyuhyun with the sight burn while crooking his fingers from left to right, looking for that spot inside the boy that would make him see stars.

“Nngh!” Kyuhyun cried out loudly, eyes shutting tight and body spasming as Siwon’s fingers brushed his prostate. Deciding he’d very much like to see Kyuhyun come undone like this, Siwon used the hand on Kyuhyun’s cock to start stroking it in time with his mouth and fingers. The maknae struggled against the ropes again, tears streaming down his face and saliva running down the sides of his mouth as he screamed and cried with the gag in his mouth.

Hearing remnants of his name on the boy’s lips, Siwon sped both his mouth and his fingers up; hitting Kyuhyun’s prostrate violently with his blunt nails and making him see stars. The younger’s body was quivering with need and arousal, a light sheen of sweat covering the pale perfection as Kyuhyun tried bucking up into Siwon’s mouth and back onto his deliciously magical fingers.

He was starting to regret telling Siwon about this fetish, this fantasy of his; the man was only exploiting it and using it to his advantage. But the utter pleasure he was in was quickly overriding anything else as Siwon gave a particularly hard suck to his prick. Screaming out one last time, his body became taught with orgasm as he came hard into Siwon’s mouth, the man’s fingers still pumping into him madly.

Siwon swallowed everything and only retreated from Kyuhyun when the boy began whining when it was too much. Grinning like the cat that got the cream, Siwon quickly undid the gag from Kyuhyun’s mouth and tossed it aside. The maknae was a panting, sweaty mess and Siwon couldn’t help but brush his reddish bangs back from his forehead.

“That was fun” Siwon chimed, watching as Kyuhyun calmed from his orgasmic bliss. “It certainly was, now untie me” Kyuhyun muttered, his voice a bit scratchy and low from over use. Siwon’s grin only got wider and slightly more sinister.

“Oh I don’t think so. I still haven’t made you scream my name until your throat is raw” the older man leered and Kyuhyun swallowed hard.

Yeah, he was definitely regretting telling Siwon anything.

A/N: This is unedited and unbeta'd. But happy very belated birthday marmice ^^

Leather and Lace 3/3

Title: Leather and Lace
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, Top and bottom Kyuhyun

Summary: Siwon frequently visits an underground club known for satisfying their customers. For the past few weeks he's been unable to go, which makes his obsession for a certain entertainer even more dangerous.

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Message From: Horse

Are you at work?

Kyuhyun smiled as he read the text, sitting comfortably on his sofa while watching a drama. It had been a week since Kyuhyun sucked it up and asked Siwon out for breakfast and he is very happy he made that decision. After the breakfast date, Kyuhyun kept to his word and gave his personal phone number to Siwon who in turn smirked and told him this was going to be a lot of fun. Kyuhyun had gone back to Siwon’s house afterwards but before anything could happen, he had fallen asleep. When he had awakened, he felt terrible until Siwon told him how nice it was to hold someone while sleeping. He had blushed adorably and Siwon could no longer resist, initiating what should have been done earlier.

After that day, they had texted almost constantly when they weren’t working and would often talk on the phone at night. Siwon was still terribly busy with his job and had only seen Kyuhyun once more in that week, something they were both feeling the loss of. Kyuhyun had taken to working less at the club, looking for other forms of employment after Siwon made it clear he was definitely the jealous type. If Kyuhyun wanted to pursue a real relationship with the man, he’d need a change of job very soon.

Message to: Horse

I am at home watching TV. I don’t work until later

He sent a quick text back, wondering if Siwon was on a lunch break or something. The older man had taken to texting or calling Kyuhyun whenever he could, fueling his addiction and obsession more than ever and Kyuhyun loved it.

Message from: Horse

You have no idea how much I want to be there with you. This meeting is utterly boring and I could think of a much better use of my time ;)

Kyuhyun laughed, learning Siwon was texting him while in a meeting. It seems the man could not wait to talk to the younger and it made Kyuhyun feel giddy.

Message to: Horse

Tsk Tsk Siwon, texting while working? You’re being a bad boy…

He couldn’t help but tease the other, knowing anything and everything that would get Siwon to come undone. He snorted softly when a reply came much faster than the others.

Message from: Horse

Are you going to punish me Kyunnie?

The boy felt a shiver run up his spine as his skin grew warmer, imagining tying Siwon up again and having his way with him. Flashes of their previous encounter at the club entered his mind and he felt his pants grow a bit tight. While he may have sex with multiple people every day, he truly never got satisfaction unless he was with Siwon.

Message to: Horse

I’m going to punish you so hard Siwonnie, make you scream my name. I can’t wait to see you

As he sent the text, he grew more and more hot while his pants became quite uncomfortable. He shifted so that he was in a better position and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding the zipper down and allowing a bit of space inside. He waited patiently for Siwon to answer him, but never received another text. He frowned but then reminded himself that Siwon was in fact in a meeting and may have become busy with the details. Minutes passed and he began to calm down a bit; Siwon having the ability to rile him up with just one sentence. Just as he was about to zip his pants back up, his phone rang and startled him a bit. He smirked when he looked at the caller I.D.

“Meeting over?” Kyuhyun asked lightly, smiling when he heard Siwon snort.

‘Yes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve concluded an important meeting that fast before’ Kyuhyun grinned, loving that he drove Siwon crazy enough to want to finish important meetings just to talk to him.

“Boy you are an impatient one today, aren’t you?” he asked with a teasing lilt to his voice, taking satisfaction from the grumble in Siwon’s voice.

‘You have no idea.’

“Oh, but I think I do. I’ve been sitting here half hard since you asked for me to punish you” Kyuhyun whined softly, smirking as he heard Siwon growl louder. He knew exactly what to say and do to push Siwon’s sexual buttons.

‘You’re asking for it Kyu’ was the reply and another shiver tore up the boy’s spine.

“Then come and give it to me Siwonnie” Kyuhyun purred, hand wandering down his flat abdomen while he leaned back into the sofa, sprawling out comfortably.

‘Fuck Kyu, you have no idea how much I want to be there right now.’

“I want you here so bad Siwonnie. I’m so horny and you know you’re the only one who can satisfy me” was the whine that answered. Siwon cursed as he felt himself stiffen in his pants and he got up to close and lock his office door.

‘Are you touching yourself?’ he asked, sitting back behind his desk and undoing his pants, pulling out his hard cock. He heard shifting and rustling on the other end, as well as a small gasp.

“I just pulled my dick out of my pants. Fuck, I’m already so hard for you Siwonnie.” Siwon groaned at that, fingers playing softly on his own shaft as he imagined the boy of his obsessions touching himself to him.

‘It’s been too long Kyu, I need you.’ Kyuhyun moaned when Siwon said those words, agreeing wholeheartedly.

“I need you too. I need you so bad Siwonnie!” Siwon sucked in a breath at the desperation saturating Kyuhyun’s voice, the sounds going straight to his dick. His strokes became firmer as his lust grew, overtaking his thoughts and actions.

‘I think I will blow off work tonight and come visit you. I need to fuck you’ Siwon stated, earning a moan from Kyuhyun.

“I’ll even reserve our room for us baby’ Kyuhyun cooed, knowing how much Siwon loved the last room they had used, having told him many times how he’d love to take the boy in that room once more.

‘You know just what to say to make my day. Now, seeing as I have some free time and I know you’re just as hard as I am, what do you say to a little phone sex?’ Siwon suggested and Kyuhyun agreed happily, never having had phone sex with the man before and finding himself very excited.

“Fuck Siwon, you know I’d do anything and everything with you. But you know, it won’t be nearly as satisfying as when you actually fuck me, cock ramming my hole nice and rough” Kyuhyun started, long fingers wrapping around his cock.

‘And you know I love fucking you too; the way your sexy thighs straddle my waist as my cock slides into your tight, hot heat. Kyu, tell me what you’re doing, I need to know’ Siwon came as close to pleading as someone like him does and Kyuhyun ate it up. He loved that he was the only one who could drive this man mad with lust and arousal.

“My legs are spread wide Siwonnie, waiting for you to come take your place between them. I have a hand on my cock, stroking and rubbing it, wishing it was your hand instead” Kyuhyun said; voice dropping an octave and making Siwon’s eyes roll in pleasure. He had a certain fetish for this boy’s voice, wanting to listen to it all day.

‘Between your legs is where I belong; you were made to be fucked by me baby.’

“And you were made to fuck me. Tell me what to do Siwonnie. What do you want from me?” Kyuhyun whimpered, tightening his fingers around the base of his erection, staving off the oncoming orgasm. He didn’t know what it was about Siwon, but when the man was involved Kyuhyun was always close to the edge, waiting to tumble over into orgasmic bliss.

‘Stroke your dick slowly Kyu, while using your other hand to toy with your thighs. Damn I love your thighs. Besides your ass, they’re my favorite part of you.’ Kyuhyun complied, switching his phone to speaker and setting it next to his head as he lay across the sofa, legs spread and doing what Siwon told him to do. He knew Siwon obsessed over him and certain body parts, so he knew the effect his thighs had on the man. He drew his fingers lightly across the skin as he closed his eyes, imagining they were Siwon’s instead and moaning at the contact.

‘Good baby, just like that. Now I want you to stroke a bit faster, play with the tip a bit, okay? Reach your hand down and separate your ass cheeks so I can get a good look’ Siwon spouted, leaning back in his chair has he put in his ear piece to hear his lover while being able to use both hands. He closed his eyes, using Kyuhyun’s moans and whimpers to fuel his imagination.

“Siwonnie, check your messages” Kyuhyun interrupted and Siwon opened his eyes, grabbing the phone from his desk. He opened the new message from the boy and gasped, letting out a loud moan at the picture. Kyuhyun had hooked an arm underneath his leg and took a selca, making sure to get the majority of his body in the frame. Siwon marveled at the lustful expression as he saw Kyuhyun’s other hand on his dick, pants undone and shoved off while his shirt was askew, showing part of the boy’s stomach. The man swallowed hard as he noticed the boy was biting his lip, probably mid moan as he looked at the camera with half-lidded eyes.

‘You’re killing me Kyuhyun’ Siwon whispered, saving the photo for perusal later on.

“What next Siwonnie? I need to cum so bad” Kyuhyun whined out, ignoring Siwon’s declaration. Siwon’s eyes closed again as he took in the desperation of the boy’s voice, knowing he was already so close to release.

‘Suck your fingers and put them in baby, prep yourself so that you’re all nice and slick for my cock’ Siwon instructed, wanting nothing more than to actually be doing the words he told the younger. Kyuhyun reached the hand not on his erection up to his mouth, popping two fingers in and twirling his tongue all around them. Siwon knew when the boy entered his fingers into his hole when Kyuhyun let out a choked moan, imagining his fingers as Siwon’s and being driven to absolute lust. He pushed in the two fingers right away, using the slight burn to his advantage and pushing his hips into his hand. He grabbed his phone, aiming it between his legs and getting a nice, juicy shot of his fingers entering him. He sent it to Siwon quickly and set the phone back by his head, losing himself in the pleasure.

‘Fucking Shit!’ Kyuhyun smirked softly, knowing Siwon has opened the new picture and knowing it would drive the man completely insane.

‘Move your fingers faster baby. Add another one as well, I can tell you’re close’ Siwon groaned as he gazed upon the open photo once more, his cock twitching in interest. Kyuhyun keened loudly as he added two more fingers, becoming impatient with the speed Siwon was taking with him. He pumped his four fingers in and out, eyes shut tightly as he pictured Siwon between his legs, fucking him into the sofa.

‘That’s it Kyunnie, move them faster. Imagine my cock entering you and fucking you hard because I know I’m imagining you’re tight little ass bouncing on mine.’ Kyuhyun arched gracefully, fingers in him and on his cock pumping faster, hurtling him towards completion.

“Siwonnie, I’m so close. Harder Siwon, harder!” Kyuhyun cried out, hitting his prostate with his blunt nails, sending shockwaves through his system. He spread his legs wider, draping one over the back of the sofa while planting his left foot on the ground to gain leverage for his thrusting.

‘Come on baby, that’s it. We’re both so close, all you need is a few more thrusts of my hard cock and you’re there. Kyunnie, let me hear you” Siwon requested once again and took immense pleasure at the replying scream on the other end. Kyuhyun nailed his prostrate harder and harder, hand twisting and jerking his dick faster.

“Right there, right there! Fuck me harder Siwon! Nngh, SIWON!” Kyuhyun wailed, arching completely off the sofa as he came hard, covering both his hands and abdomen, and dirtying his shirt. He continued to cry out as he rode out his orgasm in his hand, hearing Siwon’s resounding growl on the other end, meaning he had reached completion as well.

‘Shit Kyu, you really know how to work me up just right’ Siwon complimented, voice rough with use. Kyuhyun laughed airily, his own voice sounding completely fucked out from the screaming.

“We should do this when you’re busy with work more often” Kyuhyun only half-joked, wanting to make this a regular occurrence, especially for when the other man was busy. Siwon agreed, zipping himself back into his pants after cleaning up the mess he made.

‘This was fun, but I prefer fucking you in person. I’m ditching tonight and I’ll come and see you, so you better be ready Kyunnie’ Siwon warned naughtily and Kyuhyun smirked on the other line, excitement rolling through his body once again.

“I can’t wait for it” Kyuhyun breathed, a blush covering his body once more as he thought about the fun waiting to come.

‘Neither can I baby. But I have to go, I have another meeting in five minutes and I need the time to calm down from you’ Siwon admitted freely, giving the younger a sense of pride and satisfaction.

“Have a good meeting Siwonnie. Think about me, hmm?” Kyuhyun purred and Siwon swallowed, images flashing in his mind as he bid goodbye to Kyuhyun and hung up the phone. It was going to be a long meeting.

