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Macabre (4.1/13)

Title: Macabre Chapter 4
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, sex, yaoi, boyxboy.. a bit of a surprise in there too.

Summary: Kyuhyun is a 19 year old college student who lives on the streets. Siwon is a 35 year old business mogul. Kyuhyun will go to desperate measures to survive, even if it means giving up his life and freedom as he knows it.


A/N: This is only part one of this chapter. This one takes place right after "School Boys Are So This Year" which can be read

[Read More...]“Nngh…Hah, oh God…Mmm fuck!” Kyuhyun panted, fingers gripping around the mahogany of the desk until his knuckles were white with strain. Papers were strewn across the space in front of him and on the floor around them from the excitement, but Kyuhyun was hardly paying attention to those when there was slow, sweet torture happening to him at that moment.

Siwon grunted as he lazily pulled out, only to snap his narrow hips forward, making the student cry out in pleasure. “Please Siwon… Faster… Please!” Kyuhyun pleaded, eyes swimming with tears of ecstasy as some rolled down his flushed cheeks. Siwon smirked to himself, growing impossibly hard inside the alluring boy at his whining, finding it both endearing and utterly arousing.

Instead of granting the student’s pleas however, Siwon pulled out of Kyuhyun before turning and sitting in his large office chair. Kyuhyun whined loudly, looking back with wide, confused eyes to see why the man had stopped fucking him so good. “What – what are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked, voice breathy as he watched Siwon lean back and smile lazily at him before the man crooked his index finger, beckoning Kyuhyun over.

“Come here” the man said huskily, voice low and oh so sexy. Kyuhyun obeyed, peeling himself off the desk and scooting over to where Siwon sat. Before he even stopped moving, Siwon was reaching over and pulling the boy into his lap, making Kyuhyun straddle him. Strong, large hands gripping slim, pale hips, Siwon lowered Kyuhyun onto his large, thick cock before leaning up and kissing away the boy’s moans.

Biting at Kyuhyun’s swollen lips, Siwon slipped his tongue inside the younger’s mouth as he thrust up into the tight, aching heat around his shaft. Kyuhyun whimpered approvingly, tongue coming out to tangle with Siwon’s messily. Bracing his hands on the man’s shoulders, Kyuhyun raised his hips before slamming back down, crying out loudly and throwing his head back.

Siwon used that moment to latch his teeth on the boy’s pale, inviting neck, sucking and biting several purple marks into the skin before he was content. Kyuhyun’s fingers dug into Siwon’s skin as he rode the man, hips circling madly as he chased his release. Siwon was quiet except for the panting, ragged breaths that left his own slightly swollen lips and the occasional grunt when Kyuhyun moved his hips in a particularly rough fashion.

He was content to watch the boy on top of him work for it; content to listening to Kyuhyun’s deeply sensual voice call out for him in the most arousing of ways. Fingers digging into the boy’s hips, Siwon thrust up roughly and couldn’t help the grin that stretched across his face when Kyuhyun screamed in pleasure. Figuring out that he had found the student’s prostrate, the man wasted no time abusing it harshly.

Kyuhyun was a vision as he threw his head back, voice raw as he yelled wildly, the immense pleasure almost too much for him. A steady stream of tears were making their way down the younger’s face, too far gone to care as he grinded his hips down on Siwon’s thick, throbbing prick.

“S-so close… Nngh” Kyuhyun panted, moaning Siwon’s name like a prayer as he gyrated madly on Siwon’s lap. Deciding he wanted to see the boy come undone instead of prolonging his own pleasure, Siwon reached a hand down and palmed Kyuhyun’s drooling erection, stopping it’s bounces in times with his thrusts.

“Ah! Hah… Hah, ah! Oh God… Siwon!” Kyuhyun screamed, hips bucking wildly as he felt that burning pressure build up in is lower abdomen. Rubbing quickly, Siwon thumbed the back of Kyuhyun’s cock head roughly as he thrust up once more, growling the boy’s name loudly when Kyuhyun clenched down on him.

Bouncing in Siwon’s lap, Kyuhyun sobbed as his body was wracked with a powerful orgasm, cum pulsing out of his cock and spurting all over Siwon’s hand and abdomen. Gritting his teeth, Siwon grunted as he pushed up once more, stilling his hips as he shot his load into Kyuhyun’s clenching entrance, a feeling of satisfaction coloring him as he watched it dribble out slowly. Ever since Kyuhyun asked for his new laptop two months ago, Siwon had been fucking him raw all the time.

Kyuhyun collapsed against Siwon’s chest, panting harshly as he buried his face into the man’s neck. Siwon brought a hand up and rubbed up and down Kyuhyun’s spine, holding the younger while they both slowly drifted down from their ecstasy.

“You okay?” Siwon muttered, nose buried into the boy’s sweaty hair, feeling calm and relaxed after the intense round of sex in his office. “Mhm” Kyuhyun hummed, snuggling deeper into the man and feeling sleepy.

“Do you want to sleep or do you want to eat?” Siwon asked, chuckling lightly when Kyuhyun raised his head in attention. “I’ve only been here three months and you already know me far too well” Kyuhyun mumbled, climbing off of Siwon’s lap and stretching slightly.

“Well that and I think the neighbors can hear your stomach growl form here” Siwon teased, handing Kyuhyun his pants while the boy blushed. “Well, you’re the one who attacked me when I got home right away. I had no time to eat” Kyuhyun grumbled, but not actually unhappy.

