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School Boys Are So This Year

Title: School Boys Are So This Year
Authors: SerpentineSlytherin
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17 (finally)
Warnings: Language, sex, yaoi, boyxboy.. a bit of a surprise in there too.

Summary: Kyuhyun is a 19 year old college student who lives on the streets. Siwon is a 35 year old business mogul. This is the one shot that 'Macabre' is based on.


[Read more..]“Hey Kyu, you wanna go to the arcade with us?” Jonghyun yelled, linking his arms with Changmin and Minho who grinned at him. Kyuhyun waved at them, hoisting his bag up over his shoulder before yelling back. “I can’t, I have an important dinner to go to!” Kyuhyun shouted back, continuing to wave at them as they got into Changmin’s car and drove off to his favorite place in the world.

He really wanted to go to the arcade with them and having to lie about a dinner made him furrow his brows. It wasn’t like his friends didn’t know of his life at home and away from the campus; hell, everyone and their mother knew how Kyuhyun was living and most seemed to look down on him for it.

He could’ve told them the truth, but for some reason he felt like this should be private and stay that way. His friends were more than supportive, so supportive that it sometimes broke the barriers and boundaries of friendship as they were often curious of the things Kyuhyun got up to. They pried into the more private aspects, wanting all the juicy details and often forcing Kyuhyun to tell them. He knew it was all harmless fun, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be grumpy about it.

“Spacing out again?” A deep voice called behind him and he spun around, a pout on his plump lips that had the other smirking. “You just love sneaking up on me” Kyuhyun grumbled, walking around the other side of the black Audi Spyder and getting into the passenger side.

“You make it too easy” Siwon snickered before peeling out of the parking lot and heading towards their penthouse. It was officially theirs as of a month ago and Kyuhyun still couldn’t get used to living in the large, lavish space. He couldn’t get used to being picked up in a sports car every day or having endless amounts of money to spend on video games and junk food. Most of all, he couldn’t get used to this man next to him.

“How were your classes?” Siwon asked, stopped at a red light in traffic. Kyuhyun looked over at him and blushed, seeing the dark, penetrative eyes staring at him. He’s only been living with this man for a month and he couldn’t handle some of Siwon’s more passionate looks towards him. He knew the man desired him based on his current situation but sometimes he was blown away by just how much.

“They were good. Economics was boring but at least in Graphics we got to build an actual website” Kyuhyun answered. “And your grades?” Siwon prodded and Kyuhyun blushed again, knowing that the man held his education at a topmost priority. It made him feel wanted, loved almost.

“Perfect” he muttered and he saw a hint of a smile on the man’s handsome face as the light changed and they moved forward once more. “Good because I’d hate to remind you of what would happen should they start to slip” Siwon warned and a shiver ran up Kyuhyun’s spine. He was well aware of the consequences should he break Siwon’s rules and he absolutely did not want to come face to face with them. The rest of the drive was ridden in silence, save for the soft tunes coming out of the expensive radio. Kyuhyun used the time to think, to plan on a way to ask Siwon for something without sounding desperate.

See, Siwon was what you would call Kyuhyun’s Sugar Daddy. Kyuhyun slept with him for money and safety. Basically the difference between him and a prostitute was that he lived with Siwon and was his companion to anywhere the man desired to go.

Kyuhyun’s family had died in a plane crash a few years ago, leaving the boy with some relatives in the city. He had never been close to these relatives, only using their shelter and food while he finished high school and started college. Then two months ago, his great aunt and uncle passed away while vacationing in Italy. Apparently his aunt had had a heart attack and didn’t survive and his uncle, so stricken with grief collapsed and never awoke afterwards.

Kyuhyun was saddened, having come to be acquainted with his relatives while he stayed there, but he had more pressing problems: money.

His relatives had spent a lot over the years paying for his tuition and other needs, leaving him with nothing after they passed. He was able to scrounge by for a month, but he was getting desperate.

So desperate in fact that he took his friend’s offer to hook him up with something. Yunho had always been a good friend and hyung to him, having known Kyuhyun for some years. He said he had an opportunity for him should he want safety, comfort and money. Feeling eager, he jumped at the chance before knowing exactly what he was getting into. Then he met Choi Siwon.

He’d been stunned the moment he saw him, with his dark handsome face and tall muscular build. He had thought he was meeting the other for a job opportunity in an office or something, so when Siwon started speaking of terms and different things that pleased him, he gaped.