Siwon grinned as he got into his car, tearing out of the parking lot to his work place and getting onto the road to visit his boy. He’d been incredibly distracted all day after their impromptu activities over the phone and now that he was out, he couldn’t wait to have his addiction once more. He cursed his job for interfering with his necessity to fuck Kyuhyun and made a vow to take a couple weeks off when they finished this project. Traffic was light through town and he made it to his favorite club quickly, parking and nearly running to the door and down the flight of stairs. He pounded on the metal door a bit harder than he intended, his excitement making itself known as adrenaline spiked through his system.

“Password?” A new voice called as the little door up top slid open and Siwon frowned, recognizing it as not Kangin’s voice.

“Whips and chains” Siwon spouted confidently, puffing out his chest as he waited for the other to open the door.

“I’m sorry, but that is not tonight’s password, I can’t grant you access” the voice called back, sounding timid as Siwon glared at the eyes through the peep door.

“Excuse me? Deny me access? You have got to be shitting me!” Siwon yelled, anger now coursing in his blood as he was denied from seeing his favorite boy.

“I’m sorry sir, but you have to have the right password” the voice continued, hiding behind the protective steel door. Siwon was seething as he paced a bit, coming back up to the door when he found a threat significant enough for this idiot. But before he could open his mouth, a familiar voice cut in on the other side.

“Step aside Jonghyun” the feminine voice spoke and Siwon heard the door creaking open as he was now face to face with Victoria.

“Sorry Sweetie, he’s a little new here” Victoria said while throwing a look to the new kid who shrunk back.

“Learn his face Jonghyun, he’s one of our most favored guests” Victoria purred dangerously and the boy nodded quickly, eyes darting between the two before he skittered off. Siwon took pleasure as he watched the kid scamper off in fear before turning to Victoria.

“He’s here, right?” Unable to hide the excitement in his voice and the woman grinned as she could see the man nearly vibrating in it.

“He’s in your room honey” was all she said before walking back and taking her place behind her desk once more, attention now drawn to her nails as she filed them. A feral grin made its way onto Siwon’s face as he bypassed her, going into the back and locating room number three. As he reached the door, he stood outside for a moment to gather his wits, reaching out a hand to push it open. He froze however when he heard noises coming from the room and he listened hard. It sounded like moaning as he cocked his head a bit to make it out. His lethal grin returned when he heard the oh so familiar whine of his Kyuhyun, thinking the boy had already gotten started without him so he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

“Kyunnie, I’m here now baby” Siwon said, gesturing around with his hands. He stopped dead, hands falling to his side as he took in the sight before him: Kyuhyun was on all fours crying out as Kangin plowed into him from behind, yanking the boy’s hair to pull his head back. Well this explains why Kangin wasn’t the one to open the door. Siwon’s vision became laced with red as his extremities shook in fury, jaw clenched and nostrils flaring. Kyuhyun, who had heard Siwon’s entrance, ripped his head away from Kangin’s grip to look around and gaze at Siwon, who locked eyes with the boy as he was still being fucked by the door guard. Kyuhyun never wavered as Kangin pushed into him with incredible strength, keeping his gaze on Siwon. The other man just stood by and watched his boy get screwed by another man, the anger still flowing but now with hints of arousal. As he looked deep into Kyuhyun’s eyes, he saw the younger male was not getting any pleasure out of this. Sure his dick was hard and leaking, but for him as another man fucked him. Kangin came soon with a growl, pulling out of Kyuhyun and turning to smirk at Siwon.

“Sorry man, I just couldn’t resist” Kangin offered, not mockingly but honestly and Siwon could understand. But that didn’t mean he’d have to be happy about it.

“Don’t touch him ever again” he growled and the burly man raised his hands in a placating matter as he pulled his pants back up and exited the room. Siwon turned to close the door after the man, turning the lock harshly before turning back to look upon the boy sprawled on the floor. Kyuhyun was sitting, leaning back on his hands and legs spread wide, making Siwon hard as rock instantly.

“What do you think you’re doing, huh? You knew I was coming tonight and that means you don’t fuck other men!” Siwon snarled, advancing upon the boy slowly, stalking him like prey. Kyuhyun kept his eyes on the hunter, no look of remorse on his face. In fact, he housed a very pleased expression which just ticked Siwon off more.

“You should be more happy, considering this is our last time fucking in this place” Kyuhyun said, looking around the room before his sight landed back on Siwon, who frowned at the response he was given.

“What the hell does that mean? Are you trying to tell me you’re done with me?” Siwon scoffed, ready to decline and not take no for an answer from the other. He was already too far gone in his addiction and obsession and he wouldn’t be able to handle a separation from this boy. Kyuhyun laughed softly, which did nothing for the nerves now making their way into Siwon’s body.

“I’ll never be done with you, you idiot. Kangin offered to pay me a sum that would allow me to quit now without finding a new job right away. He just wanted a quick screw in return” Kyuhyun explained while still laughing slightly and Siwon stared at him. He watched humorously as Siwon blinked at him, showing his confusion and lost expression for the first time.

“You’re quitting your job?” Siwon asked stupidly, elation slowly taking place. He hated the fact that Kyuhyun was fucked by so many other people besides him, so if Kyuhyun was really quitting…

“Tonight is my last night. Feels right spending it with you” Kyuhyun answered, grinning as he watched the happiness seep onto Siwon’s face. However, it was short lived as a newer, darker expression replaced it.

“You still let him fuck you when you knew I was going to be here. I don’t like sharing you Kyunnie” Siwon growled, resuming his advancement towards the boy, who gulped in mild fear. He knew Siwon was a jealous man, so maybe getting caught with Kangin wasn’t the best thing to happen. He stayed in his position, letting Siwon come to him to claim what was his.

“I’m sorry Siwonnie, it won’t happen again” Kyuhyun said with an innocent expression and small voice, hoping to diffuse the man’s anger and jealousy a bit. Siwon bared his teeth as he sank to the floor, settling himself between Kyuhyun’s legs once more, feeling a sense of relief as he knew he was where he belonged.

“You’re damn right it won’t happen again. I’m going to fuck you so hard, ruin you for other men completely” Siwon threatened; face nearing Kyuhyun’s who felt a rush of arousal at those words.

“You’ve already ruined me” Kyuhyun whispered, eyes darting to the lips he loved so much. Siwon stopped, hovering over Kyuhyun as their bodies were flush, staring at the boy’s face. As the words sunk into his subconscious, he pushed forward and smashed his lips against Kyuhyun’s, who gasped in surprise before surrendering completely into the kiss. He reached a hand up and grasped onto Siwon’s hair, fingers curling around the thick, dark strands as Siwon’s tongue pushed into his mouth. He welcomed the muscle with his own, engaging in a battle as Siwon ran his hands up the boy’s sides. Kyuhyun wrapped his legs around Siwon’s waist, pulling the man down fully and rubbing his naked erection with Siwon’s clothed one.

Siwon groaned lowly as he took his hands away from the soft skin of his lover to start unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off and tossing it aside before diving onto the boy once again. Kyuhyun moaned loudly when Siwon grinded down on him, pleasure finally surging through his veins as he writhed against the only man who could make him feel this way. Siwon was almost in a frenzy, frantically pulling his clothes off so he could be joined with Kyuhyun once more. He didn’t waste a thought on any of the toys or accessories in the room, instead focusing fully on connecting with the boy again, something he was feeling the loss of greatly. Kyuhyun ran his hands from Siwon’s hair to his back, gripping at the muscles as the man pulled away to get his pants off.

“We have all night Siwonnie, no need to rush” Kyuhyun said airily, panting from the heavy kiss. Siwon just gave him a look before shoving his pants off, pulling his underwear with it. As soon as the clothing left his skin he was back between Kyuhyun’s gorgeous thighs, cocks brushing as he thrust his tongue back into Kyuhyun’s mouth. The younger sucked Siwon’s lower lip into his mouth and bit it harshly when Siwon pushed his hips down rather hard, drawing a moan from the older man.

“Siwon, enough already. Just take me!” Kyuhyun whimpered and Siwon obeyed, lining his member up with Kyuhyun’s already abused hole, pushing it in slowly. They both moaned loudly in unison, Siwon reaching down and hooking Kyuhyun’s legs up into his arms and then over his shoulders as he pushed in all the way.

“Shit Kyu, how do you stay so tight?” Siwon pondered, teeth gritted as he stopped, trying to gather a bit of self-control. Kyuhyun snickered, eyeing the man above him with something akin to affection before he answered.

“A professional never reveals his secrets.”

Siwon let out a small chuckle, starting to move his hips a bit to gain a rhythm, shutting Kyuhyun up effectively. Soon, Siwon was pistoning his hips harshly, drawing the loudest, most obscene noises from Kyuhyun’s swollen lips who scraped his fingers across the floor, searching for something to grasp onto. The older man spread Kyuhyun’s legs wider, holding them up in the crooks of his arms as he thrusted roughly, taking in the sight beneath him and ingraining it into his brain. He’d never tire of the boy, never get enough from there encounters and he was strangely okay with it. Siwon wasn’t a man of relationships or attachments, but he found himself willing to break these rules for Kyuhyun, wanting to have the younger man in his life for forever.

“Siwonnie, right there!” Kyuhyun gasped as Siwon’s dick hit his prostrate just right. Siwon grinned, angling his hips once again and ramming the same spot, leaning down and capturing the boy’s whining lips. Kyuhyun continued to whimper and cry out into the kiss, tears of pleasure swimming behind his closed lids as he was thrown to cloud nine. He lifted his arms and gripped Siwon’s shoulders as the man moved down, sucking and marking the skin on his neck, wanting the whole word (namely Kangin) know who this boy belonged too.

“You’re mine Cho Kyuhyun” Siwon growled into the boy’s skin, causing goose bumps to rise all over Kyuhyun’s body. He liked the sound of that, moaning his approval as he pushed his hips up into Siwon. He leaned up and engaged them in another kiss, rocking his hips in time with Siwon who was pushing into him frantically.

“And you’re mine Choi Siwon” Kyuhyun whispered against the man’s lips, gasping when Siwon responded with a nip to his plump lower lip. Siwon let go of Kyuhyun’s legs in favor of planting them on the ground next to the boy’s head, who in turn wrapped his legs back around the other man, gripping him tightly. Kyuhyun’s moans started getting high pitched, a sign that he was so very close to his release, so Siwon reached down with one hand and gripped the boy’s erection, pumping it furiously. Kyuhyun bucked up, arching into Siwon with a scream as he came, shooting all over their abdomens and Siwon’s hand, clenching tightly on the other’s cock unbearably hard.

“Fuck Kyunnie” Siwon groaned, rocking into the tight heat before spilling himself inside as he thrust shallowly. He leaned down and kissed Kyuhyun again, a bit more gentle but still passionate as he stilled and rested between the boy’s legs.

“Move in with me” Siwon muttered, lips still brushing with Kyuhyun’s, who gasped in turn as the request.

“W-What?” He stammered, pulling away to gaze at Siwon’s face.

“Move in with me” Siwon repeated, searching the boy’s eyes for acceptance or rejection, fearing the latter. Kyuhyun blinked at him adorably, strengthening Siwon’s resolve that this was the right decision.

“But we’ve only been seeing each other for a week” Kyuhyun stated, confusion apparent on his face. Siwon smiled, dimples flashing charmingly and Kyuhyun found himself lost for breath, his heart beating faster.

"But we’ve known each other much, much longer. Let’s go ahead and skip ahead a bit. Move in with me. Please” Siwon added, actually pleading with the younger whose eyebrows shot up his forehead in surprise. Siwon never begged, always being in control of a situation so this was not only surprising, but unheard of.

“Yes” Kyuhyun said simply, smiling when Siwon’s face lit up in an honestly happy emotion, something he rarely saw on the man. Siwon was all feral grins, smirks and frowns so this was such a refreshing change, something Kyuhyun was hoping to see more of.

“Really?” Siwon clarified and Kyuhyun nodded, leaning up and sealing it with a soft kiss.

“Really really. Now take me home” Kyuhyun laughed as Siwon complied, standing and lifting Kyuhyun bridal style, both still as naked as when they left the womb.

“Maybe we should put clothes on first?” Kyuhyun suggested and Siwon unwillingly put the boy down, both dressing hurriedly. Kyuhyun was about to walk towards the door before he was scooped up into the other man’s arms once again.

“I’m not letting you go now, not ever” Siwon stated simply, walking out of the room and passing Victoria, who smiled at them. Kyuhyun’s heart soared as he stared at the man as Siwon led them out of the building and towards his car.

“Good, because I’m not leaving” he answered, laying his head and nuzzling into Siwon’s neck. The man smiled softly, new feelings overtaking his being but he gladly accepted them, somehow knowing Kyuhyun spoke the truth and they’d be with each other for a very long time.

Not to mention all of the fantastic sex that was in their future. That would make anyone smile.

Leather and Lace 2/3

Title: Leather and Lace
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, Top and bottom Kyuhyun

Summary: Siwon frequently visits an underground club known for satisfying their customers. For the past few weeks he's been unable to go, which makes his obsession for a certain entertainer even more dangerous.

[Read more...]

“My ass is sore” Kyuhyun whined softly as he leaned back into Siwon’s warmth, an hour after their latest orgasm. The older man normally didn’t cuddle the boy like this after their games, but he had been absent and both of them craved the closeness and skin-ship. Siwon snorted, amused at Kyuhyun’s complaint.

“Your ass is sore? You doubled me and it’s not like you’re small sweetheart” he huffed, pressing his lips into the boy’s neck once again, aiming to mark.

“You know my other clients get upset when they see all these hickeys and bruises on me after you’re through with me” Kyuhyun remarked off-handedly, causing the other man to tighten his hold.

“Who cares? It tells them that you belong to someone else” Siwon grunted, biting particularly hard, making Kyuhyun shudder.

