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Never Ready (1/4)

Title: Never Ready
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Siwon/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, Mpreg

Summary: Siwon and Kyuhyun were once a couple but are now seeing other people; Siwon is with Donghae and Kyuhyun is with Hyukjae. When it's found out that Kyuhyun is pregnant, there is only one question: Whose is it?

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Hyukjae looked on anxiously from the doorway as Kyuhyun bent himself over the toilet bowl, heaving everything he'd eaten that morning into it. This was the fifth time in the last two weeks Hyukjae had woken up to the sound of retching and he was starting to get worried.

"Kyu, do you think maybe you should go to the doctor?" he asked softly as the boy in question sat back against the wall with his eyes closed. "I'm fine, it was just something I ate" Kyuhyun said dismissively and Hyukjae frowned. Walking into the small bathroom, the older man kneeled in front of the younger and lifted his chin with his fingers.

"Kyuhyun, this isn't something you ate because it's been going on for two weeks now. Please go to the doctor" he pleaded, eyes staring into Kyuhyun's own wide chocolate orbs. The younger gave Hyukjae a soft smile before nodding, relieving a bit of the tension in the older man's shoulders.

"Thank you" he whispered, brushing his nose along Kyuhyun's own.

"Anything for you Hyukkie" Kyuhyun mumbled, taking the offered hand up and hoisting himself up with it. Rinsing out his mouth quickly, he let Hyukjae lead him back to their bed to rest.

"Sleep some more and then you can go to the doctor" the older mumbled, placing a gentle kiss on Kyuhyun's forehead as he tucked him in. Kyuhyun hummed in response before turning over and promptly falling back asleep.

"Pregnant?" Kyuhyun repeated, a shocked look overtaking his handsome face. The doctor nodded and smiled at him, clearly waiting for him to start jumping up and down in joy or something.

"Congratulations Mr. Cho, you're about two months pregnant" She smiled and Kyuhyun just stared at her. "B-But I can't be... pregnant" He whispered, hands fluttering over his still flat tummy. Clearly mistaking his horror for concealed joy and surprise, she just continued to smile at him while bringing a calendar out.

"So it looks like your due date will be June twenty-fourth" Dr. Lee told him, pointing to the date seven months from today. Kyuhyun could only stare, his chest tightening in fear, anxiety and suppressed horror.

Ignoring Kyuhyun's silence, Dr. Lee started babbling on about scheduling his next check up two weeks from then. Not quite knowing what he was doing, the boy scheduled the appointment and left the office with pamphlets and brochures in his hands about male pregnancy.

Kyuhyun drove home on autopilot, doing some deep thinking about his current situation. He thought he had the flu or something small like that, not that he was carrying a life within him. The more he thought about, the more he felt like he was going to throw up again. Then he wondered how he was going to tell Hyukjae; how he was going to tell him that he wasn't sure that it was his...

"Fuck!" Kyuhyun yelled in the safety of his own car as he parked in the parking lot to their apartment. He felt so helpless and so lost as to what to do and it didn't help that now he had to tell his boyfriend that he may or may not be pregnant with someone else's baby.

Sighing, Kyuhyun got out of his car and made his way up to their small apartment, deciding he needed to take thebull by the horns. Sticking the key in the lock and opening the door, he called out for Hyukjae, wondering if the man was home from the dance studio where he practiced with his team that he travelled with.

"In the kitchen!" he heard. Sighing one last time before taking his shoes off, Kyuhyun made his way into the kitchen to see his lover cooking a nice stir fry dinner for them.

"Hey, how did it go?" Hyukjae greeted, stepping away from the stove to kiss Kyuhyun hello. Melting into the kiss, the younger held on tight as if afraid he'd lose the other after the news he was about to spill.

"Well hello to you too" Hyukjae grinned, his gummy smile making Kyuhyun's heart beat faster. He was a sucker for beautiful smiles. Kyuhyun just continued to hug him tightly, desperately afraid to let go and never see the man in his life again.

"Hey, what's wrong? What did the doctor say?" Hyukjae asked, becoming nervous himself from Kyuhyun's behavior.
Raising his head off the dancer's shoulder, Kyuhyun looked at him pleadingly, begging him to understand with his eyes.

"I need to tell you something" Kyuhyun muttered, taking Hyukjae's hand after the man turned the stove off and leading him into their quaint living room. Sitting them both down on the sofa, Kyuhyun took a deep breath before spilling what could make or break his relationship.

"I'm pregnant" he whispered, closing his eyes tight against Hyukjae's reaction. Hearing nothing, he cracked and eye open to see his boyfriend just staring at him with wide eyes and a slightly opened mouth.

"W-What did you say?" he stuttered, staring at the younger as if he misheard him. "I'm pregnant" Kyuhyun sighed out, feeling a pounding drum well up in his ears as he waited for his boyfriend's reaction the second time around. "How far along?" Hyukjae questioned. This was the part Kyuhyun dreaded the most.