“Were you not informed of these things before meeting me?” Siwon smirked, watching the boy fidget across from him over his wine glass. Kyuhyun shook his head adorably and Siwon just couldn’t help but want to take this boy home and ravish him.

“Yunho just said you might have a position open for me” Kyuhyun mumbled, a blush creeping up his neck and enveloping his cheeks.

“Oh I have several positions open for you” the older man quipped, just wanting to see how red those chubby cheeks could get. And he was rewarded as Kyuhyun sputtered and blushed profusely.

“How old are you?” Siwon asked, eyes glued to this adorable boy in front of him. “Nineteen” Kyuhyun answered and Siwon nodded, seeming pleased that the other was at least of age. Being thirty-five, Siwon couldn’t afford to be caught with a minor in his bed or even his home, knowing the public would draw conclusions from that.

“Look, Yunho said you’re in dire need of some financial assistance as well as a place to live. I’m willing to offer that and more should you choose to come live with me and satisfy me whenever I want” Siwon stated, laying all the facts straight right away. “I won’t force you, this is your decision. But just think of all your options before you decide.”

And think Kyuhyun did. He could either say yes to this man and have a safe and warm place to sleep as well as food and money to pay for college or he could say no and go back out into the cold, cruel world and try once more to look for a job. Not many people wanted to a boy who hasn’t been able to go to college yet and all the part time places that would hire him didn’t pay nearly enough to live off of. The choice was clear, even if he was a bit disgusted and nervous about it.

“I will except your terms and take you up on your offer” Kyuhyun told him, lifting his head to look the man in the eye. Siwon smiled an honest smile, tipping his wine glass in the boy’s direction before taking a sip. “Then let’s get you home and discuss the parameters of this arrangement.”

It has been a month since Kyuhyun agreed and he hasn’t once regretted his decision. Sure he often had to stop what he was doing on a whim so Siwon could ram his cock up the boy’s ass or shove it in Kyuhyun’s mouth, but the younger never really minded. He wasn’t a virgin when he started with Siwon, but he may as well have been with the way the man showed him all new worlds of pleasure.

Siwon was nicer and more caring than most Sugar Daddies, always making sure Kyuhyun got off as well during their romps. Of course he did have his playful streak, making Kyuhyun do new and sometimes outlandish things if he wanted something that wasn’t a necessity. Like today for instance, Kyuhyun needed to ask something of him and he was nervous to what Siwon would answer with.

“You’re awfully quiet this afternoon, anything wrong?” Siwon asked as he drove up their long driveway before parking into the private garage. Kyuhyun swallowed twice before opening his mouth, eyes darting between Siwon and the house.

“I need to ask you for something” he muttered and Siwon lifted a brow. “Is it a necessity or am I about to get something good tonight?” Siwon asked, a grin etched onto his face so that his dimples showed. Kyuhyun blushed before muttering “a necessity.”

“Come inside and let’s discuss” was all Siwon said before getting out of the car and walking into the house. Kyuhyun followed, running through his script in his head to make Siwon believe what he wanted was in fact needed. “Now tell me what it is you need” Siwon suggested before pouring himself a glass of scotch and sitting down on the sofa. Kyuhyun sat on the chair next to it, facing the man before taking a deep breath.

“I need a new laptop, my current one is too old and can’t operate to the maximum efficiency I need for classes” Kyuhyun stated, having rehearsed the words a hundred times throughout the day. This was the reason he lied to his friends; he didn’t want them to know that he needed to ask Siwon for something that may or may not result in wild gorilla sex.

“And as I have midterms coming up and many papers to write, a new laptop is needed to make sure I can strive towards optimum perfection” he finished, hoping he convinced the man it was needed, not wanted. Of course he could always use the school’s computers in the library, but he didn’t want to spend more time there than he had to.

But it seemed Siwon also saw that option as well.

“I can see your points, and they are good ones I must admit. However, I do not see this as a necessity Kyuhyun, as you could just as easily use the university’s computers or borrow a friend’s” Siwon said, a calm smile on his face as he sipped at his scotch. Kyuhyun slumped in defeat, a pout once more making its way onto his lips and making them extremely kissable.

“Come here” Siwon murmured, setting his glass down on the side table before patting his lap. Sighing, Kyuhyun stood and made his way over only to be pulled into the man’s lap, finding it to be more comfortable than he could’ve imagined.