“What makes you think I belong to you?” Kyuhyun questioned, running his fingers tantalizingly up Siwon’s thigh while sinking back into him even more. Siwon let out a low growl.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love my visits more than all your other clients combined” Siwon argued.

“You know I act with all of my clients the way they want me to, so how do you know I’m not acting with you?” Kyuhyun pointed out and Siwon frowned.

“Because I’d bet everything I owned you don’t respond to them the same way when they do this to you” the man hissed, jostling Kyuhyun around.

“Do what to- Oh my God!” he ended in a surprised shriek, Siwon having switched their positions so he was in front of Kyuhyun now and in between his legs, hands pulling apart the plump cheeks he so loved to abuse. Siwon laid in between Kyuhyun’s thighs while pushing the boy to lie on his back as he nuzzled Kyuhyun’s flaccid cock, which started to twitch in interest.

“Don’t pretend to try and make me think you scream and moan with them the same way you do when I suck your cock” the man said, smirking when Kyuhyun keened in pleasure as Siwon’s tongue made contact with the soft skin around the head. Kyuhyun’s cock stirred feebly, still trying to rejuvenate after the multiple, intense orgasms. Siwon spent a minute or two lapping at the slowly growing arousal before bringing his head up once again.

“Don’t pretend to try and make me think that you call out their names like you do with me when I do this” the man continued on, now licking and sucking on Kyuhyun’s balls, which have begun to tighten. Kyuhyun could not prove him wrong as he whined Siwon’s name, fingers clawing at the carpet beneath their forms.

“Don’t pretend to try and make me think you get lost in the same ecstasy, the same addiction with them as you do with me when I do this” Siwon finished, prodding his tongue at the boy’s sore and abused entrance.

“Uh, fuck!” Kyuhyun blurted, his hands rising to grasp at Siwon’s short, black hair tightly. Siwon, feeling he made his point quite clear, entered his tongue into the clenching hole, fucking the boy slowly and sensually with his hot, slick muscle. Kyuhyun arched beautifully, trying to push more of Siwon’s tongue into him. It wasn’t often that Siwon treated Kyuhyun with this rare delight, so now that he was getting it he was going to make the most of it.

“Siwon, more… Oh God please, more!” Kyuhyun sobbed, writhing and gripping Siwon’s hair hard, eliciting a groan of pleasure from the man beneath him. Siwon obliged, bringing his right hand up between the boy’s balls and anus, rubbing Kyuhyun’s perineum and sending shock waves through the boy. Kyuhyun couldn’t lie to himself or to Siwon: the man was definitely his favorite client, beating the others by miles. He had developed an attachment, an addiction to Siwon when the man made regular visits, coming in almost every single day. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t missed and craved for the other when he stopped showing up for those three weeks. He knew Siwon was part of a major company and had a lot of work to do, so he didn’t blame the other one bit. He was just happy that it seemed the man missed him just as much, proving it to the boy as he shoved his hot tongue in and out of him.

Siwon was pleased with himself as he heard the moans and cries fall from the boy’s lips. He knew that Kyuhyun favored him over anyone else based on the things the boy did for him. He was fairly certain that Kyuhyun would get in trouble or fired if his management found out about all the free stuff he threw in for the man. For example, if Siwon ordered just a simple fuck with no toys, Kyuhyun would sneak some in, knowing how much the man loved playing with the boy’s body. He was also certain the workers were absolutely not allowed to make house calls, but Kyuhyun had visited him on his lunch break for a quick fuck in the man’s car or in an abandoned supply closet at Siwon’s office. They were both so utterly addicted to each other that they could barely go a few days without seeing one another to touch, play and fuck. It was a wonder they made it that three weeks, but both knew Siwon had deadlines to meet that he was very far behind on, having spent all his free time in the space he was occupying now.

“Shit, Siwon” Kyuhyun moaned out, arching again into the man’s face. Siwon smirked, his cock growing at the lusty sound of his name falling from the boy’s lips. Siwon licked his way back up and wrapped his lips around the now swollen head, making Kyuhyun whine. He sucked hard, wanting the boy to be as aroused as possible for the next set of fun. When he felt that Kyuhyun was as hard as possible, he leaned back and stood up, causing a noise of discontent from his partner.

“Where are you going?” Kyuhyun frowned, propping himself on his elbows as he watched the other walk over and investigate the contents on the shelves once again.

“Patience baby, you’re going to love it” Siwon purred, causing shudders to go up and down Kyuhyun’s spine. He had never admitted it to the man, but Siwon’s voice was just as pleasurable to him as Kyuhyun’s was to Siwon; if the man wanted to, he could undo Kyuhyun with just his sexy, low timbre. After a few moments of watching the man’s sexy, toned backside, Siwon turned and made his way over with his hands full.

“I hope I get to play with some of those too” Kyuhyun mused, watching as Siwon set all the toys on the floor. The man grinned at him, picking up a pink, rubber ring.

“Of course, but I’m going to have some fun first. You think you can get away with your behavior? It hurts me when you lie like that” Siwon taunted, pinning the boy underneath him once again, locking their lips in a passionate kiss. Kyuhyun moaned wantonly as Siwon’s tongue forced it’s way into his mouth, wrapping and tangling harshly with his own. Getting the boy thoroughly distracted, Siwon looped the pink cock ring onto Kyuhyun, effectively tying him off.

“Nngh, what the hell is that for?” Kyuhyun asked, pulling his swollen lips away from Siwon’s. The other just continued smirking while leaning down and kissing him again, distracting Kyuhyun with his wonderful mouth. The boy’s arousal grew painfully hard the more they kissed, and soon Kyuhyun was whining continuously into Siwon’s mouth.

“Siwon… Please…” he pleaded, crying out as Siwon ground his hips down onto him. Siwon shook his head.

“You need to be punished baby” was all he said as he reached down behind him, hands searching for something while his lips attached themselves to one of Kyuhyun’s nipples, biting and licking the hardened nub. While Kyuhyun was busy thrashing around and clawing at Siwon’s back, the man was able to fasten a pair of weighted restraints onto the boy’s wrists, raising his arms over his head and trapping his hands to the floor.

“No, Siwon take them off!” Kyuhyun yelled, thrashing even more violently to get his arms back to his sides as Siwon sat up, straddling the boy beneath him.

“Ah ah ah, this is part of your punishment. It hurt me that you lied to me, trying to make me think that you enjoy your time with other clients like you do with me. We both know that isn’t true” Siwon drawled, inspecting more of the items he brought with him that Kyuhyun couldn’t see. The boy tried to throw the weights off of him, but they were too heavy and he was too weak after the multiple rounds they had already indulged in. Siwon turned to face him again with a large, thick black vibrator in his hand. Kyuhyun recognized it as one that had a remote control to it and knew he was in for a world of torturing, teasing pleasure. Siwon grinned evilly at him as he watched the realization dawn on Kyuhyun’s face.

“Oh no” Kyuhyun muttered, watching Siwon grab the remote into his hand.

“Oh yes, Kyuhyun. Just be thankful I oiled it up all nice for you this time” Siwon said, showing Kyuhyun how the vibrator glinted in the dim light. The man hefted up Kyuhyun’s legs, bending them at the knee and resting between them once again, making himself comfortable. He kept the toy in it’s off position for now as he nudged Kyuhyun’s still slick entrance, watching delightedly as Kyuhyun’s face contorted in pleasure and slight pain. Siwon teased the boy a bit, having his fun while Kyuhyun whined and wriggled, trying in vain to get the toy in him and the ring off of him. Siwon noticed that Kyuhyun’s arousal was now swollen and hard, more so now than ever and was pulsing, a purple-ish color with the urge to cum.

“Siwonnie” Kyuhyun gasped out, thrusting his ass back as best he could, being restrained.

“What is it baby?” Siwon asked lightly, enjoying the show before him. Kyuhyun didn’t answer, instead letting out a loud, debauched moan when Siwon pushed the toy in half way.

“Tell me what you want” Siwon demanded in a low voice, his own cock unbearably hard as he watched the delicious boy before him.

“Hah! Siwon, more…Please” Kyuhyun keened letting out a sob as Siwon thrust the toy the rest of the way in, growing impatient in his own plans. Siwon moved it in and out slowly, getting the boy stretched once again before embarking on his grand scheme. Siwon grabbed the sexy black, silky thong and slipped it onto the boy backwards, so that the larger part was covering Kyuhyun’s stretched hole just barely, while leaving the thin strap of cloth off to the side of the boy’s twitching manhood. Siwon stood up and away from the boy, admiring the sight before him; a restrained, moaning mess of a boy. Making sure the toy was securely placed into Kyuhyun’s ass; he switched the vibrations so that they were on low.

“Oh God…Oh God, Siwon please! Take off the ring, please!” Kyuhyun yelled out, his body jerking in undeniable pleasure, feeling the overwhelming need to orgasm.

“Not until you’ve learned your lesson Baby Kyu” Siwon cooed, pleasure surging up his spine at the sight. If he could, Siwon would pay every last cent of his money to own this gorgeous boy, to keep him like this all the time for his own selfish needs. Kyuhyun raised his head and locked eyes with Siwon, moaning the man’s name loudly and taking a bit of satisfaction as he watched the man shudder and roll his head, trying to control himself. Siwon had planned to tease Kyuhyun more, keeping the vibrator on the low settings, but he was growing rather impatient. He turned up the volume, smiling as the toy hummed happily inside the boy. Kyuhyun screamed in sheer pleasure, his back arching hard as he dug his ass into the ground, pushing the vibrator deeper into him. Siwon nearly came at the sight of Kyuhyun’s arched body, which was shaking in pleasure as he suffered through a dry orgasm as the vibrator now teased his prostrate. The man had to grip his own cock tightly in fear of losing himself.

“Holy shit Kyu, you’re so fucking hot like this” Siwon admitted, ears twitching at the high-pitched cries tearing their way out of the boy’s pale throat.

“Siwonnie… Oh please Siwonnie, just let me cum! I’ll never lie again! Just please let me cum!” Kyuhyun screamed as he thrashed about wildly, blinded as tears streamed down his face in utter pleasure. Siwon moaned loudly, fingers tightening around his own arousal to stave off the oncoming orgasm.

“You promise you’ll be a good boy?” Siwon asked, voice cracking as his body shuddered hard. Kyuhyun let out another debauched sounding scream as Siwon increased the vibrations to the highest setting, another dry orgasm wracking his trembling body.

“I promise! Ah fuck, Siwon! I promise I’ll be a good boy!” Kyuhyun pleaded, locking his teary eyes with Siwon’s once more. Siwon, a bit angered at himself for not being able to withstand the extreme sexiness of the boy for a bit longer, pounced on him and undid the restraints. Kyuhyun’s hands flew to Siwon’s back, clawing so hard and drawing blood, but Siwon didn’t care as he carefully took the underwear off and the pulled the vibrator out, tossing it behind him somewhere. He had moved to pull the cock ring off but stopped short, fearing the boy would orgasm before he could even enter him.

“Calm down Kyu” Siwon muttered, skimming his lips across Kyuhyun’s, who continued whining softly, bucking his hips up to gain friction against the man.

“I can’t. Fuck Siwon, please” he pleaded as Siwon gripped his hips, forcing them to still. The boy fought against him, hands reaching down to tear off the ring himself. Siwon was faster as he caught Kyuhyun’s hands, holding them to his own toned chest.

“Calm down or this isn’t going to last very long” Siwon growled out, feeling his own erection pulsing angrily with the need to climax. He pinned Kyuhyun’s hands with one of his own over the boy’s head once again, while using the other to keep his hips still. Kyuhyun struggled a bit for a few moments, but was finally able to calm himself down after no stimulation to his lower half. He took a deep, calming breath in before leaning up and pecking Siwon’s lips.

“Okay, I’m ready. Please take it off” Kyuhyun murmured softly and Siwon grinned, lifting the hand form the boy’s wrists to the cock ring, slipping it off of the overly aroused erection. Kyuhyun moaned softly, resisting the urge to buck against Siwon’s hands, knowing it would get the ring put back on him.

“There’s a good boy” Siwon whispered, licking Kyuhyun’s collarbones. Kyuhyun scoffed.

“I’m not a fucking dog, Siwon” he growled, wishing the man would shut up and fuck him already. Siwon chuckled, nipping his teeth as the white, creamy flesh.

“And yet, you take it like a bitch in heat” he responded, smirking when a blush raced up to Kyuhyun’s cheeks.

“Will you just fuck me alr-Ah Siwon!” Kyuhyun screamed as Siwon thrusted into him in one go, pushing himself all the way in.

“Gladly” Siwon groaned, moving his hips against the boy, relishing in the noises falling from Kyuhyun’s rosy, swollen lips. Siwon was unable to control himself as he pushed in faster and faster, searching for the boy’s prostrate.

“There! Right fucking there! Don’t stop Siwonnie!” Kyuhyun screamed out, clawing Siwon’s back as he moved his hips against the other’s, trying to get him in deeper. Siwon obliged, pounding into him with grunts leaving him at the force, gripping Kyuhyun’s hips hard. The boy knew there would be bruises but found himself unable to care as the man brought him to cloud nine.

“God Kyu, how are you-Ah! - Still so fucking tight?” Siwon ground out, finding his ability to form coherent sentences extremely hard as he was over taken by extreme bliss. Kyuhyun had already lost the ability to speak and just answered the other in cries and sobs and Siwon fucked him mercilessly. As the older man found himself close to release, he reached down and started jacking Kyuhyun’s dick, causing the boy to cry out and arch into him. It only took a couple more thrusts and few more pumps on his cock before Kyuhyun was exploding all over them, wailing loudly and chanting Siwon’s name. Siwon continued thrusting shallowly into the now too tight walls that were clenching on his cock, following Kyuhyun into orgasmic bliss, filling the boy’s hole with his seed. Pulling out, Siwon found immense joy at watching his semen ooze out of the boy’s red, abused hole before coming up and kissing Kyuhyun once more.