"About two months, maybe a bit over" he mumbled out, waiting for the explosion. Hyukjae was calm however as he sat and thought about it, turning his worried eyes to his lover's.

"That means... that means that it might not be mine" he said, putting two and two together. Kyuhyun nodded solemnly, running a hand through his auburn curls, making them a bit unruly.

"Are you going to tell him?" Kyuhyun shook his head wildly, actual fear sparkling in his chocolate orbs. "No and you can't tell him either! I don't care if it does turn out to be his, I don't want him near me or the baby" Kyuhyun said, waving his hands frantically to get his point across. Hyukjae nodded, reaching out to grab one of Kyuhyun's wildly moving hands to hold it in his own, slightly clammy one.

"It's okay Kyuhyun, I won't tell him. I'll love this baby whether it's mine or not, you have to know that" Hyukjae said, squeezing the hand in his for emphasis. Kyuhyun looked at him gratefully, his eyes welling with tears as he realized he wasn't alone and that Hyukjae loved him more than that.

"We'll get through this, I promise. Now can we go eat the fantastic dinner I slaved over?" Hyukjae whined, bringing a smile to Kyuhyun's lips, which he kissed quickly.

"Yes dear" Kyuhyun laughingly mocked, following the other back into the kitchen, staring at the man's back. Kyuhyun felt his heart swell with love and pride for Hyukjae, realizing he shouldn't have given the man such little credit. Smiling, he knew now that they could make it, as long as they were together.

"Dude, what's up with you lately? You look tired and stressed as hell" Donghae commented, going over to sit next to his friend. Hyukjae looked up, and Donghae's eyes widened; the other man had bags that were a mile long under hiseyes and he looked like he hadn't slept in days.

"If I tell you, you have to promise you won't tell anyone, especially Siwon" Hyukjae warned, pointing his finger accusingly at the other. Donghae raised his hands in surrender as he sat next to the other, ready to hear what had the man so exhausted and snappy.

Kyuhyun was now three months pregnant and his morning sickness was worse than ever. In fact, Hyukjae learned quickly that morning sickness does not just happen in the morning, it happens all the time. And poor Kyuhyun had a lot of difficulty keeping anything down these days.

"Kyuhyun is pregnant" Hyukjae muttered softly, eyes flicking between Donghae and the rest of the people in the studio, making sure they weren't being eavesdropped on. Donghae's eyes widened and he grinned at the other.

"Congratulations man!" he said loudly, only to look abashed when Hyukjae shushed him harshly. "I wouldn't congratulate me just yet Hae" Hyukjae muttered and Donghae looked at him oddly.

"Why not?" he asked, face shining with curiosity. "Swear your secrecy" Hyukjae said fiercely and Donghae nodded. "I swear!"

Hyukjae sighed again before leaning even closer to the other. "He isn't sure if it's mine or Siwon's... He's three months along" he whispered and Donghae's mouth dropped.

"That's right when they broke up and you guys started dating" he hissed and Hyukjae nodded. "I know, so we're not sure whose it is. But you can't tell Siwon! Kyuhyun doesn't want him to know" Hyukjae reminded and Donghae nodded slower this time.

"Sure man, I won't. But tell me how is Kyuhyun doing then?" Donghae asked, reverting back to his normal, excitable self. Hyukjae smiled his gummy smile at him, thankful that even though his friend was dating his lover's ex, they could still get along and talk like this.

"Not so good. He has morning sickness all the time and can barely keep down any foods. He's cranky all the time which I can understand because I totally would be too if I was puking all the damn time" Hyukjae started and Donghae frowned.

"I thought pregnant people were supposed to have a glow to them and be happy all the time?" There were times, such as right now when Donghae showed his naivety towards certain aspects of the world. Hyukjae snorted loudly, covering his mouth to draw less attention to himself.

"I think that skipped Kyuhyun. Granted, I think he's perfect even while tossing his cookies but he sure isn't happy about it" he laughed and Donghae giggled. "His cravings are starting to kick in too, and for the weirdest foods. They are the only thing he can keep down" Hyukjae sighed again, thinking of the pain and discomfort his lover was going through.

"Really, what does he crave?" Donghae asked, knowing from Hyukjae and Siwon that Kyuhyun ate weird food all the time. "I don't know, something called Stroganoff, I have no idea what that is or where they-" but he was cut off by an excited yell from Donghae.

"I can make that! I learned it from my brother after he came home from his stay in America!" the man practically squealed and Hyukjae stared at him. "You can make it? Would you make me some then?" He pleaded and Donghae nodded eagerly.