“Do I scare you that much that you would need to try to dupe me like that?” Siwon asked, voice low and soft as his lips brushed Kyuhyun’s ear. The boy shuddered lightly, arms automatically wrapping around Siwon’s neck to avoid falling. He was sitting perpendicular to Siwon, his legs thrown over the side of the man’s thigh while said man started to nuzzle into his neck.

“No, it’s just that sometimes you make me do embarrassing things” Kyuhyun whined, wriggling when Siwon’s breath tickled the hairs on the back of his neck. Chuckling quietly, Siwon pressed a kiss underneath the ear before whispering again. “What could I have made you do that was so mortifying?” Siwon laughed softly, lips playing with his ear again. Suppressing another shiver, Kyuhyun bit his lip to keep the moan in before he could answer.

“That one time when I wanted that new StarCraft expansion pack so you made me dress up in middle school uniform so you could fuck me in your car. And then that old guy saw us” Kyuhyun whispered, cheeks flaming just remembering that horrifying incident. The worst part was, was that the old guy thought Kyuhyun was a legitimate middle school student and had shouted at a laughing Siwon that he would call the police as they drove away.

“Ah yes, that was a good day” Siwon reminisced and Kyuhyun slapped his shoulder lightly. Grabbing Kyuhyun’s hand and kissing each of the long, lithe fingers, Siwon contemplated for a moment.

“I’ll give you the laptop if you let me fuck you raw” Siwon whispered in his ear and Kyuhyun’s eyes rolled back just thinking of it. Siwon made most of the deals and terms, but Kyuhyun had made one: Siwon always had to use a condom. He knew the other didn’t like the latex barrier but had conceded to pacify Kyuhyun’s nerves. He gulped and was about to answer before Siwon interrupted him.

“I want you raw and unprepared.”

He pulled away and gaped at the man, mouth open and eyes wide with anxiety. Siwon had only taken him unprepared once and it had been unbearable for most of the time since the man had a perfectly long and thick shaft. He thought about it for a couple minutes before reaching his conclusion, and maybe Siwon’s manipulative lips on his skin may have swayed him.

“Okay” he said, his voice small as Siwon grinned in triumph. He reached a hand up and gripped the boy’s chin before turning his head and capturing those perfectly pink lips and sucking on them. Kyuhyun moaned lowly, opening his mouth to Siwon’s prodding tongue before sneaking his own out to wrestle with it.

“I-I want this on a bed” Kyuhyun gasped, Siwon having nipped a bit hard on his lower lip. Waiting no more time, Siwon wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and stood, walking up the stairs and to his room with the boy in his hold.

Throwing the boy down on the mattress, Siwon hovered over the beauty in his bed before leaning down and kissing Kyuhyun harshly again. Clothes were quickly shed and both men were hard and straining as Siwon lined his cock up to Kyuhyun’s unprepared, dry entrance and without a condom.

“Ready?” Siwon asked, already pushing forward when the boy nodded. As the head of his dick was enveloped in the tight heat, Kyuhyun writhed in pain and discomfort. Trying to soothe the younger without getting lost in the pleasure of finally being able to fuck this boy raw, Siwon pushed in slowly.

Pressing kisses all over Kyuhyun’s neck and chest while his hands soothed up and down the boy’s side, Siwon was finally sheathed completely in the tight heat. Stilling a bit to allow the other to adjust, he moved his mouth from the pale alabaster skin up to the boy’s mouth, kissing him slowly and languidly. Just because he used this boy for sex didn’t mean he was a heartless, uncaring bastard.

In fact he cared greatly for Kyuhyun, almost like a friend and he didn’t want to see the boy hurting in any way… unless that’s what he wanted.

“Move” Kyuhyun grunted after a few minutes, finally able to loosen up just a bit. Siwon complied and pulled out slowly before snapping his hips forward roughly.
“AH!” Kyuhyun cried out, fingers digging into Siwon’s biceps as he felt he was being torn in two. Siwon, wanting the boy to enjoy what he was doing to him, reached down and started to revive Kyuhyun’s dying erection. He wailed out long and loud, feeling pleasure swirling in with the white-hot pain and he couldn’t contain the noises spilling from his throat.

Siwon, too overjoyed at the utter rawness and animalistic drive within him, started pushing his hips into the boy with speed and agility. “Ah-ah Siwon!” Kyuhyun moaned, legs coming up and wrapping around the man’s waist. Siwon grinned, pressing his face into the boy’s neck and sucking marks into the delicate skin.