“I’ll never grow tired of you” the man growled into Kyuhyun’s mouth and the boy blushed, happy to hear the words from the man.

“Good, but I have to say I’m exhausted” Kyuhyun admitted and Siwon chuckled.

“Did you learn your lesson?” Siwon asked, not able to stop himself from teasing the boy. Kyuhyun pouted cutely before answering seriously.

“Yes I did. But you know you’re my absolute favorite, the one that I crave all of the time. I really fucking missed you Siwon” Kyuhyun indulged the other and Siwon felt manly pride overtaking his being. He rested on top of the boy, his lower half still in between the boy’s delicious thighs as he leaned down and stole another kiss.

“Good, because I missed fucking you” he answered, causing Kyuhyun to snort out laughter at his word play.

“Okay, but be serious here. Did you take today off?” Kyuhyun asked, glancing towards the clock and noticing it was well into the early morning. Siwon nodded, nuzzling his nose into the boy’s neck, enjoying the scent of sweat, sex and the smell that was all Kyuhyun.

“Well, since you’re my last client before I can go home, do you maybe want to get some coffee and breakfast with me?” Kyuhyun muttered softly, nerves taking over. Although the two craved for each other, they had never actually met outside for something other than fucking. Siwon lifted his head and gazed into Kyuhyun’s anxious eyes.

“Just coffee and breakfast?” Siwon teased, watching a blush creep up once again on the boy’s pale skin.

“Maybe after, I’ll give you my own personal cell phone number” Kyuhyun answered and Siwon’s eyes lit up at the suggestion.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” Siwon clarified, taking note of Kyuhyun’s facial expressions.

“Yes I am” he declared boldly, deciding to plunge in head first. Siwon grinned victoriously.

“Then you have yourself a deal.”

Leather and Lace 1/3

Title: Leather and Lace
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, Top and bottom Kyuhyun

Summary: Siwon frequently visits an underground club known for satisfying their customers. For the past few weeks he's been unable to go, which makes his obsession for a certain entertainer even more dangerous.

[Read More...]~~~~~~~~~~~~

Siwon grinned as he entered the basement of the club, the music upstairs causing pulsing beats throughout the entire building and spiking the man’s adrenaline. It had been a while since he’s been here and he was excited. He made his way to the steel door, rapping his knuckles onto it twice, causing a lout metallic ‘clang!’ to reverberate around the empty entry room. A small section on the upper part of the door slid open and Siwon was met with a pair of familiar eyes.

“Password?” The voice growled out, a poor attempting at trying to disguise itself. Siwon smirked and leaned closer, staring into those eyes.

“Laced leather” he breathed, his grin stretching wider as the door creaked open to allow him entrance. He stepped inside, eyes immediately adjusting to the dim, red tinted lighting.  He was greeted by the guard who nodded to him and winked, happy to see the man was back.

“How are you Kangin?” Siwon asked, still making his way towards the rickety front desk.

“Can’t complain” the other man quipped and Siwon chuckled, knowing the man had no room for complaints, getting to work in a place like this. Siwon turned and stepped up to the desk, smirking at the attendant.

“Ah Siwon, so glad to see you’re back. We’ve missed you” she purred, tongue sneaking out to lick at her plump, red lips.

“I’ve missed you too Victoria” he answered, leaning forward and getting into the girl’s space, not that she minded.

“Please tell me he’s here” Siwon requested, having been craving the boy for weeks, but was unable to visit. Victoria grinned at him in a devilish manner.

“Oh he’s here alright. He seemed to know you were coming tonight and he is waiting quite impatiently for you” the vixen muttered, knowing just what to say to get Siwon’s blood racing. Siwon grinned and looked at the pricing menu.

“I don’t see it on here, how much for a full night?” he asked, planning very devious things for the upcoming hours. Victoria grinned and pulled out a dusty, beat up binder from under her desk.

“It all depends on what room and what toys you want honey. Go ahead and take a peak” she giggled, sitting back down and starting to file her nails. She enjoyed these little teases with Siwon, but knew she wasn’t his type. He normally went for tall, innocent and the penis was a must. But it never stopped her from having a bit of fun.

“I’ll take room three with the deluxe package” Siwon declared, getting down to business. Victoria raised her brows at him.

“For a full night?” she clarified, a bit stunned when he confirmed.

“That’ll be six million won my dear” she cooed and smiled delightedly as Siwon pulled out that amount of cash, setting it on her desk.

“You know where it is honey, I’ll send him back” she said and waved as the man made his way back into room three, his excitement mounting. He hadn’t been here in weeks and now finally, he was going to have his way with the object of his sexual obsession. Siwon had been extremely busy and unable to stop by his favorite club at all and his poor penis was suffering because of it.

Siwon was what society considered a sexual deviant; a nymphomaniac of sorts. He hadn’t been a picky man, basically fucking anything that could walk, whether it had a vagina or a penis. Then his best friend introduced him to this club where Siwon had received the worst fuck of his life. He had been angry and upset that he had ruined a perfectly good hard on, until another one of the employees offered to take care of him for free to make up for it.

And Siwon had never fucked another person since. He had become obsessed, addicted to this person, coming in almost every night and dropping millions of won on them, just so that he could have his way with them. Siwon was a man that craved sex all of the time, and this new employee had the perfect stamina to keep up with him, never tiring of taking Siwon’s cock up his ass, even going so far as to offer things that weren’t on the menu for free. But not having sex for almost three weeks drove Siwon insane and it made his blood run hot and ready inside of him when Victoria told him the boy had been waiting for him.

Siwon sat comfortably in the chair provided in the middle of the room, taking stock of all things at his disposal: there were chains on the walls, various forms of restraints, a shelf filled with different kinds of whips, dildos and cock rings as well as another shelf dedicated to different sized vibrators, anal beads, leather, rope, handcuffs, oils and lubrications. He smirked as he looked around at what the ‘deluxe package’ contained and he couldn’t wait to get started with the night.

“I heard you purchased a full night with me” the tantalizing voice Siwon had grown to obsess over called out and Siwon turned, eyes lighting up as he saw the sinfully gorgeous boy enter the room, clothed in nothing but short leather shorts that enhanced his bulge nicely.

“You heard correctly” Siwon answered, watching as the boy came closer to him, fingers running playfully along the toys on the shelf. He turned and faced Siwon, a grin only to be described as evil painting his face.

“Good because I’ve missed you. I hope you took tomorrow off from work, you’re going to need it when I’m through with you” he purred, finally stepping closer into Siwon’s reach. The man grasped the naked arm and yanked, causing the boy to fall into his lap.

“I’ve gone three weeks without you Kyuhyun; give me everything you’ve got” Siwon challenged, taking pleasure in the look crossing the boy’s face.

“Count on it baby” Kyuhyun whispered playfully, his breath ghosting Siwon’s ear as he circled around the man. The boy stood up straight, continuing to walk around and take stock of all things the man purchased for the night.

“So how do you want me Siwonnie? Do you want me tied up right away so you can fuck me hard against the wall? Or do you want me to pleasure you first, maybe suck your hard cock? Maybe, just for the fun of it, you’ll finally let me fuck you” Kyuhyun listed off, picking up a riding crop and running his fingers along it lovingly. Siwon, whose eyes never left Kyuhyun, shivered delightfully at the boy’s enticing words.

“We have all night baby, why not do it all?” Siwon said suggestively and Kyuhyun grinned, liking the way the man thought. Kyuhyun sauntered back towards Siwon, running the riding crop up and down the man’s arms.

“There is something I’ve always wanted to try with you” he mumbled, eyeing Siwon’s body up and down.

“I know you’ve wanted to fuck me since you met me” the man answered for him, lifting an eyebrow as Kyuhyun snorted.

“Well yes, but I was thinking along the lines of something else” the boy admitted and Siwon felt his pants already growing tighter.  He grabbed onto the crop and pulled hard, causing Kyuhyun to tumble into his lap, surprised.

“Quit beating around the bush, baby. It’s been a long time and I am in no mood for your teasing” Siwon growled, nipping at the boy’s ear. Kyuhyun chuckled softly as he leaned back into the man’s warmth.

“Why lie to me? We both know my teasing is your favorite part” he quipped, grinning when he felt Siwon push his hips up into his plump ass, grinding an already hard erection into it.

“Just get on with it” Siwon remarked, pressing his lips to the smooth skin of the boy’s neck, kissing and biting at it, trying to leave marks.

“Well, you know how much you love my voice?” Kyuhyun asked, receiving a grunt for an answer. Siwon always made it known to the other just how much the boy moaning, screaming and calling his name turned him on and it gave Kyuhyun a wicked idea.

“Yes, and?” Siwon groaned when Kyuhyun didn’t elaborate and hissed in irritation when the boy stood up and away from him. He watched as Kyuhyun stepped up to some of the restraints hanging on the wall, lifting them to check their durability and strength.

“Yes, AND?” Siwon said again, growing frustrated at the other. He stood when Kyuhyun still didn’t answer and approached the boy from behind. He wrapped an arm around the slim waist, pulling him against his body.

“Are you going to finish your thought, or did you want me to punish you so early in the evening?” Siwon hissed dangerously, not seeing the look of triumph pass on Kyuhyun’s face.

“I haven’t decided yet. We both know how much I love it when you punish me” the boy teased and Siwon growled. However, before the man could do anything, he felt something slide along his right wrist and gasped in surprise as the boy showed an unusual amount of strength as he twirled them around, slamming Siwon against the wall and locking something onto his other wrist as well.

“What the hell?!” Siwon called out, looking up to see both of his wrists bound in the restraints and pinned over his head. Kyuhyun stood back and admired his handy work, taking immense pleasure in seeing such a dominant man being tied up like this.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Siwon growled, eyes narrowing at the object of his never ending lust.

“You’ll love it, I promise” the boy vowed and Siwon eyed him as Kyuhyun came closer to him once more.

“Now before we begin, I need you naked” Kyuhyun stated matter-of-factly, reaching forward and fiddling with Siwon’s belt. The older man, being the addict that he is, pushed his hips towards Kyuhyun’s fingers, craving for the boy’s touch on his most needed parts.

“Ah ah ah, not yet baby” Kyuhyun cooed, sliding the belt through the loops and tossing it to the side, forgotten for now. He then fingered the button to Siwon’s pants, popping it open and sliding the zipper down carefully.

“Gosh, so hard already” Kyuhyun purred, lips so close to Siwon’s own. Siwon tried to kiss the other, only to groan in frustration when Kyuhyun dodged. Getting the man’s pants undone, Kyuhyun slid them down, along with the man’s boxers. He reached Siwon’s feet and he lifted each foot, getting them untangled from the garments. As he came back up, he gave an experimental lick to the head of Siwon’s cock, causing the man to hiss is pleasure. Kyuhyun stood one once again and stepped close to the man’s body, rubbing himself against it as he took his time unbutton the shirt. He left it hanging on Siwon and stood back to admire the view.

“Fuck you look so hot” Kyuhyun whimpered out, watching as the man’s dick twitched in want.

“Almost done, it just needs one final touch” Kyuhyun muttered to himself, walking over to one of the shelves. He picked up a simple black blindfold and made his way back across the room.

“Don’t you dare” Siwon warned, but could do nothing to stop the other as he slid the cloth over Siwon’s eyes, effectively cutting off his sense of vision.

“What is this all about?” Siwon demanded as he heard the chair scrape, presuming the boy sat down in front of him.

“As I was saying earlier, we both know how much of a fan you are of my voice, so I decided to treat you tonight. I know you’ve been working hard and that’s why you haven’t been able to come and see me” Kyuhyun said, his voice taking on an innocent tone that Siwon knew more than anyone else was false.

“Are you going to make me cum in your mouth baby?” Siwon prodded, his cock swelling at the thought of that hot little mouth being on him once again.

“Oh no, it’s much better than that: I’m going to make you cum by my mouth. I’m going to make you cum so hard by just by using my voice” Kyuhyun clarified, grinning when Siwon moaned loudly, shifting restlessly against the wall.

“Shit Kyuhyun” Siwon groaned, feeling his cock twitch hard, needing to be relieved.

“I can’t wait until you fuck me tonight Siwon. You know how much I love it when you ram your cock up my ass, making me scream your name over and over again” Kyuhyun started, making his voice drop an octave lower, watching as Siwon’s abs contracted in pleasure. He made himself comfortable on the chair, knowing his ass was in for a world of pain and pleasure later on.

“And we both know I love everything about your cock, not just when it’s fucking me. I love sucking it, licking it and I definitely love it when I can make you cum in my mouth. I love the taste of your cum, I would suck your cock all day if I could. It makes me so hot just thinking about it. I think about you when I’m with other clients, their dicks aren’t able to satisfy me the way yours can” Kyuhyun husked out, enjoying seeing the man squirm and buck his hips into thin air.

“If you love my cock so much, get over here and suck it!” Siwon boomed, the pressure building up inside of him. He needed to cum so badly and he wanted to do it in the boy’s filthy mouth.

“Not yet baby, but soon. Hold on a bit longer and I’ll suck your dick so hard, make you cum in my hot mouth just like you love doing. I know how much you love cumming in me and on me, painting my hole with your seed, filling my mouth with your sperm and coating my body with your hot juices. Nngh fuck, Siwon! I want your cum so bad, it’s making me so hot just thinking about it” Kyuhyun moaned out, palming his own erection.

“Fuck Kyuhyun, untie me now!” Siwon shouted, rubbing his legs together to try and get some sort of friction.

“Mmm Siwon, oh fuck! A-ah! Yes! Oh God, yes!” Kyuhyun yelped out while he undid his own pants. The other need not know he wasn’t touching himself quite yet.

“What are you doing?” Siwon demanded, stopping his movements to listen to the boy.