"Bring Kyuhyun over to my place tomorrow and I'll make him some for dinner with some extra to take home!" Hyukjaebeamed at his friend, happy to know he could finally give Kyuhyun what the younger had been craving this whole time. "He'll be so happy" Hyukjae breathed, relief coming over him. He hoped that now he could satisfy the other's cravings, Kyuhyun would have a better time with the pregnancy.

"I'll go tell him and we'll be there tomorrow!" Hyukjae said, waving goodbye to Donghae who grinned at him, happy to contribute to the couple's happiness. It never weirded him out on how he was dating Siwon who was Kyuhyun's exboyfriend and now possible father to the boy's child. Or the fact that Kyuhyun was dating Donghae's best friend Hyukjae now.

Kyuhyun and Donghae were on good terms and well as Siwon and Hyukjae. However, Kyuhyun and Siwon were another matter entirely. Donghae knew their two year relationship did not end on good terms so the pair often avoided each other as much as possible, which was sometimes difficult considering how often Donghae and Hyukjae hung out together. At those times, they simply ignored each other, besides the occasional insult here or there.

So all in all, Donghae was happy to help Kyuhyun through his seemingly difficult pregnancy, knowing it would help out Hyukjae too.

"What are you making?" Siwon asked, sniffing the air around Donghae. The man laughed slightly, holding up a spoonful for Siwon to try. Taking it into his mouth gingerly due to the heat, Siwon chewed slowly before giving the other an odd look.

"Why are you making this? What is this even called?" Siwon continued to ask and Donghae rolled his eyes. "It's beef stroganoff and I'm making it for Kyuhyun" he answered, going back to stirring the white sauce so it would thicken to the right amount.

"For Kyuhyun? But why?" Donghae didn't miss the distaste coloring Siwon's voice this time at the mention of his ex. Rolling his eyes again, the words just slipped out before he could stop them.

"Because he's pregnant and apparently this is all he craves and Hyukjae doesn't know how to make it" He said idly, still stirring. When he heard nothing from his boyfriend, he turned and gave the other a puzzled look. Siwon stood there, staring at Donghae with wide eyes and furrowed brows.

"Oh shit" Donghae muttered, realizing what he just spilled after promising not to. "Kyuhyun is pregnant?" Siwon asked, his voice quiet but clear. Donghae gulped nervously, wondering how he could back himself out of this mess. Nodding slowly but thinking fast, Donghae watched as something akin to rage filtered over Siwon's face.

"How far along is he?" He bit out, trying to calm the waves of jealousy tearing through his heart. One of the main reasons the duo broke up was because Siwon wanted to start a family but Kyuhyun did not. "About two months, maybe a bit over" Donghae muttered, knowing Siwon was going to be able to do the math. Feeling angry with himself, he wondered if he could make Siwon keep his mouth shut so Hyukjae and especially Kyuhyun wouldn't know he accidently told their little secret.

"So is it Hyukjae's?" Siwon asked this time, eyes bearing down on Donghae. Swallowing harshly, the smaller man shrugged.
"They don't know, considering..." he trailed off but Siwon finished for him.

"Considering that it was the same time we broke up."

Donghae nodded again, turning his back on the angry man to finish making the meal for Kyuhyun. Siwon seethed behind him, thoughts a blur in his mind as he went over all the new information. "So they weren't going to tell me when that baby could possibly be mine?" he hissed and Donghae flinched.

"W-Well, Hyukjae told me that Kyuhyun said that even if it was yours, he wanted Hyukjae to raise it with him" Donghae stuttered softly, knowing how angry his boyfriend was getting. He knew the many reasons behind Siwon and Kyuhyun's break up and he knew what this pregnancy would do to his lover and he felt sorry about it.

"But if it's mine, I have a right to raise it too!" Siwon yelled, making Donghae jump. The older man turned and placed a hand on Siwon's cheek, looking at him calmly.

"I wasn't saying you can't Siwon, so don't take this out on me" he said and Siwon sighed, leaning into the touch. "I'm sorry, it's just if it's my baby, I want a right to it, you know?" and Donghae nodded. He knew that Siwon wanted a family of his own more than anything, having grown up alone himself.

"When are you taking this to him? I'd like to come with" Siwon said and Donghae frowned. "Actually, he's coming here in about an hour with Hyukjae. You can be here but you better keep your mouth shut tonight. Now is not the time to bring it up, okay? Kyuhyun has been feeling really awful so I'm hoping this will help him feel better" Donghae admonished and Siwon nodded, turning away from his lover to walk back towards his home office. What Donghae didn't see was the maniac glint in Siwon's eyes as he left him to cook for his pregnant ex-boyfriend.

"Why do we have to go there? Why can't Donghae come here?" Kyuhyun whined as Hyukjae helped him into his winter coat. The January wind was bitter these days and Hyukjae feared his lover would catch something and get sick, so he bundled Kyuhyun up extra tightly.