Kyuhyun has been enrolled at the university for a few months now, hard at work in his classes for video programming. He’s been living with Siwon a little over three months and things seemed to be going smoothly. He had turned in his final project last week and had gone to the school to get his grade today before he left for Hawaii to see he had scored an A; he had texted it to Siwon in excitement and the man had never responded.

Trying to tell himself that the man was incredibly busy, even if he was working from home today, Kyuhyun had managed to forget about it. Until he got home that is.

As soon as he had opened the door, Siwon had pinned him to the wall and had his hot tongue in his mouth. After a heavy make out session, Siwon had pulled away, grinning at the dazed student. “A congratulatory gift” the man had said before fucking Kyuhyun in the living room, on the stairs and in the man’s office.

“Are you really complaining?” Siwon asked, his smirk widening into a grin when Kyuhyun blushed, before grumbling a faint “no.” He followed the boy back down the stairs after Kyuhyun dressed himself back into his pants and shirt. Siwon chose only to don his pants, feeling far too good and comfortable to put his stiff collared shirt back on.

“I’m proud of you” Siwon stated, grabbing simple ingredients from his fridge to make them both a light snack before dinner in a few hours. Kyuhyun bit his lip, suddenly turning shy before quietly thanking the man.

“Are you all packed? We leave tomorrow morning” Siwon asked, passing over some of the food for Kyuhyun to munch on. Kyuhyun nodded, quickly stuffing Siwon’s yummy treats into his mouth before looking up at the half naked man. “Yep, everything is all packed. And I brought extra lube” Kyuhyun replied, swallowing his food and grinning cheekily up at the man.

Siwon gave a short laugh before taking a bite of his own food, chewing carefully before swallowing. “That’s a shame, I was quite looking forward to taking you unprepared” he teased and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

“Trust me Siwon, you and I both know I can please you plenty without the added pain of not preparing me” Kyuhyun pointed out and Siwon had to agree with him. Siwon has yet to be disappointed by sex with the boy. And months after living here, Kyuhyun was learning more and more tricks to use on Siwon in bed all the time.

“As long as I get to fuck you on the beach, I’ll be happy” Siwon stated, moving to the fridge to get some juice for them. Kyuhyun made a face, scrunching his nose before he spoke. “On the beach, really? Think of all the sand in places it shouldn’t be!” The boy shuddered, just thinking of the amount of time he’d have to spend in the shower to get all the sand out from down there.

“That’s why you bring a towel” Siwon pointed out, snickering slightly at Kyuhyun’s twisted face. “You’ll see” Siwon just said, pouring a glass of juice for the both of them.

“How long are we staying there?” Kyuhyun asked, finishing his snack and draining his glass of juice. He was so ready for a nap. “A week and a half because then I need to come back and prepare for my China trip” Siwon explained and Kyuhyun frowned.

He wasn’t looking forward to Siwon leaving for that long. He’s dealt with the man leaving him for a few days, but this time it was for three weeks. Kyuhyun has gotten used to being around Siwon daily, seeing him all the time and having countless sexual encounters with him, sometimes more than once a day.

Siwon, being entirely too perceptive, leaned towards the boy and pushed his chin up with his fingers. “Don’t worry, it’ll fly by and I’ll be back before you know it.” Kyuhyun scoffed, trying to play it off that he wasn’t nervous for the man leaving him, but Siwon knew better and they both knew it.

“I’ll call you every day and I’ll even bring back some gifts for you, free of charge” Siwon joked but Kyuhyun scowled. “That’s the problem, I don’t want them to be free” he mumbled and Siwon’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“I don’t understand” he finally said and Kyuhyun sighed, a blush slowly creeping onto his face and coloring his cheeks. “I’m going to miss having sex with you” he muttered and Siwon’s brows shot right back up his forehead. While sometimes Kyuhyun would seek him out to have sex instead of the other way around, Siwon had no idea the boy would actually miss that.

“Well that makes me feel special” Siwon couldn’t help but tease, but sighed when Kyuhyun glared at him. “Hey, it’ll be okay. I’ll call you every day and we can use those webcams on our laptops, right?” Siwon prodded, frown disappearing when Kyuhyun nodded. “Okay” the boy sighed, looking up at Siwon with his wide eyes.

Breath catching in his throat, Siwon could only stare as Kyuhyun looked at him so innocently, big brown eyes blinking at him as the boy waited for him to say something. Heart racing and thumping hard in his chest, Siwon cleared his throat before smiling ruefully.

“Besides, we still have twelve days in Hawaii to look forward too. And I promise I’ll wear you out Kyuhyun, trust me.” Kyuhyun’s lips quirked in a small smirk before the boy stood up off of his stool and told the man he was going to go double check his luggage.

Siwon leaned against the counter, scrubbing a hand down his face. “What the hell?” he muttered to himself, placing his hand on his chest, over his heart. Very recently, his heart seemed to beat erratically every time Kyuhyun looked at him like that; actually it’s been doing it anytime Siwon spent real time with the boy where they weren’t fucking.

Shoving it aside, Siwon shook his head slightly before moving towards the stairs to follow Kyuhyun’s example. It was probably nothing anyway, he kept telling himself, his heart stuttering once more when he thought about Kyuhyun’s confession five minutes ago.

Yeah, probably nothing…
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