“I’m playing with my cock, thinking of you fucking me. I’m toying with the head, spreading my pre-cum all around and thumbing the slit. Nngh, shit! While doing that, I’m also fingering my entrance, wishing it was your tongue. You know how much I enjoy it when your tongue fucks me, sliding in and out of my hot hole- Ah! Tasting me completely as I pull at your hair, unable to take the amount of pleasure your hot fucking tongue gives me” Kyuhyun continued, throwing various high-pitched moans in there. While he was touching his cock, he was doing so leisurely, knowing if he truly did what he was telling the other, he wouldn’t last very long. Kyuhyun may be a professional, but he was just as addicted to this man as Siwon was to him.

He continued to let out debauched noises, his own cock growing even harder as he watched Siwon struggle with his control.

“Ah fuck, oh fuck! Harder Siwon, oh God yes! Right there!” the boy screamed out, grinning as Siwon bucked his hips uncontrollably.

“Shit Kyuhyun, let me see you” the man pleaded in an almost whine and Kyuhyun pumped his fist triumphantly. He always counted it as a win when the other man begged, or got as close to begging as Siwon could.

“Fuck Siwon, I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this” Kyuhyun purred and Siwon thrashed about, trying any method possible to get any sort of friction on his aching, leaking dick.

“Just get over here and suck it so I can cum!” Siwon dictated, growing frustrated that Kyuhyun wasn’t touching him.

“I’m not stopping you Siwonnie” Kyuhyun said, noting how the pet name for the other made the man whine. Kyuhyun wasn’t sure why, but whenever he used that name, Siwon became undone, uncontrollable in his lust.

“Mmm Siwonnie, I want you to cum for me so bad” Kyuhyun whined out and Siwon groaned, his abs contracting with the need to cum.

“Come on Siwonnie, cum for me. Cum nice and hard so that I can lick it all up and swallow your delicious cream. Isn’t that what you want Siwonnie, to fill my mouth up with your hot seeds, watching as I swallow it all. Come one Siwonnie, cum for me” Kyuhyun kept repeating, seeing that the man was so close to following his commands. Kyuhyun got up and got closer; kneeling in front of Siwon’s twitching cock.

“Siwonnie, do you hear me? I’m right here, right in front of your cock. Hurry up and cum baby, I’m ready for my treat” Kyuhyun said sweetly. Siwon let out a loud groan and arched his back as he finally came. He gasped out Kyuhyun’s name when he felt the boy’s lips wrap around the head, catching all of his seed and sucking him for more. Kyuhyun moaned hotly, causing vibrations to shoot up Siwon’s body, making even more of Siwon’s juices come out. When Siwon finished, Kyuhyun stood up and removed the blindfold.

“How was that Siwonnie, did you like it?” Kyuhyun inquired, smiling sweetly in Siwon’s face. The older man was having difficulty getting his breathing under control.

“That was too fucking hot Kyuhyun” he finally mustered and Kyuhyun grinned, considering it a job well done. The boy reached up and undid the straps, watching as Siwon rubbed his sore wrists, having tugged on the chains rather hard. He lunged for Kyuhyun and held him tight, lips brushing against the boy’s.

“I very much liked my gift, but I think I like it more when I fuck your tight little ass” Siwon muttered against Kyuhyun’s lips. Instead of answering, Kyuhyun just pressed himself tighter, enjoying the feel of skin on skin as he pressed his mouth to Siwon’s completely. The man kissed him lazily, wrapping his tongue around the boy’s and sucking it into his mouth. Kyuhyun moaned into the kiss, running his hands to Siwon’s hanging shirt and pulling it off, leaving them both completely naked.

“Please let me fuck you” Kyuhyun whined, reaching his hands back and massaging Siwon’s sculpted ass. The man grinned before pulling at Kyuhyun’s lower lip with his teeth.

“We have all night baby, we can do anything and everything” he answered, happy to see Kyuhyun grin like a child in a toy store. He knew Siwon wasn’t a virgin, knowing the man took it up the ass quite often, but Kyuhyun had never been one of the lucky ones to shove their dick into the man, and tonight he was going to do just that. He reached behind him, grabbing some of the oils on the shelves and bringing it forward. Siwon watched hungrily as Kyuhyun poured it all over his fingers, watching it drip and run down his hand and arm.

“I’m going to make you feel so fucking good” Kyuhyun promised, stepping into the man’s body heat once again. Siwon smirked, thinking the boy had earned his reward for such an amazing performance earlier. Kyuhyun reached behind him and nudged at the firm ass cheeks, feeling around the new and foreign territory- at least to him. He prodded a finger at Siwon’s entrance and slid the whole thing in, watching as Siwon’s face contorted beautifully. Once he became used to the sensation of being filled again, Siwon lowered them to the carpeted floor, wanting to see Kyuhyun’s face. Siwon laid back, propped on his elbows while Kyuhyun draped himself across the man’s hard body, two fingers now pushing their way in.

“Ah shit, Kyu” Siwon ground out, his hips moving with Kyuhyun’s fingers. The boy shuddered as he heard his own nickname he’d been longing to hear from the man all night. Kyuhyun took that to mean the man wanted more and he pushed a third finger inside, twisting his wrist and pumping them in and out, searching for the bundle of nerves inside. Kyuhyun watched happily as Siwon’s dick started to swell again, rejuvenating after cumming so hard earlier.

Kyuhyun picked up the rather large, lime green vibrator he chose earlier and slicked it up with his free hand.

“Are you ready?” Kyuhyun asked Siwon, who had his head thrown back and his eyes closed. Before the man could answer or even open his eyes, Kyuhyun thrust the vibrator in until it was buried deep inside Siwon. Siwon arched his back hard and let a loud, animalistic roar leave his throat. Kyuhyun shuddered, completely turned on by this new side of Siwon.

“God dammit Kyu!” Siwon yelled, his vision blurring from toe-curling pleasure and white hot pain. Kyuhyun rubbed his own aching arousal on Siwon’s leg as he started to pump the vibrator in his client slowly, resisting turning on the device just yet. Loud moans were spilling from Siwon’s mouth and Kyuhyun loved every second of it, now seeing why Siwon wanted to dominate him so much.  Kyuhyun nudged Siwon’s legs apart more and settled in between them, watching as Siwon bent them at the knee and thrust his ass up.

“Turn it on” Siwon hissed, needing to feel the immense pleasure the vibrator would bring him. Kyuhyun obliged for the first time that night and flipped the vibrator onto its medium setting, groaning as Siwon let out the filthiest moan he had ever heard.

“Harder, faster” Siwon commanded and Kyuhyun obeyed, loving seeing the man unravel from his touch and his voice.

“How does it feel?” Kyuhyun questioned, wanting to hear more of the man’s deep, sexy voice.

“Feels so fucking good, but I bet you feel better” Siwon moaned, locking eyes with Kyuhyun. The boy couldn’t agree more, so he ripped the vibrator out of Siwon, who whined softly at the loss and lined his cock up with the clenching hole.

“Come on, fuck me already” Siwon bit out, trying to keep the last shred of his control. Kyuhyun bit his lip and slid in, moaning loudly as Siwon’s walls clenched down on him.

“Nngh! So tight!” Kyuhyun whimpered as he thrust in, not having the patience to take it slow. Kyuhyun didn’t get to fuck a lot of people, mostly getting fucked himself, so this was a rare opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

“Fuck Kyu! God, you’re so damn big” Siwon bit out, grabbing onto the boy’s waist and wrapping his legs around him. He’d always noticed that Kyuhyun was well endowed, but it took the boy shoving it up his ass for him to realize just how big he was. Kyuhyun wasn’t able to hold back and started thrusting hard and fast, moaning wantonly as his head dropped forward onto Siwon’s shoulder.

Both men were lost in the pleasure of each other, Siwon happy that he was getting his dose of addiction and Kyuhyun was ecstatic he finally got to fuck Siwon himself. Kyuhyun spied the vibrator lying peacefully next to Siwon and decided to test the man’s limits. He grabbed the device after a particularly hard thrust into the man, distracting him as he lined it up to Siwon’s already filled hole. Kyuhyun was glad to see the vibrator was still dripping in the oil as he pushed it in alongside his dick ever so slowly. Siwon let go of Kyuhyun to flop back on his back, breathing hard.

“Oh shit, fuck! Ah God! Kyu!” Siwon spouted nonsense as he tried to comprehend the utter pain he was in. Kyuhyun slowed his own pace down as he wiggled the device in next to his aching member, trying to go as slow as possible. Siwon let his pride fly out the window for a bit as he continued to groan, curse and whine at being so filled, more so than he’d ever been in his life. Once Kyuhyun had the vibrator in half way, he switched it on, causing Siwon to jerk and hiss as pleasure started to creep in. the vibrations helped loosen him up enough for Kyuhyun to get it the rest of the way in, working on an alternation rhythm with his cock and the vibrator.

“So fucking good” Kyuhyun whined, body trembling from the vibrations the device sent up his cock.

“Keep moving!” Siwon insisted when Kyuhyun’s hips faltered with the almost unbearable pleasure. He obeyed and thrust harder, shoving his dick and the vibrator in roughly.

“Fuck! Oh shit! Right there! Fuck me right there!” Siwon cried out, grinding his hips down to push the device and Kyuhyun in deeper, hitting his prostate once again. Kyuhyun almost came at the sight of Siwon losing control, screaming his head off as Kyuhyun fucked him hard. Kyuhyun could tell Siwon was close, so he reached down with his free hand after shifting so he was on his knees and started jacking Siwon’s dick, keeping in pace with his thrusting. It didn’t take long before Siwon shot up, clutching Kyuhyun as he came for the second time that night.

“Fuck Siwon!” Kyuhyun yelled out as Siwon clenched down on him and the vibrator, trapping Kyuhyun’s dick and pressing it tightly against the device. Kyuhyun came for the first time, his muscles tensing and his legs shaking as he emptied himself into Siwon, pulling out the device and his cock when he finished. Kyuhyun took a moment while he sat and caught his breath to just gaze at Siwon, who was panting hard with his eyes closed. He had a light sheen of sweat covering his Adonis body and he was covered in cum. Kyuhyun watched as his own cum oozed out of Siwon’s abused hole and Kyuhyun felt his cock twitch again.

“You’re so fucking hot like this” Kyuhyun muttered, his voice hoarse from all the yelling. Siwon threw him a grin, sitting up and spreading his legs to give Kyuhyun more of a show.

“You think I’m hot? You should’ve seen yourself baby” Siwon’s fucked out voice called, making Kyuhyun blush.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Kyuhyun asked, knowing full well Siwon had fucking loved every second of it. The man grinned at him before pinning him to the ground.

“You know I did baby, but you know what?” Siwon added, causing Kyuhyun to look up at him wide-eyed in their new position.

“I think we both like it better when I’m right here” the man growled, pushing his hips into Kyuhyun’s ass for emphasis. Kyuhyun leaned up and nibbled at Siwon’s lips, threading fingers through the short black hair.

“I think you’re right” Kyuhyun agreed, both of them knowing Kyuhyun’s favorite thing was to be fucked by Siwon, and Siwon’s favorite thing to fuck Kyuhyun. They lay on the ground, groping and kissing harshly, all tongue and teeth as they worked themselves up again.

“I think it’s my turn baby” Siwon muttered and Kyuhyun agreed, wanting nothing more than to get his ass fucked by Siwon’s cock. Siwon stood up and offered a hand to the younger man and Kyuhyun took it graciously. He should’ve known the other had other intentions as he found himself restrained to the wall, his back facing outward.

“I should’ve seen this coming” Kyuhyun mumbled, turning his head to spy Siwon looking at the whips. He shuddered, knowing he was in for a rough time as Siwon decided on a classic cat o’ nine tails. The man fingered the ends of the whip lovingly as he made his way back over, eyes catching Kyuhyun’s in the process.  Siwon grinned at him as the boy gulped, wondering just how far Siwon was going to take it tonight. They had a safe word, it was company policy to have one, but they had never used it. Kyuhyun found himself wondering if he were about to tonight.

“You’ve been a very bad boy” Siwon’s voice rumbled from behind Kyuhyun and he shivered in anticipation. While he was nervous and slightly afraid, he was also undeniably turned on. He loved nothing more than when Siwon took utter control of him, making him the man’s bitch.

“I’ve been very bad” Kyuhyun spoke in a soft voice, tilting his head to the side and licking his lips, knowing Siwon was watching him.

“You need to be punished” Siwon snarled, running the tails along Kyuhyun’s skin, grinning sadistically when Kyuhyun shuddered, pressing his hips to the wall to get a bit of friction.

“Oh God, punish me hard” Kyuhyun begged, spreading his legs and thrusting his ass towards Siwon. The man approved of the boy’s wanton behavior and he reeled his arm back, bringing it racing forward, the tails slapping onto Kyuhyun’s skin.

“Oh!” Kyuhyun whined, feeling the first hit as adrenaline and lust raced through his veins.

“Harder” he moaned, rubbing his chest onto the cold wall in front of him, arching his back towards Siwon. The man obliged, striking the boy harder, taking pleasure in seeing the red lines appear in his perfect, pale skin. Kyuhyun let out a loud keen as he wriggled his bum at Siwon, who was definitely enjoying the show. Siwon whipped him again, moaning along with Kyuhyun this time, unable to handle just how hot the boy was like this. Kyuhyun pulled on his restraints, needing to get free so he could get Siwon’s cock inside of him.

“Do you like that?” Siwon asked quietly, hitting the boy again, watching as he broke skin. Kyuhyun let out a piercing cry, nodding frantically.

“Tell me how much you like it baby” Siwon demanded, hitting him once more, noticing blood starting to well in the lines, running down the boy’s back slowly, tantalizingly.

“Fuck Siwon, I love it” Kyuhyun whined out, looking to the side and catching Siwon’s gaze in the corner of his eye. If Siwon could, he’d keep the boy like this forever.