"He's going through the effort to make this weird dish for you, the least we can do is go to him" Hyukjae pointed out but it didn't stop Kyuhyun from whining even more. "But Hyukkie, I'm so tired" Kyuhyun complained, rubbing his eyes for emphasis. Hyukjae had to restrain himself from squeezing the other from the adorable cuteness he displayed.

"I know baby, but I promise we'll be quick okay? Afterwards, we can stop and I'll buy you your favorite chocolate peanut butter ice cream" and he smiled when Kyuhyun grinned at him. Hyukjae didn't make much money being a dancer and neither did Kyuhyun, who was just starting out in the video programming world. But Hyukjae would buy his boyfriend anything if it made him happy, even if it made himself dirt poor.

"Okay Hyukkie, let's go" Kyuhyun mumbled, grabbing the other man's hand and dragging him out to the car. Hyukjae laughed as he helped the other into the front seat, making sure he was comfortable since he knew Kyuhyun's upper body had been rather sore lately. Holding hands during the drive, Hyukjae was happy that his Kyuhyun seemed to be in a good mood today and that instantly made his mood better too.

Arriving to Donghae's house quickly, Hyukjae helped Kyuhyun out of the car gingerly. "Hyukkie, you already act like I'm the size of a whale. I've only gained seven pounds!" Kyuhyun teased and Hyukjae pouted. "I just want to make sure you're comfortable is all" he answered and Kyuhyun gave him one of those radiating grins that lit up Hyukjae's world.

"Look at you two!" Donghae cried from his steps, coming down to meet them. He hugged Kyuhyun gently and the younger tsked. "Not you too! I'm not made of glass you know" Kyuhyun scoffed and Donghae grinned at him. Hyukjae had told Kyuhyun that he told Donghae last night, not able to keep it to himself. But after promising Kyuhyun that

Donghae would keep it from Siwon, the younger was able to relax a bit.

"Kyuhyun-ah, you look so good" Donghae gushed, able to see the slight glow from the younger. Kyuhyun blushedsoftly, hands fluttering by his non-existent tummy. He was having a very good day, so seeing that others could tell made him feel good about all those bad days he suffered.

"Now come on in, I have some stroganoff for you that I think you'll just love!" Kyuhyun perked up dramatically, making the other two laugh loudly. Leading the dup inside, Donghae was careful not to alert them to Siwon's presence in the house quite yet. Siwon had promised not to spill the beans on Donghae but that didn't make him any less nervous.

He should've known better by now.

"You look good Kyuhyun. When were you going to tell me you were possibly carrying my baby?" Siwon called from the living room as they passed. Donghae sighed as Hyukjae face palmed himself, both looking towards the youngest who looked ready to cry.

"Y-You told?" He whimpered, large watery eyes staring at Donghae.

"It was an accident Kyuhyun, I swear!" Donghae promised but it did no good because Siwon decided to join them.

"Yes he told me, which is good otherwise I never would've known about my possible child. Damn Kyuhyun, I always knew you were petty but to keep this from me? That's a new low" Siwon hissed and tears slipped from Kyuhyun's eyes. Hyukjae wrapped an arm around his boyfriend and glared at the other two.

"Stop it, can't you see you're upsetting him?!" He snarled. Kyuhyun's hormones had been off the charts the last couple weeks and today was no different as he struggled with his sobs.

"Oh I'm upsetting him? That's rich considering he never took in my feelings towards my baby!" Siwon grunted and Hyukjae bared his teeth. "It may be your or it may be mine. Either way, Kyuhyun gets the final decision of who raises it with him!" He yelled back, holding the shaking Kyuhyun in his arms.

"Stop it the both of you!" Donghae shouted, pulling Kyuhyun away and into the kitchen to escape the heady scent of testosterone.

"I'm sorry Kyuhyun, I'm so sorry. It really was an accident, it just slipped out" Donghae rushed out, sitting Kyuhyun down and getting him a bowl of the delicious smelling food. Kyuhyun sniffed pathetically as he stared up at the older from under his lashes.

"I don't know what to do now" he whispered and Donghae sat next to him, rubbing his palms up and down the boy's arms.

"I'm sorry Kyuhyun" he kept muttering, comforting the other while he ate slowly. "I'm sorry too" Kyuhyun muttered and Donghae smiled, touched by the selfless apology. Some may see Kyuhyun as selfish from wanting to keep this from Siwon, but Donghae knew it was to protect his heart and future child as well.

Kyuhyun's apology held so much to him; sorry for stepping back into Siwon's life even though he didn't want to. Sorry for disrupting everything with his silly cravings. Sorry for dragging Donghae into this even when he had no part in it.

"It's okay Kyu, it's okay" Donghae soothed as they heard the raised voices of their significant others arguing in the hall still.

"It's going to be okay.