“I knew you’d like it like this” he teased. Kyuhyun often acted like he only liked normal, vanilla sex but Siwon knew differently. He knew the boy liked it rough and hard and that’s exactly what Siwon gave him.

The harder Siwon fucked him, the more noises spilled from his swollen lips. He couldn’t deny that this time he felt absolutely wonderful, after the initial pain. Siwon, being older and more experienced knew how to pleasure Kyuhyun to the maximum and make him come over and over again.

“H-Harder ah! Oh god Siwon!” Kyuhyun screamed, his hips moving frantically against Siwon’s as he felt the pooling in his lower belly heat up and surge forward. With one final thrust into his prostrate, Kyuhyun came loud and hard between them, staining the tanned and muscled abs as Siwon plowed into him faster than ever.

“So fucking tight, Kyu” Siwon grunted, his hips stuttering as he stilled, filling the boy for the first time and loving it. Kyuhyun let out a breathy moan as he felt the feeling of hot sperm fill him up, finding it rather enjoyable.

“Definitely worth a laptop” Siwon mumbled, rolling off the boy and to his side. Kyuhyun smiled as he turned on his side to face the man, snuggling into the warm embrace when Siwon pulled him close.

“Can I trouble you for some pain killers as well?” Kyuhyun asked with a wince, pain shooting up his lower back. “I think that can be arranged. Does it hurt terribly?” Siwon asked, hands petting at Kyuhyun’s sweaty back.

“Mmm, not too bad but I would like to be able to sit in class properly tomorrow.” Siwon nodded, making a mental note to pick some up later when he took the boy shopping for his new toy.

“So a new laptop and some pain killers. In return, I want it raw all the time now” Siwon growled, teeth nipping at the boy’s ear once again. Feeling exacerbated, he sighed before looking up into Siwon’s face. “Fine, but you’ll prepare me next time” he stated, pouting when Siwon smirked.


“You are on winter break now, yes?” Siwon asked, watching from the doorway as Kyuhyun played on his new laptop in his room. Looking up and smiling at the older man, he nodded before turning back to his game.

“How would you like to go on a vacation?” Siwon proposed and Kyuhyun actually stopped playing his game to swivel his chair around and gape at the man. “A vacation?” He questioned, not believing his ears. It’s been three months since their arrangement started and he never expected anything like this.

“Yes a vacation. I was thinking Aruba or maybe Hawaii” Siwon said, sauntering into the room and sitting on the student’s bed.

“O-Of course! But why?” Kyuhyun asked, cocking his head to the side cutely. Beckoning the boy forward, Kyuhyun stood and made his way over only to find himself pinned to the mattress.

“To apologize” Siwon muttered, kissing the boy’s pouty lips a few times. Kyuhyun frowned, running through recent memory of anything the man did to upset him.

“I don’t understand” he finally said and Siwon sighed before sitting up and pulling the boy with him. “I have a business meeting I need to attend in China a month from now. I will be there for three weeks while leaving you here” Siwon explained and Kyuhyun understood. The older man felt guilty leaving him on his own for that amount of time. Feeling brazen, Kyuhyun leaned forward and kissed his Sugar Daddy lightly.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine. But I wouldn’t mind a vacation” he murmured and Siwon leered at him.

“You better start packing because we leave in two days. And make sure you pack the lube because I’m not bringing any” Siwon teased and Kyuhyun pouted at him causing Siwon to chuckle.

“Will you leave some money while you’re gone?” Kyuhyun asked, burrowing into the man’s chest. He felt the rumble of Siwon’s voice as the man gave him a predictable answer.

“Only if you can find a way to satisfy my every need” and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. At this point in the game, he knew he could easily satisfy the man’s needs and then some so he didn’t feel too worried.

“Alright, challenge accepted. Now, what do you plan on doing with me in Hawaii?” Kyuhyun asked daringly, knowing he was headed towards dangerous waters. Siwon smirked at the student and pinned him to the bed with his superior strength, finding a willing and pliant Kyuhyun beneath him.

“A little of this, a little of that” he answered and it was Kyuhyun’s turn to smirk. “Show me” the boy demanded and Siwon felt his cock start to stiffen in his trousers. He never would’ve guessed a boy of nineteen would be able to match wits with him at thirty-five, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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