“Say it louder” Siwon dictated, landing another strike on Kyuhyun’s back. The boy arched, head thrown back and mouth agape in a silent cry.

“I love it!” he cried, anticipating the next hit. Siwon obliged and hit him again, causing the blood to run down his back, ass and gorgeous thighs.

“Fuck Siwon! I fucking love it!” Kyuhyun shouted, no longer needing to be told what to do. Siwon grinned and striked him again and again, three, four, five times in a row. Kyuhyun was a sobbing, aroused mess at this point, crying out nonsensical words and thrusting his ass back towards the man. Siwon enjoyed the display being presented to him and stepped towards the boy, running the tails along the bleeding cuts, making Kyuhyun gasp.

“Such a good boy, taking your punishment like that. I think you deserve a reward” Siwon whispered in Kyuhyun’s ear, causing Kyuhyun to whimper in need.

“Please, oh God, please!” he whined, pushing his ass against Siwon’s wandering hands. The man grinned as he grabbed his cock and lined it up to Kyuhyun’s unprepared hole, thrusting all of it into the boy in one, hard push. Kyuhyun screamed as he threw his head back onto Siwon’s chest, burning pain making its way up his body.

“Shit, so fucking tight” Siwon growled, pushing his hips into the boy without waiting for him to adjust.

“A-ah Siwon!” he cried out, a small noise leaving his throat every time Siwon pushed into him.

“Yes baby?” Siwon called, gritting his teeth at the overwhelming pleasure surging through his body.

“Harder!” Kyuhyun keened, using the white hot pain to fuel his pleasure, pushing back against Siwon as he fought his restraints. Siwon bit into Kyuhyun’s shoulder as he sped up, gripping Kyuhyun’s hips for better leverage. The man started searching for the boy’s prostate, needing to hear more of those delicious moans from Kyuhyun’s mouth.

“Oh God! Right there! Siwon, don’t stop!” Kyuhyun howled and the man knew he struck gold, continuing to release an unrelenting attack on the bundle.

“So fucking hot Kyu” Siwon moaned, marking the skin on Kyuhyun’s shoulder and neck and he sped up, both of them nearing.

“So close, so close!” Kyuhyun chanted, bracing his body against the wall as he met Siwon’s thrusts, trying to get the man’s dick further into him. Siwon angled his hips, sliding in further than he’s ever been into Kyuhyun and they both cried out.

“Gonna c-cum… Nngh Siwonnie! Cumming!” Kyuhyun screamed when Siwon palmed his erection and Kyuhyun exploded over the wall and Siwon’s hand, his vision going white as he had the most intense orgasm of his life. Siwon grunted Kyuhyun’s name and spilled into the boy’s tight, wet heat, painting his insides white. He thrusted shallowly, getting every last ounce of cum out of his body before he pulled out, undoing Kyuhyun’s restraints.

“Fuck I missed you” Siwon breathed as he held a panting Kyuhyun close. The boy smiled.

“So stop ditching me for work and come back more often” the boy reasoned, and Siwon laughed, kissing Kyuhyun’s lips, strengthening both if their addictions even more.

And neither of them cared, really.

Never Ready (1/4)

Title: Never Ready
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, Mpreg

Summary: Siwon and Kyuhyun were once a couple but are now seeing other people; Siwon is with Donghae and Kyuhyun is with Hyukjae. When it's found out that Kyuhyun is pregnant, there is only one question: Whose is it?

[Read More...]_______________________

Hyukjae looked on anxiously from the doorway as Kyuhyun bent himself over the toilet bowl, heaving everything he'd eaten that morning into it. This was the fifth time in the last two weeks Hyukjae had woken up to the sound of retching and he was starting to get worried.

"Kyu, do you think maybe you should go to the doctor?" he asked softly as the boy in question sat back against the wall with his eyes closed. "I'm fine, it was just something I ate" Kyuhyun said dismissively and Hyukjae frowned. Walking into the small bathroom, the older man kneeled in front of the younger and lifted his chin with his fingers.

"Kyuhyun, this isn't something you ate because it's been going on for two weeks now. Please go to the doctor" he pleaded, eyes staring into Kyuhyun's own wide chocolate orbs. The younger gave Hyukjae a soft smile before nodding, relieving a bit of the tension in the older man's shoulders.

"Thank you" he whispered, brushing his nose along Kyuhyun's own.

"Anything for you Hyukkie" Kyuhyun mumbled, taking the offered hand up and hoisting himself up with it. Rinsing out his mouth quickly, he let Hyukjae lead him back to their bed to rest.

"Sleep some more and then you can go to the doctor" the older mumbled, placing a gentle kiss on Kyuhyun's forehead as he tucked him in. Kyuhyun hummed in response before turning over and promptly falling back asleep.

"Pregnant?" Kyuhyun repeated, a shocked look overtaking his handsome face. The doctor nodded and smiled at him, clearly waiting for him to start jumping up and down in joy or something.

"Congratulations Mr. Cho, you're about two months pregnant" She smiled and Kyuhyun just stared at her. "B-But I can't be... pregnant" He whispered, hands fluttering over his still flat tummy. Clearly mistaking his horror for concealed joy and surprise, she just continued to smile at him while bringing a calendar out.

"So it looks like your due date will be June twenty-fourth" Dr. Lee told him, pointing to the date seven months from today. Kyuhyun could only stare, his chest tightening in fear, anxiety and suppressed horror.

Ignoring Kyuhyun's silence, Dr. Lee started babbling on about scheduling his next check up two weeks from then. Not quite knowing what he was doing, the boy scheduled the appointment and left the office with pamphlets and brochures in his hands about male pregnancy.

Kyuhyun drove home on autopilot, doing some deep thinking about his current situation. He thought he had the flu or something small like that, not that he was carrying a life within him. The more he thought about, the more he felt like he was going to throw up again. Then he wondered how he was going to tell Hyukjae; how he was going to tell him that he wasn't sure that it was his...

"Fuck!" Kyuhyun yelled in the safety of his own car as he parked in the parking lot to their apartment. He felt so helpless and so lost as to what to do and it didn't help that now he had to tell his boyfriend that he may or may not be pregnant with someone else's baby.

Sighing, Kyuhyun got out of his car and made his way up to their small apartment, deciding he needed to take thebull by the horns. Sticking the key in the lock and opening the door, he called out for Hyukjae, wondering if the man was home from the dance studio where he practiced with his team that he travelled with.

"In the kitchen!" he heard. Sighing one last time before taking his shoes off, Kyuhyun made his way into the kitchen to see his lover cooking a nice stir fry dinner for them.

"Hey, how did it go?" Hyukjae greeted, stepping away from the stove to kiss Kyuhyun hello. Melting into the kiss, the younger held on tight as if afraid he'd lose the other after the news he was about to spill.

"Well hello to you too" Hyukjae grinned, his gummy smile making Kyuhyun's heart beat faster. He was a sucker for beautiful smiles. Kyuhyun just continued to hug him tightly, desperately afraid to let go and never see the man in his life again.

"Hey, what's wrong? What did the doctor say?" Hyukjae asked, becoming nervous himself from Kyuhyun's behavior.
Raising his head off the dancer's shoulder, Kyuhyun looked at him pleadingly, begging him to understand with his eyes.

"I need to tell you something" Kyuhyun muttered, taking Hyukjae's hand after the man turned the stove off and leading him into their quaint living room. Sitting them both down on the sofa, Kyuhyun took a deep breath before spilling what could make or break his relationship.

"I'm pregnant" he whispered, closing his eyes tight against Hyukjae's reaction. Hearing nothing, he cracked and eye open to see his boyfriend just staring at him with wide eyes and a slightly opened mouth.

"W-What did you say?" he stuttered, staring at the younger as if he misheard him. "I'm pregnant" Kyuhyun sighed out, feeling a pounding drum well up in his ears as he waited for his boyfriend's reaction the second time around. "How far along?" Hyukjae questioned. This was the part Kyuhyun dreaded the most.

"About two months, maybe a bit over" he mumbled out, waiting for the explosion. Hyukjae was calm however as he sat and thought about it, turning his worried eyes to his lover's.

"That means... that means that it might not be mine" he said, putting two and two together. Kyuhyun nodded solemnly, running a hand through his auburn curls, making them a bit unruly.

"Are you going to tell him?" Kyuhyun shook his head wildly, actual fear sparkling in his chocolate orbs. "No and you can't tell him either! I don't care if it does turn out to be his, I don't want him near me or the baby" Kyuhyun said, waving his hands frantically to get his point across. Hyukjae nodded, reaching out to grab one of Kyuhyun's wildly moving hands to hold it in his own, slightly clammy one.

"It's okay Kyuhyun, I won't tell him. I'll love this baby whether it's mine or not, you have to know that" Hyukjae said, squeezing the hand in his for emphasis. Kyuhyun looked at him gratefully, his eyes welling with tears as he realized he wasn't alone and that Hyukjae loved him more than that.

"We'll get through this, I promise. Now can we go eat the fantastic dinner I slaved over?" Hyukjae whined, bringing a smile to Kyuhyun's lips, which he kissed quickly.

"Yes dear" Kyuhyun laughingly mocked, following the other back into the kitchen, staring at the man's back. Kyuhyun felt his heart swell with love and pride for Hyukjae, realizing he shouldn't have given the man such little credit. Smiling, he knew now that they could make it, as long as they were together.

"Dude, what's up with you lately? You look tired and stressed as hell" Donghae commented, going over to sit next to his friend. Hyukjae looked up, and Donghae's eyes widened; the other man had bags that were a mile long under hiseyes and he looked like he hadn't slept in days.

"If I tell you, you have to promise you won't tell anyone, especially Siwon" Hyukjae warned, pointing his finger accusingly at the other. Donghae raised his hands in surrender as he sat next to the other, ready to hear what had the man so exhausted and snappy.

Kyuhyun was now three months pregnant and his morning sickness was worse than ever. In fact, Hyukjae learned quickly that morning sickness does not just happen in the morning, it happens all the time. And poor Kyuhyun had a lot of difficulty keeping anything down these days.

"Kyuhyun is pregnant" Hyukjae muttered softly, eyes flicking between Donghae and the rest of the people in the studio, making sure they weren't being eavesdropped on. Donghae's eyes widened and he grinned at the other.

"Congratulations man!" he said loudly, only to look abashed when Hyukjae shushed him harshly. "I wouldn't congratulate me just yet Hae" Hyukjae muttered and Donghae looked at him oddly.

"Why not?" he asked, face shining with curiosity. "Swear your secrecy" Hyukjae said fiercely and Donghae nodded. "I swear!"

Hyukjae sighed again before leaning even closer to the other. "He isn't sure if it's mine or Siwon's... He's three months along" he whispered and Donghae's mouth dropped.

"That's right when they broke up and you guys started dating" he hissed and Hyukjae nodded. "I know, so we're not sure whose it is. But you can't tell Siwon! Kyuhyun doesn't want him to know" Hyukjae reminded and Donghae nodded slower this time.

"Sure man, I won't. But tell me how is Kyuhyun doing then?" Donghae asked, reverting back to his normal, excitable self. Hyukjae smiled his gummy smile at him, thankful that even though his friend was dating his lover's ex, they could still get along and talk like this.

"Not so good. He has morning sickness all the time and can barely keep down any foods. He's cranky all the time which I can understand because I totally would be too if I was puking all the damn time" Hyukjae started and Donghae frowned.

"I thought pregnant people were supposed to have a glow to them and be happy all the time?" There were times, such as right now when Donghae showed his naivety towards certain aspects of the world. Hyukjae snorted loudly, covering his mouth to draw less attention to himself.

"I think that skipped Kyuhyun. Granted, I think he's perfect even while tossing his cookies but he sure isn't happy about it" he laughed and Donghae giggled. "His cravings are starting to kick in too, and for the weirdest foods. They are the only thing he can keep down" Hyukjae sighed again, thinking of the pain and discomfort his lover was going through.

"Really, what does he crave?" Donghae asked, knowing from Hyukjae and Siwon that Kyuhyun ate weird food all the time. "I don't know, something called Stroganoff, I have no idea what that is or where they-" but he was cut off by an excited yell from Donghae.

"I can make that! I learned it from my brother after he came home from his stay in America!" the man practically squealed and Hyukjae stared at him. "You can make it? Would you make me some then?" He pleaded and Donghae nodded eagerly.

"Bring Kyuhyun over to my place tomorrow and I'll make him some for dinner with some extra to take home!" Hyukjaebeamed at his friend, happy to know he could finally give Kyuhyun what the younger had been craving this whole time. "He'll be so happy" Hyukjae breathed, relief coming over him. He hoped that now he could satisfy the other's cravings, Kyuhyun would have a better time with the pregnancy.

"I'll go tell him and we'll be there tomorrow!" Hyukjae said, waving goodbye to Donghae who grinned at him, happy to contribute to the couple's happiness. It never weirded him out on how he was dating Siwon who was Kyuhyun's exboyfriend and now possible father to the boy's child. Or the fact that Kyuhyun was dating Donghae's best friend Hyukjae now.

Kyuhyun and Donghae were on good terms and well as Siwon and Hyukjae. However, Kyuhyun and Siwon were another matter entirely. Donghae knew their two year relationship did not end on good terms so the pair often avoided each other as much as possible, which was sometimes difficult considering how often Donghae and Hyukjae hung out together. At those times, they simply ignored each other, besides the occasional insult here or there.

So all in all, Donghae was happy to help Kyuhyun through his seemingly difficult pregnancy, knowing it would help out Hyukjae too.

"What are you making?" Siwon asked, sniffing the air around Donghae. The man laughed slightly, holding up a spoonful for Siwon to try. Taking it into his mouth gingerly due to the heat, Siwon chewed slowly before giving the other an odd look.

"Why are you making this? What is this even called?" Siwon continued to ask and Donghae rolled his eyes. "It's beef stroganoff and I'm making it for Kyuhyun" he answered, going back to stirring the white sauce so it would thicken to the right amount.

"For Kyuhyun? But why?" Donghae didn't miss the distaste coloring Siwon's voice this time at the mention of his ex. Rolling his eyes again, the words just slipped out before he could stop them.

"Because he's pregnant and apparently this is all he craves and Hyukjae doesn't know how to make it" He said idly, still stirring. When he heard nothing from his boyfriend, he turned and gave the other a puzzled look. Siwon stood there, staring at Donghae with wide eyes and furrowed brows.

"Oh shit" Donghae muttered, realizing what he just spilled after promising not to. "Kyuhyun is pregnant?" Siwon asked, his voice quiet but clear. Donghae gulped nervously, wondering how he could back himself out of this mess. Nodding slowly but thinking fast, Donghae watched as something akin to rage filtered over Siwon's face.

"How far along is he?" He bit out, trying to calm the waves of jealousy tearing through his heart. One of the main reasons the duo broke up was because Siwon wanted to start a family but Kyuhyun did not. "About two months, maybe a bit over" Donghae muttered, knowing Siwon was going to be able to do the math. Feeling angry with himself, he wondered if he could make Siwon keep his mouth shut so Hyukjae and especially Kyuhyun wouldn't know he accidently told their little secret.

"So is it Hyukjae's?" Siwon asked this time, eyes bearing down on Donghae. Swallowing harshly, the smaller man shrugged.
"They don't know, considering..." he trailed off but Siwon finished for him.

"Considering that it was the same time we broke up."

Donghae nodded again, turning his back on the angry man to finish making the meal for Kyuhyun. Siwon seethed behind him, thoughts a blur in his mind as he went over all the new information. "So they weren't going to tell me when that baby could possibly be mine?" he hissed and Donghae flinched.

"W-Well, Hyukjae told me that Kyuhyun said that even if it was yours, he wanted Hyukjae to raise it with him" Donghae stuttered softly, knowing how angry his boyfriend was getting. He knew the many reasons behind Siwon and Kyuhyun's break up and he knew what this pregnancy would do to his lover and he felt sorry about it.

"But if it's mine, I have a right to raise it too!" Siwon yelled, making Donghae jump. The older man turned and placed a hand on Siwon's cheek, looking at him calmly.

"I wasn't saying you can't Siwon, so don't take this out on me" he said and Siwon sighed, leaning into the touch. "I'm sorry, it's just if it's my baby, I want a right to it, you know?" and Donghae nodded. He knew that Siwon wanted a family of his own more than anything, having grown up alone himself.

"When are you taking this to him? I'd like to come with" Siwon said and Donghae frowned. "Actually, he's coming here in about an hour with Hyukjae. You can be here but you better keep your mouth shut tonight. Now is not the time to bring it up, okay? Kyuhyun has been feeling really awful so I'm hoping this will help him feel better" Donghae admonished and Siwon nodded, turning away from his lover to walk back towards his home office. What Donghae didn't see was the maniac glint in Siwon's eyes as he left him to cook for his pregnant ex-boyfriend.

"Why do we have to go there? Why can't Donghae come here?" Kyuhyun whined as Hyukjae helped him into his winter coat. The January wind was bitter these days and Hyukjae feared his lover would catch something and get sick, so he bundled Kyuhyun up extra tightly.

"He's going through the effort to make this weird dish for you, the least we can do is go to him" Hyukjae pointed out but it didn't stop Kyuhyun from whining even more. "But Hyukkie, I'm so tired" Kyuhyun complained, rubbing his eyes for emphasis. Hyukjae had to restrain himself from squeezing the other from the adorable cuteness he displayed.

"I know baby, but I promise we'll be quick okay? Afterwards, we can stop and I'll buy you your favorite chocolate peanut butter ice cream" and he smiled when Kyuhyun grinned at him. Hyukjae didn't make much money being a dancer and neither did Kyuhyun, who was just starting out in the video programming world. But Hyukjae would buy his boyfriend anything if it made him happy, even if it made himself dirt poor.

"Okay Hyukkie, let's go" Kyuhyun mumbled, grabbing the other man's hand and dragging him out to the car. Hyukjae laughed as he helped the other into the front seat, making sure he was comfortable since he knew Kyuhyun's upper body had been rather sore lately. Holding hands during the drive, Hyukjae was happy that his Kyuhyun seemed to be in a good mood today and that instantly made his mood better too.

Arriving to Donghae's house quickly, Hyukjae helped Kyuhyun out of the car gingerly. "Hyukkie, you already act like I'm the size of a whale. I've only gained seven pounds!" Kyuhyun teased and Hyukjae pouted. "I just want to make sure you're comfortable is all" he answered and Kyuhyun gave him one of those radiating grins that lit up Hyukjae's world.

"Look at you two!" Donghae cried from his steps, coming down to meet them. He hugged Kyuhyun gently and the younger tsked. "Not you too! I'm not made of glass you know" Kyuhyun scoffed and Donghae grinned at him. Hyukjae had told Kyuhyun that he told Donghae last night, not able to keep it to himself. But after promising Kyuhyun that

Donghae would keep it from Siwon, the younger was able to relax a bit.

"Kyuhyun-ah, you look so good" Donghae gushed, able to see the slight glow from the younger. Kyuhyun blushedsoftly, hands fluttering by his non-existent tummy. He was having a very good day, so seeing that others could tell made him feel good about all those bad days he suffered.

"Now come on in, I have some stroganoff for you that I think you'll just love!" Kyuhyun perked up dramatically, making the other two laugh loudly. Leading the dup inside, Donghae was careful not to alert them to Siwon's presence in the house quite yet. Siwon had promised not to spill the beans on Donghae but that didn't make him any less nervous.

He should've known better by now.

"You look good Kyuhyun. When were you going to tell me you were possibly carrying my baby?" Siwon called from the living room as they passed. Donghae sighed as Hyukjae face palmed himself, both looking towards the youngest who looked ready to cry.

"Y-You told?" He whimpered, large watery eyes staring at Donghae.

"It was an accident Kyuhyun, I swear!" Donghae promised but it did no good because Siwon decided to join them.

"Yes he told me, which is good otherwise I never would've known about my possible child. Damn Kyuhyun, I always knew you were petty but to keep this from me? That's a new low" Siwon hissed and tears slipped from Kyuhyun's eyes. Hyukjae wrapped an arm around his boyfriend and glared at the other two.

"Stop it, can't you see you're upsetting him?!" He snarled. Kyuhyun's hormones had been off the charts the last couple weeks and today was no different as he struggled with his sobs.

"Oh I'm upsetting him? That's rich considering he never took in my feelings towards my baby!" Siwon grunted and Hyukjae bared his teeth. "It may be your or it may be mine. Either way, Kyuhyun gets the final decision of who raises it with him!" He yelled back, holding the shaking Kyuhyun in his arms.

"Stop it the both of you!" Donghae shouted, pulling Kyuhyun away and into the kitchen to escape the heady scent of testosterone.

"I'm sorry Kyuhyun, I'm so sorry. It really was an accident, it just slipped out" Donghae rushed out, sitting Kyuhyun down and getting him a bowl of the delicious smelling food. Kyuhyun sniffed pathetically as he stared up at the older from under his lashes.

"I don't know what to do now" he whispered and Donghae sat next to him, rubbing his palms up and down the boy's arms.

"I'm sorry Kyuhyun" he kept muttering, comforting the other while he ate slowly. "I'm sorry too" Kyuhyun muttered and Donghae smiled, touched by the selfless apology. Some may see Kyuhyun as selfish from wanting to keep this from Siwon, but Donghae knew it was to protect his heart and future child as well.

Kyuhyun's apology held so much to him; sorry for stepping back into Siwon's life even though he didn't want to. Sorry for disrupting everything with his silly cravings. Sorry for dragging Donghae into this even when he had no part in it.

"It's okay Kyu, it's okay" Donghae soothed as they heard the raised voices of their significant others arguing in the hall still.

"It's going to be okay.

It Will Rain: Chapter One

Title: It Will Rain
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Main: Siwon/Kyuhyun, Seunghyun/Seungri
Rating: PG, NC-17  in later chapters
Warnings: Language

Summary: Choi Siwon is not an agreeable man. He is the head of Choi Enterprises and he did not get his way to the top by being nice. Siwon has a six year old son named Minho, and after Minho's nanny quits because of Siwon's temper, a new one must be found. Kyuhyun is fresh out of college and in need of a job. Enter in meddling friends and employees and you get the biggest disaster of the year.

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Leeteuk sighed as he watched the clearly distressed, now ex-nanny rush out of the lavish mansion. He had had high hopes for this one to last for more than four months, but alas, things never go according to plan. She had great credentials and had dealt with difficult families in the past. That was the fifth nanny little Minho had had this year alone and it was only summer. He picked up the fallen resignation letter the woman had all but thrown at him after running out of the house with tears in her eyes.

Leeteuk understood why they never wanted to stay, even though the pay was fantastic and the charge was sweeter than sugar. Master Choi was not a nice man, and that was sugar coating it. To put it bluntly, Master Choi was a down right ass; he was rude, mean and cared for no one except his Minho.

Poor Minho, who had to adjust to someone new taking care of him every other month. Leeteuk had to give credit to the little six year old though: Most children in his situation would probably be resentful little brats by this point. However, Minho was the sweetest little child Leeteuk had ever had the fortune to meet and take care of. He sometimes felt as if Minho was an old soul; an eighty year old in a six year old’s body, full of wisdom and kind words.

Leeteuk let out another sigh as he entered the kitchen, tossing the resignation letter on the counter as he sat down on a bar stool next to where the Head Chef Ryeowook was busy making breakfast for the residents of the manor. Ryeowook stopped in his chopping to glance over at the piece of paper.

“Another one bites the dust?” he asked the head butler, who in turn just groaned and laid his head on the counter. Ryeowook patted Leeteuk’s shoulder in sympathy, knowing the older man was going to have to go on a nanny hunt once more. Ryeowook flipped an omelet onto a plate, and passed it over to Leeteuk, who looked up in surprise.

“What is this for?” Leeteuk normally never really ate breakfast in the mornings, just settling for a piece of fruit and coffee. Ryeowook smiled at him.

“I just had a feeling you’d need the energy today” he answered the older man, passing him the needed utinsels. Leeteuk nodded and smiled at the chef, and dug into the most fantastic omelet he has ever eaten. He has known the Head Chef since the man started working at the Choi Manor seven years ago, and yet he was always surprised at the man’s excellent cooking skills. Ryeowook patted the butler’s shoulder once more and got back to making the young Master’s breakfast.

Leeteuk scarfed down the omelet faster than necessary, and when Ryeowook threw him a questioning glance, he blushed only a little.

“I need to run the ads again, Minho needs a new nanny as soon as possible” he answered as he shoved more of the delicious food into his mouth. Ryeowook was right: he was going to need his energy. Whenever a nanny quit, it was Leeteuk’s job to be the substitute nanny until one was found, on top of being the head butler to the world’s most crabbiest man.

“I certainly don’t envy your position” Ryeowook told him, as he finished breakfast, and got it ready on the serving trays. He handed Leeteuk the bigger one.

“Take this to Master Choi, I will take Minho his” He told the stressed out butler, who just smiled in response.

“You’re the best Wookie” Leeteuk told his best friend.

“I know.”

Leeteuk was in his Master’s office, preparing the spread Ryeowook had cooked earlier this morning. As he set everything in its place, he also placed the newest resignation letter with it, and stood back with his arms folded behind him, waiting for the man to make his entrance like every other morning.

Siwon entered the office and paid no mind to the butler waiting on him. Leeteuk was used to this kind of behavior from the man now, and was not offended. As Siwon sat, he noticed the letter on top of the serving tray bearing his coffee and milk.

“What is this?” Leeteuk only flinched a little when the harsh bite in his Master’s voice reached his ears.

“It is Miss Chang’s resignation letter, Sir” Leeteuk addressed his boss, bowing a bit at the waist, keeping his hands firmly behind him. Siwon picked up the letter, and read it, eyes flicking back and forth at an inhumane speed. When he finished, he tossed the letter into his trash.

“Find a new one, a better one this time” was all the man said, starting to eat his breakfast. Leeteuk bowed again.

“Yes sir.” As he turned to leave, he was called again by his master.

“Oh and Mr. Park? You know the drill; you’ll be taking care of Minho as well until you find a suitable replacement. That’s all” After being dismissed, Leeteuk left the office and headed back into the kitchen to make himself a much needed cup of coffee, before starting his day officially.

Leeteuk did not mind taking care of Minho, he just minded doing that and all the other tasks Master Choi required of him. Siwon looked like a self-sufficient man, but the truth was he relied on his staff far more than he probably should, especially when he is so mean to them. However, most of them stayed out of loyalty to the bitter man. Many of the staff had been in the manor for more than five years, so they understood the reasons their master had underwent the drastic changes.

After having his morning cup of the strongest coffee Ryeowook could find, Leeteuk gathered his wits about him and set off to the tasks at hand.

It has been a week since the last nanny quit on Leeteuk, and the butler was confident that the replacement was in the pile of files he currently held in his hands. The first thing Leeteuk did before starting to take care of Minho while doing the household  tasks and work for his master, was run the ads for a new nanny. The butler thought it strange that the ads were always ready for him, waiting for the green light to be run. Then again, it wasn’t so weird, looking at how many nannies the poor child has had.

The response was great, as always; there were more than thirty applicants. After that, it was also Leeteuk’s job to screen out the bad ones. He ran background checks and had a whole team of people dedicated to find out if someone was applying for the wrong reasons. Master Choi was the head of a very successful company and many wanted to get into this position to get closer to Siwon, whether it was to exploit him or try to get more money.

Even though there were more than thirty applicants, over half had been eliminated due to false claims: they were not nannies; they were clearly reporters and the like trying to infiltrate the Choi Manor. After the necessary background checks had been performed, Leeteuk only had seven files in his hand. He thought he was rather successful this time, several of the files in his hand had very good credentials, recommendations and a lot of experience. Leeteuk felt good that the new nanny was in this bunch of files, and he went to Master Choi’s office to have him take a look.

Leeteuk knocked lightly on the office door, and entered when the voice bade him entrance.

“Sir, I have the new applicants here for you to look at. All of the background checks came through on these ones” Leeteuk said proudly, and handed over the files when Siwon stuck out his hand. He read over every file, making sure he didn’t miss any information. After he finished, he looked up at his head butler, frowning.

Siwon slammed the files down in front of Leeteuk's face, the papers flying out in disarray. Leeteuk never lost his composure; he simply stared ahead and waited for his boss to calm down. He'd been Choi Siwon's head butler for the last 10 years; barely old enough to take care of himself, let alone other people at the tender age of nineteen, taking over for his father after he retired; he was able to handle Choi Siwon’s moods. He remembered a time when Master Choi used to have a kind heart and smile, a funny remark leaving his mouth every now and then as he joked with his staff.

That never happened now, not since her, the witch who left him like this.

Leeteuk let out a minute sigh and looked at his boss. Siwon was pacing, a scowl etched onto his face.

"You expect one of these people to take care of Minho? They don't even look like they can handle a gold fish cracker, let alone a six year old heir to a major company. I expect to see new ones this time tomorrow, ones that are actually competent in life. Now get out of my office." After being dismissed, Leeteuk bowed and left the office with the files in hand. He was used to such behavior from his boss, but it didn't stop him from mentally cursing him six ways to Sunday. Sure, Leeteuk could quit and probably find a nice, quiet and peaceful job that didn't make him want to rip his hair out but he was too loyal to his Master. His Master had been through so much, he couldn't leave the man on top of everything. He wanted to help him.

And he wanted to help Minho.

Minho deserved to have a happy and carefree childhood. Leeteuk stayed because he needed to make sure he could give that to Minho. He let out another sigh as he entered the servant's quarters.

"Still didn't like any of them?" the head chef, Ryeowook asked. Leeteuk shook his head and through the files away.

"No, and I spent days trying to narrow down from all the candidates that applied. At this rate, little Minho will never have a nanny to take care of him" Leeteuk answered, taking his shoes off and sinking onto the sofa. Ryeowook patted his head in a comforting gesture.

"I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll find someone who will do" the chef said, getting ready to head back to the main part of the mansion to get dinner ready.

"Thanks Wookie." Ryeowook smiled at the older man. Leeteuk leaned back into the couch and rested his eyes. His moment of silence was short lived when the front door banged open and an excitable gardener made his way to the butler, almost crushing the poor man in his haste.

"Teukie! I found the answer to your problems!" The gardener, named Henry shouted in his ear. Leeteuk wrenched himself back and focused his confused gaze onto the younger man.

"You're going to have to elaborate Henry; I have a lot of problems."

The gardener beamed at him and thrusted a file into his hands. Leeteuk opened the paper work and scanned the information.

"He would be the perfect nanny for Minho! I found this when I went to get the mail just now" Henry told him, waving his hands in the air excitedly. After scanning the information, Leeteuk couldn't help but grin broadly at the gardener.

"He seems perfect, Henry" he stated, glancing down at the head shot that accompanied the resume. He lifted his eyes to the top of the paper work.

"Cho Kyuhyun, I hope you're ready."

Cho Kyuhyun was currently cursing his best friend, using every bad word he knew in any language. The idiot had come over to Kyuhyun’s shabby apartment with a backpack full of alcohol and they got sufficiently drunk. This caused Kyuhyun to wake up with one hell of a hangover and an hour late to his part time job serving coffee in a little café. He was finally able to get his other shoe on and ran out of his apartment. He continued to run down the street, and finally reached the little café that was three blocks away. He skidded to a halt in front of the counter, where his boss was waiting for him, with a scowl on his face. Kyuhyun sighed, knowing what was coming next.

“Cho, you’re fired” his boss said, and pointed towards the door again. Kyuhyun just nodded, and made his way back to his apartment. When he found Shim Changmin, he was going to kill that man. The idiot, who called himself Kyuhyun’s best friend just got him fired. Sure, he could’ve set an alarm, but who remembers things like that when they’re too busy trying to figure out how to make the microwave fly. He grimaced at that thought, remembering just how much they had to drink the night before. The ache in his head increased, as if to also remind him.

Kyuhyun entered his apartment and decided a few more hours of sleep wouldn’t kill anyone, especially as he now has no prior commitments. He slipped his shoes off and snuggled into his bed, pulling the blankets over his head as if to hide from the world.

He was asleep for what felt like five minutes when an incessant knocking kept sounding at his front door. Kyuhyun groaned as he raised himself from his bed, glancing at his alarm clock. Damn, he had slept for another five hours. Kyuhyun rubbed his eyes as he made his way to the damned knocking sound, and opened the door to the very person he had dreamt of murdering.

“Dude, you look like shit” was the first thing out of Changmin’s mouth as he pushed his way into his friend’s small apartment. Kyuhyun glowered at him as he closed the door and turned to face his friend.

“Min, what do you want?” Kyuhyun asked the grinning man, wondering not for the first time, if there was a medication the other forgot to take.

“I heard you got fired” the other answered, plopping down on Kyuhyun’s old sofa, making the springs creak in protest.

“Yeah, thanks to you, you ass” Kyuhyun said and threw a throw pillow at the other man, who dodged and laughed. Seriously, Kyuhyun was pretty sure Changmin forgot to take some very important medication.

“It’s not a problem dude, I submitted an application for you!” the idiot proclaimed happily, turning on the television like he lived here. Kyuhyun frowned at him.

“An application for where?” he asked the other, looking at him warily. It would be just his luck if he was now a part of some sort of circus. Changmin just grinned at him, which did not help the feeling inside Kyuhyun.

“To be a nanny!” Changmin answered, causing Kyuhyun to choke on the water he had just gotten from his sink. Kyuhyun spluttered, and tried to heave in some air.

“W-what?!” He yelled at his friend, trying to calm himself down. Changmin got up from the couch and came over to thump on his back, which did not help even a little.

“Yeah, I submitted an application for you to be a nanny to Choi Minho, you know, the CEO of Choi Enterprises’ kid” Changmin said, getting himself some juice out of the fridge. Kyuhyun just stared at him. Everyone knew of Choi Siwon and his company; it was one of the biggest companies in Korea, and was quickly expanding throughout the rest of the world as well.

“Why does he need a nanny?” Kyuhyun asked, genuinely curious. Changmin shrugged a bit.

“I guess the last one quit. I heard from a friend who knew her that Choi Siwon is a prick. I figured you’d be good for the job, because you’re a prick too so you’d be able to handle him just fine” he told his friend, resulting in a very hard punch to his arm from Kyuhyun.

“Did you seriously submit an application under my name? What makes you think they’d hire me? I have no experience in taking care of kids and I just graduated college” Kyuhyun pointed out, wondering about his friend’s stupidity. Kyuhyun didn’t even have a degree in child care; his degree was in video programming, due to his obsession with video games.

Changmin just shrugged again.

“You’ll never know, that’s why I submitted it. Look, I have the ad with me. Here” Changmin said, digging out a newspaper ad from his pocket and handed it to Kyuhyun.

The other man read over the ad, his eyebrows raised. It said they were seeking a 24/7 live in nanny to take care of a six year old boy. They were offering a lot of pay and room and board. Kyuhyun looked up and around his shabby and small apartment. It would be worth it to work for a prick to leave this place. It was the only place he could afford after graduation. Kyuhyun sighed.

“It sounds nice, but they’d never consider me. I have no credentials and no experience” Kyuhyun said, placing the ad on his counter.

“That may be true, but your parents own a school. That has to count for something, right?” Changmin asked. Kyuhyun shrugged again. Just as they were about to let the subject drop, Kyuhyun’s cell phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Hello?” Kyuhyun answered, wondering you would call him.

“Hello, is this Cho Kyuhyun?” the male voice asked from the other line.

“It is, how may I help you” he answered, wondering who it was already.

“Hello Mr. Cho, my name is Park Leeteuk, and I am the head butler at the Choi Manor. I have received your application for the nanny position, and I was wondering if you would like to come in for an interview” the voice said, making its intent clear. Kyuhyun’s eyebrows shot up as a look of shock crossed his face. Changmin nudged him, asking who it was and what they wanted.

“You want me to come in and interview? Are you sure?” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but ask, surprise very evident in his voice. Changmin nudged him harder, this time with glee. The voice on the other end, Park Leeteuk chuckled.

Yes Mr. Cho. I looked over your application and I think you’re exactly what we need. I know you have no prior experience, but Minho is an angel. It’s Master Choi we’re worried about. He is the one who needs to be pleased the most, and I figured that maybe we needed someone fresh in this position. You are still interested, right?” Leeteuk asked. He knew he was taking a huge risk in interviewing and hiring someone like Cho Kyuhyun, but he legitimately thought maybe someone fresh and new would work. He just hoped he wasn’t wrong.

“Yes definitely. When would you like me to come in?” Kyuhyun asked, not even believing this was happening.

“Do you have any free time tomorrow afternoon, we’re kind of in a rush to find a replacement” the butler answered. Well, now since Kyuhyun was unemployed, he had all the free time in the world.

“Yes, is tomorrow at one good for you?” Kyuhyun asked. That gave him enough time to get ready and then have a panic attack beforehand.

“One o’clock will be just fine. If you’ll go ahead and give me your address, I will have a driver pick you up at 12:30pm.”

Kyuhyun gave the butler his address and bid his farewell. He looked over at Changmin, who was bouncing up and down.

“That was them, wasn’t it? The people for the ad” Changmin asked, grinning as Kyuhyun nodded mutely.

“I have an interview tomorrow at one” Kyuhyun said, letting it sink in. Changmin let out a whoop and hugged his friend.

“You’re welcome!” Changmin shouted, still hugging his friend.

“Yah! I haven’t got the job yet you idiot!” Kyuhyun shouted at his friend, trying to pry him off.

“You’ll get it. Now come on, let’s go pick out your interview clothes!” Changmin said, grabbing Kyuhyun’s hand and dragging the man into his room.

The Sanctity of Descent: One

Title: The Sanctity of Descent: One
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Mature Sexual Content, Yaoi, BoyxBoy

Summary: This brand of anticipation is beautiful and terrible. Tempt me, tease me darling. Just don't stop.

A series of oneshots and drabbles based on little quotes...

               all centering around Siwon being Kyuhyun's pet.

[Read more...]


I find it so very empowering, how I can bring you up this high with just my voice.

Imagine my pet, the pleasure I can bring you when I finally touch you.

Kyuhyun smirked from his position at the end of the bed; eyes alight with mischief and arduous lust. The figure squirming before him brought him a sense of joy, watching as those muscles twitched and worked the more Kyuhyun spoke.

“Just look at you my pet, leaking for me without so much as even a touch to your skin” he muttered softly, his voice lilting in a way that had his pet whining in the back of their throat.

“Please… Just please” the figure whined and Kyuhyun chuckled lowly, fingers wrapping around the bedpost to keep himself from touching his toy. The figure pulled against the bonds binding wrists to the headboard, the wood rattling against the wall in ways that had excitement shoot up Kyuhyun’s spine.

“What do you want from me my pet?” Kyuhyun asked, obliging for them to speak up. Another soft whine before choked words fell from bow shaped lips. “Take off the blindfold; I want to see you… Master.” Kyuhyun shivered delightfully at the moniker from his pet, always taking pleasure in things that exuded control.

“Ah, ah, ah but that would defeat the whole purposes of this exercise” he taunted and the man on the bed shifted again, pulling at the bonds on his wrists futilely. “And what are the purposes… Master?” the man asked and Kyuhyun smirked, unwinding his fingers from the bedpost to stroke them down a long, toned leg. The sharp inhale of air he heard was sweet, victorious music to his ears.

“For my own enjoyment of course as well as an experiment of sorts. I want to see just how much I can make you want me without having to touch you or you look at me.” He could sense the frustration behind the blindfold but the man questioned him only once more.

“So what will you do then Master?” he asked and Kyuhyun’s full lips quirked up at the corners as he withdrew his hand, hearing a faint protesting grunt. “Talk of course, but not just about anything. Oh no, I’m going to fill your head with thoughts and images of ways I want to see you submit to me, to fuck me. Because while I may be on the receiving end of your talents, that in no way makes me the submissive. I am your dominator.” And it was that last sentence that had Siwon arching his back with a loud moan.

Kyuhyun took in the expanse of tan muscles laid before him, his eyes sweeping greedily over the built, delicious body of his pet. Sweat glistened slightly on the contracting abdomen and Kyuhyun’s mouth watered as he took in the sight of the slightly curved, long, thick cock he so loved to tease pulse and leak for him. His eyes then flickered up to the shiny dark blue collar around the man’s neck, a smile pricking his lips as he thought about the meaning behind it.

“Kyuhyun…” Siwon whispered, his hips moving slightly, trying vainly to find any sort of friction for his swollen cock. Kyuhyun rolled his neck, his eyes closing as his name fell from his pet’s lips in want, something that always made him need more.

“I just love hearing you moan my name and seeing the way your body wants me, your chest heaving up in down as you pant so desperately. Tilt your head back my dear pet and show me just how much you need me and maybe I’ll touch you” Kyuhyun breathed, watching as Siwon obeyed his orders with another soft groan.

“Yes my Master” Siwon panted, arching his back in a way he knew the other man loved. Kyuhyun grinned as he reached down to stroke the man’s calf once more, relishing in the noises he let out just for him.